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Meet and Greet: All Saturday Long (A Benedict Cumberbatch Real Person Fanfic)

          We didn't make love when we returned to the hotel that night. At dinner I had consumed two glasses of wine that gave me a terrible headache. Ben had asked twice if I was drunk; I told him I wasn't even buzzed, I just had a headache. I drank some water and took the medicine my doctor had given me for headaches, when we were back in his room. I went right to bed, but he found a movie to watch for a while. When he finally laid down next to me, I moved to snuggle close and went back to sleep.


            I awakened before him the next morning. The sun wasn't even beginning to rise yet. I quickly and quietly went to the bathroom. I noticed there was faint light coming in from the next room as he hadn't closed the door completely; it was enough for me to find the ties he had collected from the floor and tossed on top of his open suitcase. He was still sleeping soundly, lying on his back with his arms conveniently above his head. I quickly tied one of the silk ties into a slip knot and wrapped the other end around the crossbar at the head of bed, then tied it into place; I carefully moved his wrists together and slipped the loop over them and tightened it. This action caused him to stir and as he opened his eyes he tried to move his arms down. He was unsuccessful in moving them far so he mumbled, "What the...?" as he looked up.

            Once he realized he was tied to the headboard, he turned to me and said, "You naughty little girl; you tied up your Master."

            I pulled off my panties as I was wearing nothing else. I yanked the sheet and blanket off of his naked body, then moved to straddle him. "I get to be the Master now," I said before leaning over to kiss his lips.

            I kissed him for quite a while before I finally withdrew. He said, "Do you think you're dominant enough to be my Master?"

            "Only one way to find out my dear," I replied as I bent over to kiss his neck.

            While I kissed and sucked on his neck, I bit him a few times. He moaned every time I did. I then began to work my way down his body kissing, licking and nibbling. He was growing hard by the time I reached his pelvis. I licked his engorged shaft to the tip before I raised it up with one hand to slide my lips down over it. He was so large that it was almost uncomfortable to have him in my mouth. I took him in almost to the hilt and then slowly withdrew while I teasingly raked my bottom teeth on the underside. I sucked roughly on the tip before bobbing my head up and down a few times. He was moaning throughout the ordeal. I bit the tip harder before I sucked it back up into my mouth. He gasped and said, "Careful baby, you don't want to hurt me, do you?"

            I paused to say, "There's pleasure in pain."

            "Yes there is Darling, but if you injure it, I can't use it to pleasure you."

            "Oh don't worry lover. I'm not going to hurt you...much."

            He laughed low and sexy before he exclaimed, "You are a naughty little minx! We're going to have a lot of fun together."
            I soon abandoned his blowjob while he was in the middle of moans of pleasure and slowly crawled up his body so close to him that the tip of his hard shaft rubbed down my own flesh until I reached his lips. While I kissed his lips, I teasingly rubbed my clitoris against his hardness. I soon took to making long strokes that brought it over the entrance to my hole. After the second pass he thrust his hips forward in an attempt to penetrate me. I pulled back quickly and moved off him while I said, "No, no, it's not time for that my pet."

            He moaned and said, "Is this my punishment for teasing you so much yesterday?"

            I just grinned as I moved to draw it up between my lips again and suck it hard before I took it in all the way again. I raked my teeth against it again as I withdrew my mouth. "You're right, I do taste good."

            I then went back to kissing and touching him everywhere. His body felt so amazing under my hands and even better against my lips. I finally straddled him again and rubbed my clit around the tip of his hardness before I slowly settled down on top of it and relished the sensation of his huge, hard member throbbing inside of my tight hole. I took him in all the way as I sat up and began to slowly raise and lower myself on him. He moaned softly as he arched his back some to penetrate me deeper. I soon leaned forward so I could move faster; I increased the pace every couple of minutes, but he was soon attempting to rock his own pelvis faster. I immediately moved off of him while I said, "Oh no you don't, we're going at my pace today."

            "Oh really? You think so?" he replied with a sexy growl in his voice.

            "I don't see where you have much of a choice; unless you want me stop completely."

            He grinned at me and in a flash he yanked his wrists apart and pulled them out then tackled me back onto the bed and pinned me down. "I always have a choice Baby," he said and then kissed me deeply on the lips.

            I was panting by the time he finally withdrew. "If you could get away the whole time, why didn't you?"

            "I was enjoying your sweet little act. You're so cute when you try to dominate me. But let us not forget who the Master here is. Now, I'm ready for some breakfast."

            He forced my legs apart and buried his face between them and began licking me vigorously. I couldn't help the loud moans of pleasure such an act elicited. He soon shoved his tongue within and fucked me with it roughly. I was coming closer to orgasm when he suddenly stopped and shoved his enormous, hard shaft deep within my tight wet hole. His sex was fierce and rapid; I was moaning loudly and uncontrollably. I soon felt my body erupt into spasms of ecstasy so intense I screamed his name. He soon reached his own climax, groaning nearly as loud as I was. He laid on top of me for a few minutes afterward so he could catch his breath. Once he could speak, he said, "Don't forget who the Master is. You're my little fuck toy; not the other way around."

            I grabbed him and kissed him. I bit his bottom lip hard when he pulled away from me. He yelped in pain and I said, "I am no man's toy unless I choose to be and it would be wise for you to remember that."

            He touched his fingers to his lip to make certain he wasn't bleeding. Once he saw that it wasn't, he replied, "Oh, you're definitely going to be a fun one. I like them feisty...makes it a bigger challenge to get them to submit."

            I rolled over onto my stomach and stretched out with the intention of going back to sleep for a while. He slapped my butt hard and announced he was going to take a shower. I fell back to sleep while he was in the bathroom.


            I was awakened hours later by his soft kisses on my face. My vision was very blurry when I opened my eyes. My head was pounding like it was being used for a drum set by a heavy metal band. I sat up which made it worse and I suddenly felt nauseous. I heard him say, "Darling, are you all right? It's just after noon; you slept all morning."

            I put my finger to my lips and shushed him. "Not so loud please," I said, barely above a whisper.

            He sat down on the bed next to me and put his arm around me. "Darling, I was speaking in a normal tone of voice," he said quietly as he wiped his hand over my face.

            "You sounded so loud," I replied defensively.

            "Do you have another headache?"

            "I think this may be a migraine."

            My stomach then loudly rumbled. Ben snickered and said, "How about I order you some lunch from room service. You slept through breakfast so you haven't eaten since dinner last night. It might help you to feel better."

            "I'm not sure that's wise. I usually get an upset stomach with a migraine."

            "OK then, maybe something light on your stomach that won't make it worse? Your stomach is clearly indicating you're hungry and that can make headaches worse for most people. I noticed they had Minestrone on the menu. Do you like that?"

            "Sure I do. Soup would probably be all right."

            "OK Darling, I'll go order it and you just lay here and rest."

            He disappeared from the room while I lay back down on the bed. I closed my eyes and didn't budge until I felt him shaking my shoulder gently. I opened my eyes and he said, "Darling, lunch just arrived. Come on and eat your soup so you'll feel a little better."

            My head felt all fuzzy and strange. "You just left to order it..."

            "Darling that was half an hour ago. You fell back to sleep."

            I sat up and slowly stood up. I could feel the room spinning and I was having trouble getting my vision to clear. I was apparently a little wobbly on my feet because his arms were quickly around me to keep me from falling. I felt a sudden terrible cold chill so intense my teeth began to chatter. He had me sit back down as he went to the bathroom and got his warm blue robe off the back of the door. He wrapped it around me and I put my arms in. He helped me to stand then wrapped it around me and tied it at my waist. It was big on me, but it was soft and warm. I thanked him and he kissed my forehead before leading me into the living room area and to the table where my soup was waiting for me. I sat down and waited for the room to stop spinning some while I took a sip of water. I then began to slowly eat my soup. He sat across from me and kept staring at me while he ate; he wore an expression of deep concern. I ate a little more than half before my stomach began rumbling in protest and I feared it would come back up.

            He moved to the sofa and gestured for me to come join him. I sat next to him and snuggled up close. He stroked my hair gently while he repeatedly kissed my head. "Are you sure you're going to be all right Darling?" He asked softly.

            I had my eyes closed as the brightness in the room was beginning to bother me. "I'd be better if it wasn't so freaking bright in here."

            He got up quickly and closed the curtains, then returned to sit by me so I could snuggle up to him again. There was a light on in the kitchenette so it wasn't too dark in the room. "Is there anything else I can do for you Darling?"

            "Just sit here and hold me. It feels so wonderful to be in your arms."

            "Then you might want to climb into my lap so I can hold you properly."

            I got up and moved into his lap, turning in such a manner that I had my head on his shoulder and my legs stretched out toward the empty half of the sofa. He put his right arm behind my back and his left over my legs where he stroked them through the robe. He kept kissing my forehead every few minutes. It felt so amazing to be held this way. Finally he softly asked again if I was all right.

            "This is doing more for relaxation and pain relief than any drug I've ever taken. Thank you for holding me this way...I've never felt this way before. Oh this so ridiculous because we've only known each other for a couple of days..."

            "What is it Darling? What are you feeling? You can tell me."

            "I feel like I'm falling in love with you."

            He turned to kiss me gently on the lips. "You aren't alone in that feeling Darling. I'm falling in love with you too. How could I not? You're beautiful, a wonderful person and you don't find the sex games weird. I've lost girlfriends over that."

            I giggled softly, "You've lost girlfriends over bondage?"

            "They didn't care for being tied up and dominated. I guess they were too liberated for that nonsense. I tell you to call me Master and you go along with it. They would say something like 'I'm not calling you that, I'm not your slave.' Then go off on some rant about men being pigs and then storm off and I'd never see them again."

            "I don't mind it at all. I think it is kinky fun."

            We were then quiet for a while. I was thoroughly enjoying being in his arms. I began to feel very drowsy, but found myself asking, "Why are you taking care of me this way?"

            "Why wouldn't I be Darling? You're sick and need someone to look after you. I've already decided I'm staying with you while you have surgery and treatments. You said your roommate works a lot, your Mom lives in a different state and there's no one else reliable in your life; you need someone to look after you. I'm not letting you go through this cancer alone. I'll be right there by your side."

            I started to cry silently. I couldn't help it. I was so touched by his devotion to me. I managed to say, "Aren't you a little too busy for that kind of dedication?"

            "I was, but not now. I already called my agent and told him to clear my schedule for the next six months at least; if I need more time I'll let him know. I'm going to have to pay some penalties for breach of contract, but that's fine, I can afford it. You're more important to me than a movie. They can get someone else."

            I felt overwhelmed by his love and devotion to me. It was an idea completely foreign to me. No one had loved me so much except my Mother; no one else had ever been willing to make such sacrifices for me. I even felt a little confused by the whole thing because it was so strange to me. "Are you sure you want to do that? Cancer treatments can be hard to watch a person go through."

            He gently raised my head from his shoulder so he could look into my eyes. "Darling, you have to go through them and that will be harder. If you can handle going through it, I can handle watching it."

            "I've never had anyone in my life, other than my Mother, so willing to make sacrifices for me," I suddenly blurted out.

            "You do now, Darling, so get used to it. You're mine. Being your Master doesn't just mean I dominate you in means I take care of my precious Baby."

            My only response was to lean in and kiss his lips gently. He then picked me up and carried me back to the bed and laid me down gently. He then stripped down to his underwear and crawled in next to me, covering us both with the blankets. I snuggled up close to him and he kissed my forehead. "Go back to sleep Baby. Hopefully you'll feel better when you wake up and we can make love again."

            I said nothing in reply, just shifted so I could lay my head on his chest. I was soon asleep again.


            Sometime later, I wasn't even aware of how much time had passed, I was awakened by his lips on my face and neck. I loved being woke up this way. I started moaning softly at the amazing sensations he was creating within me. I reluctantly opened my eyes to gaze into his. "Are you feeling better Darling?" He asked softly.

            "Yes I seem to be," I replied.

            "Good, I want you to get up and shower. I have a surprise for you."

            I groaned. "I don't like surprises Ben. They never go well."

            He chuckled softly. "This one will my love; I promise you that."

            I got up and he led me over to the clothing rack where he removed the plastic garment bag covering a hanger. Underneath was a short black sleeveless dress with a plunging neckline that appeared to be the type that would be clingy; it had a mock wrapped front that had a glittery buckle looking piece on the front at the waist. Other than that, it had no adornment. "I want you to wear that to dinner tonight," he requested as he picked it up to hand it to me.

            I held it up and looked at it, wondering if it would even fit me. Before I could say anything regarding its fit, he said, "I have to confess, I looked at your clothing tags while you napped this afternoon and then went shopping; I'm not very good with American sizes so I had a little help. I hope you like it."

            "It's beautiful Ben. I've never had a man voluntarily buy me a new dress."

            I hung it back on the rack so I could get my bath items together and my undergarments. He watched while I did this and even followed me to the bathroom, pausing in the doorway and leaning against the frame. I removed his robe and turned to hang it on the back of the door. He reached out and ran his fingers over my breasts. "You're so beautiful," he said softly.

            I blushed and smiled. He went on, "I have a question for you, since I'm not familiar with American clothing sizes, and I don't really understand how they work. Is wearing a fourteen considered a bad thing?"

            I blushed deeper before replying, "It's considered a plus size and yes the women who wear it are considered fat."

            I turned away from him and went over to the shower to turn on the water so it would get hot. "Fat? Seriously? Who would ever look at your glorious body and call you fat?"

            "Society would consider me fat. I actually worked very hard to get down to this size. Pregnancy was not kind to me."

            He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. "You are not fat Darling. You have a beautiful body...yes even with those stretch marks across your abdomen. It shows me that you have loved another enough to give them life. That is the most unselfish thing a woman can ever do. I just hope you're willing to do it one more time for my child."

            I turned around and kissed him. "Of course I am! We just have to kick cancer's butt first."

            "Of course we do and we will," he replied before kissing me again. He then gently smacked my bottom and told me to get in the shower so we wouldn't be late.

            I quickly showered then put on my underwear after drying thoroughly. I put mousse in my hair and then pinned it up slightly, leaving some of the curls hanging out. I then quickly applied my little bit of makeup. I walked out of the bathroom to find he had changed into a suit, complete with tie. I took the dress off the hanger and soon discovered it was meant to just pull on over the head as the fabric was slightly stretchy. I soon wiggled into it and adjusted it properly, using the full length mirror. I then put on my black heels. I admired myself in the mirror briefly. I was glad the dress nearly reached my knees as I didn't care for mini-dresses. He made a great choice in this dress; I looked beautiful. He sat at the edge of the bed admiring me. "You look stunning in that dress. I know you said you don't really wear dresses, but you should reconsider. I can't wait to have you attending awards and premieres with me. I'm going to be the most envied man there."

            I know my face flushed dramatically at that. It hadn't occurred to me that I would ever attend those events with him. "Do you really plan on taking me to those things?"

            "Oh yes Darling. Once the cancer treatments are over, we'll make our relationship official. I don't want tabloid whores after you until we make it official."

            "What do you mean by 'official'?"

            "After we get married of course. Until then, I will do my best to keep you private. You do want to marry me, right?"

            I suddenly felt dizzy. "Is that supposed to be my official proposal?"

            "Of course not. When I decide to propose to you, you'll know it. I've waited over a decade to find someone worthy of marriage. I can guarantee you my formal marriage proposal will be a grand gesture that will not leave you doubting my intentions. Come now Darling, it's time to go downstairs so I can show you how romantic I'm capable of being."

            I smiled and took his hand as he led me out of the room and to the elevators. Once we were in the lobby, we were met by his assistant who handed him two long coats and informed him the limo was waiting for him. Ben took the smaller of the two coats and helped me into it. He then took his and put it on. He took my hand again and led me out the entrance and into the waiting long black limo. I was silent on the ride, wondering what the surprise was going to be. He took my hand and laced his fingers between mine. "I would ask 'a penny for your thoughts' but what goes through that beautiful mind of yours is worth more to me than that," he stated.

            "I'm not thinking of anything in particular. My mind is just wandering through random thoughts while I watch the lights go by out the window."

            "You're a little preoccupied with your cancer surgery and treatments, aren't you?"

            "I would be a liar if I said no. Yes it is something my mind keeps going back to."

            He leaned over and kissed my temple. "I'm going to give you a wonderful night of happiness and love to make those thoughts take flight for a while."

            The limo then stopped in front of a restaurant I didn't recognize. He got out first and then took my hand to help me out. We walked inside and were greeted by the host who immediately informed Ben that the private room was ready and waiting for us.   We then followed him to a small private room that was reserved for parties. There was a table set for us with red roses and candles burning; a champagne bucket was next to the table with a bottle inside, waiting to be opened. Ben led me to the table and pulled my chair out for me. I sat while he went around to the other side to sit across from me. The host opened the champagne bottle and poured a glass for each of us and then left after informing us our waiter would be with us shortly. Since wine had given me a terrible headache the night before, I just slowly sipped the champagne. We talked throughout the meal with Ben completely avoiding the topic of my illness. He managed to make me relax and laugh. He kept reaching over to stroke my hand while we talked and ate.

            Our meal was soon over and we left. I noticed right away the limo was not returning in the direction we had come, so I asked Ben where we were going. He smiled broadly and said, "We have tickets to the opera Darling. I remembered you saying you always wanted to go to a live show, but you didn't know anyone who would join you. Now you have someone to go with you."

            I smiled and kissed his lips just as the car came to a stop. He stepped out first, saw the crowd waiting to go in, turned back to me and said, "Try to hide yourself some with your coat, there's some people out here with their smartphones out and I think I've been recognized. Keep your head down and we'll walk fast."

            I pulled up the side of my coat, as Ben did his best to shield me and move fast. I heard some yells and still caught the view of a few camera flashes. We were quickly inside of the empty lobby. The manager was waiting for us to escort us upstairs to our private box. Ben apologized for being a bit late to which the manager said it wasn't a problem as people would still have plenty of time to be seated. Once we disappeared into the stairwell, I could faintly hear the sudden rush of noise as the doors were opened and people were allowed in. We took our seats and I realized we were high above the crowd below so hopefully no one would see us and recognize us. There wasn't too long of a wait before the lights began to go down and people quieted down as the overture began. The entire performance had my rapt attention and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I barely noticed when Ben took my hand and laced his fingers between mine and placed them in his lap.

            Once it was finally over, Ben led me down the stairs and to a rear exit that lead to an alley where the limo was waiting for us. He said he didn't want to take his chances with the crowd out front. I snuggled up next to him in the limo and put my head on his shoulder for the ride back to the hotel. "Are you tired Darling?" He asked softly between kisses on my head.

            "A little bit, yes."

            Are you too tired to make love to me again tonight?"

            "That sort of depends on how much bondage is involved," I replied with a chuckle.

            "No Baby, no bondage this time. I was thinking sweet and tender was in order for tonight. It doesn't always have to be kinky."

            I smiled and turned my face up to kiss his lips. We were silent for the rest of ride. All I could think of was what a wonderful man he was turning out to be and how lucky I was that he'd come forward to help me when my nose began bleeding. I made an odd little half muffled laughing sound and he asked what was on my mind. "I was just thinking that I've never been grateful for a nose bleed before, but I'm glad it happened on Thursday. I'm also grateful that you looked up at that exact moment."

            "I guess it was our destiny. I had no reason to look up at that exact moment in that direction. At first it had been just a quick glance, until I realized something seemed odd, so I looked again and a bit longer. I saw what appeared to be blood running down the back of your hand and that it was up at your face. I honestly thought there had been a fight in the line or something similar. I felt terrible thinking someone had been injured while waiting to meet me. Once I went over to you and you explained what happened, I was just concerned. I'd never seen a nose bleed so severe. After I saw you, once you were cleaned up, I thought you were so incredibly beautiful that I wanted to be around you for a while longer so I could admire that beauty. After we talked for a while, I really liked you and wanted to spend more time with you."

            He then leaned over and kissed me passionately. The limo stopped in front of the hotel so we quickly got out and went up to his room. He immediately stripped off his jacket and tie. I began kissing him while I unbuttoned his shirt. He took it off and began gently pushing me backward toward the bedroom. He guided me fully, so I wouldn't trip and fall. He stopped me next to the bed and grabbed the skirt of my dress to pull it up over my head. Once he tossed it aside, I stepped out of my heels as I unfastened his pants. I pulled them down and he stepped out of them, removing his shoes at the same time, while he pushed me carefully back on the bed. He paused to finish stripping then climbed onto the bed on top of me. He unhooked and removed my bra and then panties. He settled between my open legs and kissed my body all over. He spent so much time kissing and fondling me that I was aroused to the point that I just wanted him inside of me. When he finally worked his way back up to my lips and face, I raised my pelvis and rubbed myself against him, hoping he'd take the hint. He paused and said, "You don't want me to eat you out first?"

            "No, I want you inside of me, right now."

            He obliged my request by slowing slipping his hard shaft inside of me. I moaned loud and wrapped my legs around his waist. He began to thrust gently; he wasn't teasing me, he was just being gentle. "Oh god Ben! I know you said you wanted to take it slow tonight, but I need to come and I need it now. Fuck me faster!"

            He obediently complied and picked up the pace. He increased the pace every couple of minutes so my body soon let loose with intensely pleasurable orgasms. I screamed his name and he pumped into me even faster. He soon started moaning softly and I finally felt him come within me. He then laid his head between my breasts, but didn't even bother to pull out of me. After a while, I said, "I love that you're lying on me this way, but Darling, you're kind of heavy and it's starting to hurt."

            He apologized and moved off of me to lie next to me on his side. He pulled me close and kept kissing the top of my head. I loved being nestled in his strong arms, against his warm naked body, made me feel so secure that I was soon drifting off to sleep. Before I did, I heard him whisper in my ear, "I love you Annie...more than those three words could ever express. You're mine and I'll take care of you forever. Cancer will not take you from me. I promise."

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