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Meet and Greet: Friday (A Benedict Cumberbatch Real Person Fanfic)

**It's only fair to warn you that this one contains light bondage and spanking (Oh and she calls him Master in case that bothers you)**

        He awakened me early the next morning with gentle kisses all over my face and body. Once I was fully awake we made love again. Sex with him just kept getting better; I'd never been with a man who took such great pains to make certain I enjoyed it. Afterward, we lay in each other's arms for a while discussing our plans for the day. He had an audience chat type interview for just over an hour at ten, then a panel discussion about a new movie at two. He wanted to take me out to lunch after his morning interview. He had done a little research and discovered a good restaurant not too far away that would be perfect for lunch; then of course there was a steakhouse he learned of for dinner if I liked that sort of thing. I laughed and told him of course I ate steak; I'm not a vegetarian. He then reluctantly got up to go take a shower after asking if I'd call room service and order breakfast. He made a note of what he wanted and then went to shower while I called and placed the order.

            I was sitting on the sofa in the living room area by the time he finished showering and dressing. I had my feet propped on the table surfing through the channels trying to find something not utterly boring. I was wearing Ben's button down shirt from the night before and didn't have it completely buttoned at the top; I was also totally naked under it. As he approached the sofa he was putting on his clean button down shirt so he didn't see what I had on. While he adjusted it and prepared to button it, he started to ask how long until breakfast arrived, but as soon as he looked up his voice trailed off mid-sentence and he just stared. I turned toward him to see why he had stopped talking. I couldn't quite get a read on the expression in his eyes so I asked if he was all right.

            "Oh I'm definitely not all right. That is the sexiest thing I've ever seen!"

            I was puzzled and I looked down at myself then up at him. I thought he looked really hot standing there with a dark blue shirt open to reveal his chest. "I happen to find you standing there with an open shirt extremely sexy."

            He looked down and then started to button it. I quickly said, "No! Please don't button it. Leave it open until I have to leave. I really love the view."

            He grinned and gestured for me to come to him. I stood up and slowly crossed the short distance between us. I hoped my walk managed to be sultry and not silly. Judging by the look in his eyes, I was successful. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me passionately. His hands soon wandered down to the rear hem of the shirt where he raised it some as he slid his hands up my butt. He kneaded both cheeks with his hands as we kissed. He finally withdrew his lips from mine and said, "You are completely naked under it, aren't you?"

            "Yes I am," I replied.

            "I swear if I thought I'd have time, I'd take you again right now," he kissed me a second time.

            We were promptly interrupted by a loud knock at the door. He groaned as he backed away from me and went to the door. It was room service with our breakfast. He signed for it while the cart was brought into the room and the table quickly set; I had sat down and hoped that from the angle of the sofa to the table, I couldn't be seen well. The man who delivered it quickly left; Ben and I then sat at the table to eat. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to be too leisurely. Not long after we ate, I went to dress because I still had to go to my room and shower before the morning interview. He had invited me to sit in the audience and observe as his special guest. I dressed quickly and hurried to the door. Ben stopped me and handed me one of his clean shirts in a beautiful shade of purple. "I want you to wear this today."

            I took it and asked why. "It'll give me a mental image all day of how you looked in my shirt this morning. It'll make this whole audience interview thing a lot more fun for me."

            I giggled and opened the door. He grabbed me around the waist from behind and moved my curls out of the way so he could kiss my neck. "Ben, I really need to go!" I protested.

            Just then, the door across the hall opened and I was treated to a view of a man and woman standing in it kissing. I suddenly realized it was Kathy and Tom Hiddleston. I gasped in shock causing them to stop and look across the hall. Kathy blushed and smiled sheepishly. Tom just said, "Good morning, Ben! So is this lovely creature the reason you canceled our dinner plans?"

            Ben kissed my neck again and said, "Yes, indeed she is. Sorry I didn't tell you, but I figured we'd catch up today at some point and I'd explain everything. This is Annie. We met yesterday morning."

            Tom crossed the hallway and shook my hand. I knew I had to be blushing a lovely shade of red as my cheeks felt like they were on fire. I never felt so star struck in my life. He was even more gorgeous in person. He had been the sole reason I had agreed to go to the convention with Kathy; I had wanted to meet Tom Hiddleston and nothing else mattered. Then the nose bleed happened and Ben had come up to me to assist; I fell into those beautiful blue eyes of his and never looked back. He was even more handsome in person than in photos or on TV. When the sound of his deep, rich voice tenderly resonated in my ears when he spoke to me the first time, I shivered. It did even more to me when he softly moaned in my ear. Tom was gorgeous and confident about it; he was a shameless flirt. Ben was gorgeous and oblivious to it; he was shy in a lot of ways and that was arousing to me. I turned to give him a quick kiss and then said, "I'm sorry guys, but I really need to go get ready if we're going to be on time. Tom, it was nice to meet you."

            I then headed down the hallway toward the elevators. I heard Kathy yell, "Wait up!" as she rushed to be by my side.

            She was quiet while we waited for the elevator since the guys weren't that far away and when I checked, they were both still standing in the hallway staring at us. Once we were inside the empty elevator, she said, "Did you really do what I think you did?"

            "Depends on what you think I did," I replied with a smirk.

            "Did you have sex with Ben?!"

            "If that's what you think I did, than you would be correct."

            She squealed and said, "Oh my god! I could tell he was into you, but I didn't think he was going to get into you!"

            I laughed at that statement. The elevator doors opened and we went down the hall to our room. I opened the door and went in while saying I needed to take a shower. She replied, "That's fine, I took one already."

            "Oh, a little good morning delight in the shower with Tom?"

            She just giggled in response. I laughed too and got my things to take a shower. The irony of all this didn't escape me. I had been excited to meet Tom while she had been excited to meet Ben. I ended up in Ben's arms and she ended up in Tom's arms. The world could be a strange place.


            When we got to the convention center, we were escorted to the hall where his Q&A session was being held. He kissed me quickly before he went backstage. His assistant had a chair brought in for me; apparently there was a precise number and I was an extra. My chair was on the very end, but in the front row. I would be able to see him well, but would hopefully be inconspicuous. I no sooner sat down than the doors opened on the far end and people began filing in. I had a few strange looks from the first ones in who were sitting on the far side where I was. The girl who sat next to me noticed the gold badge I wore around my neck that said VIP. She pointed to it and asked how someone got one of those. I looked down and replied, "You have to know the right people apparently."

            She smirked, but said nothing else. The hall was soon full and we only waited a short time before our host came out to greet people and talk briefly. When he introduced Ben, who walked out onto the stage immediately, I thought I was going to go deaf from the noise. He spotted me immediately and winked at me. It wasn't missed by the girls around me who all squealed in joy because each of them thought it was meant for her. I was the only one in the audience not fangirling like a maniac. The noise soon died down considerably and the questions began. There were several people working the event, in the audience with microphones, who were going around and passing the microphones to people so they could ask their questions. Frankly, I began getting bored quickly; most of the questions were pretty lame. Ben graciously answered them and made jokes as well. I took out my phone and texted Kathy to see how her VIP guest visit with Tom was going. I soon learned she was having a lot more fun than I was. Finally a young woman, who didn't look a day over twenty, sitting on the far side of the audience from me, asked Ben if he had a girlfriend. Finally a question peaked my interest. I actually held my breath to see how he would respond. He noticeably blushed a deep crimson and stammered out, "Yeah, actually I do. We just met though, so I'm not sure how'd she feel about me discussing it with everyone."

            He glanced my way with a big smile on his face and winked at me again. I could feel my own cheeks flushing crimson. The girls sitting closest to me noticed the direction he had looked and winked; they all turned to stare at me. The one sitting next to me who had asked about my VIP badge said, "So that's how you get a golden ticket around here."

            I glared at her and said, "You snooze, you lose honey!"

            She turned away and ignored me. I tried to pay attention, but it only got interesting near the end when someone asked about the Hamlet play he had done a few months previously and the questions and conversation turned toward Shakespeare. At least that was an interesting topic.

            It finally ended and Ben left the stage. People began filing out. I had no idea what I should do since no one had mentioned it. I looked to my right and saw Ben's personal assistant approaching me, so I remained where I was. He leaned over and said, "Come with me please, Mr. Cumberbatch is waiting for you backstage."

            I got up to quickly follow him up the stage stairs and to the door Ben had exited through. We were soon reunited and he kissed me passionately. "Are you ready to go for lunch? It'll probably take us half an hour or more to get out of here and to the restaurant."

            "Yes, I'm ready to go."

            He took my hand and we joined security to make our way out of the building and to the waiting car. We had a table in a private section of the restaurant so we wouldn't have to be worried about being disturbed. I'm pretty sure a few people outside took our picture as we went by hand in hand. We had a wonderful, leisurely lunch, then went back to the convention center. We still had half an hour before his movie panel, so we sat together in a posh armchair in the lounge and made out like a couple of teenagers. I was sitting on his lap in such a manner that he could easily kiss my lips and neck while his hands roamed all over my body. He was especially fond of roughly massaging my butt. When we finally came up for air, he said, "I can't wait to get you back to the hotel after this. I absolutely have to have more of you. I'm so aroused right now that if we had time, I'd take you right here."

            "We do have time," I said as I unfastened his pants.

            "Darling, I have slightly more than fifteen minutes before I have to be out there and only about ten before my assistant gets here."

            "That's long enough," I replied as I hopped up to lock the door.

            When I came back, he had pulled down his pants and was waiting for me. I hurriedly kicked off my shoes and removed my pants. I climbed into the chair on my knees, straddling him and settled myself on top of his hard shaft. It felt so good to have that hard cock up inside of me. I wasted no time in riding him hard while he rocked his hips in rhythm with my movements so we could get each other off quickly. It didn't take long for both of us to reach our climaxes simultaneously since we were going at it so fast and hard. Afterward, he held me close for a few minutes and breathlessly said, "That was wonderful. I'm glad you talked me into it; I'll be able to focus a lot better now."

            I kissed him tenderly and moved off his lap so I could dress. He pulled up his pants and straightened up his appearance before going to unlock the door. Seconds after he unlocked it, his assistant was at the door to tell him it was time to go. He turned to me and asked if I would be joining him. I asked if it was ok if I skipped this one and went to explore the convention for a while. He kissed my forehead and said it was fine; he'd text me when it was over and tell me where to meet him. We walked out together, but I went a different direction once we were in the main hall.

            I texted Kathy to see what she was up to. Apparently she was sticking to Tom like glue, because she was at another event with him. I decided to enjoy myself even if I was alone. I wandered through the convention booths, talked to random people and even bought a couple of souvenirs. I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going or to the time so when Ben finally texted me to tell me where to meet him, I realized I was considerably far away from where I needed to be. I texted back my reply that it might take me a while because I'd wandered quite far. He quickly answered that I should stay where I was and he'd send security to retrieve me so they could escort me through the back and bring me directly to the exit we would be using. Within ten minutes I noticed a security guard approaching me with a smartphone in his hand; he asked me if I was Annie, to which I confirmed I was. He then showed me the photo he had on the phone of Ben and me from yesterday just before he deleted it and asked me to follow him. While we walked to a door that would take us into the heart of building, he radioed that he'd found me and we were on our way. I stayed close to him so I wouldn't get lost and ten minutes later I was reunited with Ben. He gave me a hug and quick kiss before saying, "I have some potentially bad news."

            I felt my heart hit my feet. "What is it?"

            "Someone found out and spread the word about where and roughly when I planned to leave. There's a large group of fans outside that is being kept back, but they probably all have cameras. I really don't want people taking your picture and invading your privacy that way. I would like to cover you in some manner and walk you out to the vehicle. Do you trust me to lead you that way?"

            "Of course I do Ben. Thank you for doing this."

            He kissed my forehead while he caught the sweater his assistant tossed to him. We moved to the door leading outside and Ben took the sweater to position it to cover my head from behind. He instructed me to put my head on his shoulder, which I did while I leaned into him so he could cover me. His assistant made certain my head was covered and I felt Ben put his arm over my head to hold it in place. He put his other arm around my back. I heard the door open and felt Ben step forward so I moved with him. I soon heard the screams and catcalls of the women outside. It seemed like we didn't walk far before I heard the sound of a vehicle's door being opened. Ben released my back and said, "Turn to your right and climb in; I'll keep you covered."

            I did as he said and soon found myself inside of an SUV with darkly tinted windows. Ben climbed in right behind me and shut the door. "That wasn't so bad," he said as he leaned over to kiss me.

            I said nothing in reply as the vehicle moved out to take us to our hotel. I was quiet on the ride and he asked if I was all right. "I just have a lot on my mind, I guess."

            He accepted my answer and left me to my thoughts on the ride, but he did hold my hand. There was no one to dodge when the SUV pulled up in front of the hotel, but Ben still moved quickly to get us out and inside. We were soon safely away from prying eyes in the privacy of his hotel suite. He wasted no time in pinning me to the wall and kissing me passionately. He soon picked me up and carried me to the bed where he laid me on it and began to immediately undress me. Once I was naked, he slowly, undressed in an erotic teasing manner. I'd never been so aroused by watching a man undress. He then crawled onto the bed next to me and began kissing my neck. He licked and gently nipped at the hollow of my throat where it connected to my collarbone. I moaned softly. "Do you like that baby?" He whispered.

            "Yes," I replied through another moan.

            He continued to lick and suck on my neck, biting me occasionally. I moaned every time his teeth touched my flesh. He moved up to nibble on my earlobe before he whispered, "Can I tie you up?"

            "Only if you use your silk ties and spank me."

            His chuckle was low and sexy. "As you wish, my Dear."

            He got up to go to his suitcase and remove a few of his ties. I rolled over and got on my knees. He bound my wrists together and then I leaned forward so he could tie them to the crossbar on the headboard. "When I'm done spanking you, I'm tying your legs to the footboard posts."

            He then leaned over and kissed my back, starting at my shoulders and slowly working his way down to my butt while his hands roamed everywhere. He then slapped me across both butt cheeks with his hand. I moaned and said, "You can do better than that."

            He slapped me again, harder this time and quickly followed it up with two more, each harder than the one before it. I moaned even louder. On the fourth slap, he kept his hand on my butt and slid his fingers down to slip them into my slit and massage my clit slowly. "You are so wet baby."

            "I love being spanked," I replied between my moans.

            He withdrew his hand to slap me again. This time when he slid his hands between my folds of flesh, he put two fingers into my hole and began to fuck me with them. I was moaning uncontrollably and could feel that sweet tension building in my pelvis. He withdrew his hand suddenly and told me, "Not yet my dear. I'm not finished playing with you."

            He then moved to untie my wrists and ordered me to roll over and lay down. I did as he commanded and he tied my wrists together again. He then picked up two more ties and moved to secure each ankle to the lower bed posts. When he finished, my legs were spread wide open. He crawled between them, up to my breasts and began licking and sucking on them. He even nibbled at my nipples and the surrounding skin. He very slowly made his way down my body, licking and sucking on my flesh like I was the world's best tasting lollipop. He finally reached my slit where he spread the folds of flesh open before he shoved his tongue in there and licked me from bottom to top, like he'd started it out before. I was so aroused this time that I shivered and moaned loudly. He stopped after that first lick and said, "I hope you're not about to come already."

            "No, it just felt amazing."

            "Good girl, because it's not time for that."

            He then began to tease me ruthlessly with his tongue. He flicked my clit with it before drawing it up between his lips to suck it vigorously. I could feel my orgasm coming closer. He then shoved two fingers inside my hole and slid them all the way up to that magical spot that made me moan even louder and brought my orgasm to the point that it could go off at any time. I could feel that sweet peak edge closer as he rubbed that spot vigorously and sucked my clit simultaneously. I arched my back and prepared for it to explode when he suddenly jerked away from me and said firmly, "NOT YET!"

            I groaned in frustration as I panted from my excitement. I opened my eyes to see what he was doing. He just sat between my legs and stroked my inner thighs lightly with his fingers. "Why did you stop?"

            He laughed low and sexy. "I'm not ready for you come yet."

            He then leaned over and kissed my inner thighs, staying away from my slit. I moaned again when he suddenly began licking my thighs. He inched closer to the sweet apex between my legs, but didn't touch it again. I groaned and said, "Oh god, I don't know if I can stand this."

            "I'm not god, but I am your Master. If you want to come, beg me for it," he said as he kissed all of the skin around my clitoris.

           I moaned loudly before I said, "Please?"

            "Please what?"

            "Please make me come!"

            "Who am I?" He asked as he slowly and lightly teased his tongue over my clitoris and the surrounding skin.

            "Please Master! Make me come!"

            He then drew my clitoris up into his mouth and sucked hard. He quickly brought me to edge of ecstasy, but once again withdrew from me before I tumbled over that precipice into the pool of delightful satisfaction that awaited me below. I screamed, "NOOO!"

            He laughed wickedly as he slid up over me to plunge his rock hard cock deep within my hole. His movements were so apathetic that I groaned out my frustrations again. "I'm not ready for you to come yet darling. Keep holding it so we can come together. It feels so good when we come together."

            He gradually increased the pace of his thrusts in such a manner that it was driving me mad with the desire to come. I kept trying to hold onto it since I wanted to reach it at the same time he did. I was soon sweating from my efforts, but he wasn't done teasing me yet. He suddenly began thrusting at a maniacal speed. I screamed as I was so close that holding it was nearly impossible. "MASTER! DON'T STOP! PLEASE DON'T STOP THIS TIME!"

            He raised himself up more so that he was plunging all the way into me. He began moaning loudly too. "Go ahead baby! Let it go!"

            I relaxed slightly as I arched my back and felt my climax peak like an explosion from my pelvis. I sprayed his pelvis with fluid as the spasms kept coming. I felt him unload in me as he groaned out his own intense pleasure. His movements finally ceased and he sat up, panting hard. We both sounded like a couple of sprinting runners recovering at the finish line. Once he could speak intelligibly, he said, "You made a mess all over me young lady. Now come here and clean it up."

            "You have to untie me first, Master."

            He grinned when I addressed him as Master. He leaned over and untied my legs than moved to untie my wrists. He then laid back on the bed as I moved to hover over him and lick my own juices off his pelvis and cock. He laid there watching me, moaning softly. "It's so fucking hot to watch you do that. Do you like it? Do you think you taste good?"

            I paused to say, "Of course I do."

            He then grabbed me and pulled me up to his lips where he kissed me. He soon released me and said, "You're delicious my pet."

            "Thank you Master," I replied before kissing him again.

            When I withdrew, I asked, "Is there any other way I can please you Master?"

            He laughed and said, "Not right now my pet. I need to go shower if we're going to dinner. Oh that reminds me, the events I was supposed to attend tomorrow have been canceled from some reason, and so we'll have all day long to pleasure each other as often as we can manage."

            He then got up and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. I realized I had none of my clothes with me, so I put on what he'd stripped off of me and popped my head into the bathroom to tell him I had to go back to my room since all of my stuff was there. He replied, "Just get everything and bring it up here after you get ready. We're spending all this time together, you might as well have your stuff here."

            I agreed and then left the room so I could shower and get everything together. Kathy wasn't in our room, not that I expected her to be. I showered, dressed and repacked my suitcase. I left her a note that I stuck on the television, but I also planned to text her later to tell her I would be spending the night with Ben again. I then went back to his room where he had to let me in since I didn't have a keycard. I left all of my stuff in the living room area so we could go on to the restaurant and not be late for our reservation. 

All Saturday Long

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