Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Night with the Vampire King

            Once Hades and I settled into bed together, he snuggled up close to my back and held me tight. He kissed my temple and said "Go to sleep now baby."

            That was all it took for me to drift off into a deep sleep. I have no idea how long I was asleep before I heard his deep, silky voice whisper to me through the thick fog of my slumber, "Roll over dearest and hold on tight."

            I did as he commanded and soon found myself in a different room entirely. The bed was enormous and solid black. The sheets on the bed were also black. The only light in the room was next to the bed and it let off the dim glow of flame. I couldn't be sure if it was an oil lamp or a candle burning inside of a lantern. "Where are we?" I asked as I sat up and strained my eyes to try to see more of the room.

            He sat up and replied, "This is my bedchamber. I'll have to give you the grand tour another time. Are you hungry dearest?"

            I turned back to him and replied, "Always!"

            He laughed at my enthusiasm and moved slightly to pick up a small silvery dagger on the dark table next to the bed. The dim light glinted off the metal as he lifted it and brought the blade to the side of his neck. Using his other hand to find the perfect spot, I heard him moan softly as he cut deeply into his own flesh. "There you are dearest. It's a vein so don't waste time."

            I lunged for his neck and began to suck hungrily at it. He laughed joyously at my reaction. He pulled me onto his lap and I could feel his hands stroking down my back, from my neck to my butt over my t-shirt. For once, I didn't come through nude; I was wearing my pajama t-shirt and shorts. I couldn't even begin to describe what exactly his blood tasted like: it was a bit tangy with a charge running through it. It was almost like a gentle electric current that was pleasant instead of painful. As it trickled down my throat with every swallow, it made me feel amazing. It was as if everything that was wrong with me or could ever be wrong with me would be cured by drinking his blood. It was like the most powerful drug I'd ever known and I couldn't get enough of it. I was addicted to him.

            After a few moments passed I heard him say, "Oh you are a hungry little girl tonight."

            He moaned a couple of times and then I heard him say, "Ah, there you are little brother. I was wondering where you were hiding."

            I could only assume that Loki was observing the scene before him. I didn't stop sucking on Hades's neck to confirm it. I soon heard Loki say, in a rather disgusted tone of voice, "What in the hell have you done to my wife?"

            Hades laughed and replied, "I've given her something she desperately needed." I then tried to pull away from him, but he reprimanded me gently, "Oh no dearest, I know you haven't had your fill; don't quit until you're satiated. Little brother can deal with it."

            I resumed vigorously sucking on his neck.  Another couple of minutes passed before I heard Loki inquire, "Have you turned her into a fucking vampire?"

            Hades laughed heartily and replied, "No little brother, I have not. I can assure you she will never crave any blood that isn't godly. You should try feeding her sometime, you might enjoy it. It's satisfying and erotic at the same time."

            "What in the hell do you mean by that?"

            "It's sort of like when a mother nurses her baby: it's personally gratifying to know that your body is capable of giving your child something that nourishes their body. However, instead of providing her with life sustaining sustenance, I'm providing her with something that will hopefully restore her body and ease her suffering. It's just erotic to have a beautiful woman that you love sucking on your neck in such a lusty manner."

            I'd finally had as much as I could stand at one time so I slowly moved back from his neck and watched as the skin sealed itself. I felt strange; I could feel my head spinning and my vision was fuzzy, but I didn't care. I smiled dreamily at the handsome man before me. He smiled back and leaned over to lick the blood off my chin and lips before he kissed me passionately.

            When he withdrew from me he questioned, "Do you feel better now my dearest one?"

            I giggled drunkenly and replied, "I don't feel a damned thing."

            He laughed. "Good. Then it worked."

            I then felt him turn me around so I was staring at Loki, but slumped against his chest. "My gods Hades! She's stoned out of her mind!"

            "Yeah that's a side effect that mortals seem to suffer with. It will subside in a little while."

            Loki groaned and moved away to sit down in a chair I could barely make out in the darkness. Hades laughed and said, "Oh that's right, you feel everything she does. I completely forgot about that! That's all right though little brother; you needed to chill out a bit."

            There was near silence in the room. I could hear nothing but the beat of my own heart and the soft cat-like purring sound Hades was making. At last Loki said, "So what the fuck was your problem tonight Hades?"

            "My problem? I thought I made it pretty clear. I feel you've been quite neglectful of your beautiful wife lately. The poor woman is not completely over her illness but instead of being at her side when she needs you, you're off 'helping' your precious followers. What about your precious wife? Or is she not that precious to you after all?"

            Loki flew into a rage at the allegation. "OF COURSE SHE'S PRECIOUS TO ME! SHE MEANS EVERYTHING IN ALL OF THE REALMS TO ME!"

            Hades was completely unaffected by Loki's rage. He calmly replied, "Then prove it by taking care of her when she needs you."

            I interjected, "To be fair, he did spend almost an entire day with me when I was feeling at my worst."

            Hades rolled his eyes. "One entire day. You've had this infection for almost a full month. You said yourself this is the third round of antibiotics you've taken. The last time you went to the doctor for this, Poseidon went with you and the time before that I accompanied you. Both of us had too because Loki was too busy to be bothered. Every time I turn around lately I'm being asked to do something for you or being asked if I can find my brother so he can accompany you on a short trip. After witnessing the way that mortals drive around your town, I can understand Loki's concern. I also understand that you've been in a couple of car accidents and had several near misses so he's very protective of you. The point remains though that you are his beloved and should be his number one priority. Instead he's been dumping you off on family."

            "She is my number one priority and I think I've proven that by what I have been through for her in the last few months alone," Loki retorted angrily.

            They both continued to argue on about the situation as I slid down into Hades's lap and faded in and out of sleep. I lost all concept of time as I drifted along on my high and the boys continued to argue. There finally came a time where I felt strong arms lift me up out of my comfortable position. I reflexively reached out my arms to encircle whoever was now holding me. I opened my groggy eyes to see Loki's tear streaked cheeks and watery blue eyes gazing at me with the familiar expression of pure love he often wore as he looked upon me. "Oh hi, handsome," I said in a soft, dreamy voice.

            "Hello there beautiful lady," he softly replied; "How do you feel?"

            "Glorious now that I'm in your arms," I replied.

            He pulled me close in a hug and sat down on the bed with me. I felt a hand caress my back lovingly and a deep voice say, "Take her home Loki. Lie in bed and hold her tight. Talk to her from your heart and tell her how you feel, not what you think. She once spoke those very words to me. She kept Persephone and I together by teaching me to speak from my heart and show my feelings to my wife. I do not want to see you and her reach that point that we fell victim to. Just cuddle, talk and love; but no making love tonight. You don't have to make love every single time you're together Loki."

            Loki laughed and replied, "We make love as often as we do because it's what she wants. The majority of the time she initiates it. I've said many times that I'm perfectly content to cuddle, kiss and talk until we fall asleep in each other's arms. She is the one whose lust is insatiable."

            Hades laughed and said, "Yes her carnal desires do run deep. But seriously Loki, take her home and love her. She needs you and you need her."

            I could feel him nod his head. I sat back and stared into his beautiful blue eyes and said sleepily, "I've loved you for a thousand years..."

            "And I'll love you for a thousand more," he finished.

            I smiled and we kissed each other's lips tenderly. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight as I felt him rise and begin to walk. I closed my eyes and nestled my head into the crook of his neck. The next thing I knew, he was placing me gently into his bed. The merlot silk sheets were on the bed now. It matched a few of the throw pillows next to my head. As Loki walked around the bed, I watched him slowly strip off his black silk shirt and toss it aside. He paused at the side of the bed to remove his tight black leather pants. Once he had stepped out of them, he crawled onto the bed and moved close to lie next to me. Oh sure, he could have stripped himself magically as Hades was so fond of doing, but Loki knew how much I adored watching him slowly remove his clothing the old fashioned way. It never ceased to arouse me, no matter how often I watched him do it. Before he settled in to get comfortable, he carefully removed my pajama top and shorts, leaving my panties on since my period had not ended yet. He then turned to lie down on his back and I moved to lay my head on his chest. He pulled the top sheet and blanket up over us. At his silent command the lamps and candles in the room all went out simultaneously and we lay there gazing up at the night sky through his new skylight. His hand lazily stroked my right arm and I occasionally felt his lips brush my head as he kissed me gently. As last he asked how I was feeling.

            "Not nearly as stoned," I replied with a slight laugh.

            "I could tell as much since I'm not feeling it now. Other than that, how are you? Is your headache gone or does it still linger?"

            "No Si took care of my headache, though my neck still hurts a bit."

            "At least you aren't suffering that blinding pain you had earlier. Your headaches are becoming worrisome to me. They seem to be getting more frequent and more severe. Promise me if the ear pain returns, you'll go back to the specialist who did your sinus surgery, instead of your regular doctor?"

            "Yes, of course I will."

            "Good. I hope the problem doesn't return this time. I hate having my beloved one ill. It breaks my heart."

             I turned to look up at him, "Does it really?"

            "Yes darling, of course it does. You are my heart and you always have been no matter what body you're in. I feel so helpless, because I can only assist a tiny bit. My magic is practically useless to help you feel better. Poseidon is far superior in healing you."

            I sighed. "He's the ocean Loki and I'm a water baby. Neither one of us can help that fact. It's just the way I was born."

            "I know it is darling. It's just frustrating to me, but now that I know what an enormous help he is to you, I won't stand in the way of you two being together. I understand that you two need each other in a way that is different from the way you and I need each other. I understand your relationship better now and that's it completely different from what you and I have together."

            I stared at him silently for a moment then said, "Loki, you're the air I breathe and I can't live without you."

            "Nor I you my beloved," he replied then moved to kiss my lips.

            There was much more kissing, fondling and conversation that followed. He told me so much of what was in his heart and I told him what was in mine. Our connection to each other became even deeper and our love more vast, if that was even possible. In the end, we curled up together and drifted off to sleep, feeling much more secure and content in our love for each other.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Night of Four Gods

            I was lying in bed wearing nothing but my panties, just as Loki had requested. He assured me that he and Hades were on their way and would arrive at any moment. I was so tired though, I couldn't help dozing off a bit. I suddenly felt his presence lying next to me while a tingling sensation began slowly moving its way up my legs. It was so different from the light, gentle, yet loving touch I was accustomed to. This one seemed...heavier somehow. I heard his voice as if he were whispering in my left ear, "That's not me, it's Hades."

            I felt the tingle move up my legs and body until it was on either side of my face. I could feel a sensation like someone hovering over me, and then my lips began to tingle like I was being kissed. I thought I opened my eyes, only to realize I'd been pulled to the other side. I was in some other astral plane of existence where my Loki lived. I was once again in what I now called Loki's bedchamber. The man who stood before me was stooped over as he'd been kissing my lips and I was considerably shorter than he. He pulled slowly away and whispered, "I pulled you through this time."

            I knew exactly what he meant by that statement. As he released me and stepped aside, I became aware of the presence of Persephone and Loki. They were just as naked at the man standing in front of me. Persephone had very long red hair that nearly covered her nudity entirely. She was taller than me, but nowhere close to as tall as the boys. She squealed with delight as soon as she saw me and ran to me to fling her arms around me and catch me up in a strong hug.

            "Oh Sigyn! I've missed you so much! I can't believe we're finally all together again!"

            She had a beautiful shapely body with large firm breasts, full hips and a flatter stomach than I'd had since I was a child. I admit I felt self-conscious around her, even though she took no notice of my physical appearance. I too was completely nude. How I wished my astral form did not resemble my physical one.

            She was becoming quite emotional over our reunion as she repeated how much she'd missed me; I could hear the tears coming to her voice. Suddenly, Hades's deep, silky smooth voice behind me says, "No, you ladies can cry over your lost friendship when I'm done. I don't have a lot of time and I was promised a romp with this sexy girl."

            He then leaned over and picked me up effortlessly and turned to carry me to Loki's bed. I had my arms wrapped around his neck and my legs around his waist. "I hope I'm not a disappointment to you," I whispered softly to him.

            He chuckled, "Oh Sigyn, you were never a small girl to begin with. Don't believe the artwork that humans make. You were never slim or petite. I thought you were beautiful then and I think you're beautiful now."

            He laid me down on the bed and hovered over me while he kissed my lips again. I may not feel I am physically attractive, but he certainly is. He has long, straight hair as black as the night and alabaster skin. He was nearly the same height as Loki, but only a couple of inches shorter. Loki is four inches over seven feet tall and Hades was only a couple of inches shorter. His body is quite muscular and marred with scars from battle and numerous fights. He has a tight, well defined six-pack and large pectorals to go with the bulges of muscles in his upper arms and thighs. His skin is as smooth as silk, around the scars, and completely free of hair.

            His kisses took my breath away. They were deep, long and full of desire. His lips would no sooner leave mine then he would turn at a different angle and kiss me again. He left me no time to recover from each kiss. Once he finally grew tired of kissing my lips, he worked his way down over my chin and onto my neck where he kissed and sucked. When he began to nip gently and I moaned, he decided to try biting harder. I moaned even louder. He paused to say, "Do you like that dearest?"

            "Oh yes!" I moaned out in reply.

            "Then you should love this," he stated as he bit my neck, just above where it met my shoulder so hard he drew blood. I screamed his name as he sucked vigorously where he bit me.

            He withdrew after a few minutes and said, "You taste wonderful dearest! Do you taste as good down below?"

            "There's only one way to find out," I replied.

            He then made his way over my breasts, licking and sucking as he went. He pulled my legs further apart and buried his face at my apex, gloriously teasing me with his tongue. After several minutes spent fucking me, and bringing me to the brink of orgasm, with that wondrous appendage, he finally pulled away and said, "That sweet cunt is even better than I remember it. I guess being mortal has had its advantages."

            He then moved back up to my lips where he kissed me fiercely, forcing that tongue that had just been teasing my clitoris deep within my mouth. My own juices were heavy on his lips and tongue, so I enjoyed my own flavor as we kissed. While he kissed me so deeply, I felt his huge, fully erect cock slide slowly into my dripping tight hole. I moaned into his kiss as his entrance surprised me. He pulled his mouth from mine to say, "I'm not hurting you, am I?"

            I moaned and said, "Not at all. You just surprised me with your sudden entrance. It feels good. I love them big!"

            He laughed and said, "Well I should hope so since you fuck Loki almost nightly."

            I heard laughter off to my left and looked to see Loki sitting on the bed watching, enthralled with the scene before him. Hades continued on in the missionary position for several minutes until he pulled out and sat up, pulling his legs up under him. He then grabbed my thighs and pulled my legs and pelvis up onto his thighs and managed to enter me again. Loki came up behind me, lifted up my upper half and positioned me onto his lap. He leaned over to kiss my lips periodically and massage my breasts while Hades continued fucking me. I could feel the orgasm building within my pelvis and apparently so could Loki. After a couple of minutes he says, "Pick up the pace Hades, our girl is about to come and it's going to be a big one."

            Hades shifted again to where he was up on his knees, supporting my legs with his arms so he could pound into me harder and deeper. I was practically screaming from his forcefulness.  My body soon erupted like a volcano from deep within and I began screaming his name. He slowed down a bit while he chuckled and said, "You're right Loki; that was a good one. Let's see how many more I can get from this sweet little thing."

            Loki chuckled sexily and replied, "Turn her over and take her from behind. She loves that."

            Hades then pulled out again and ordered me to roll over. I got on my hands and knees and felt him enter my drenched cunt from behind. "Oh, this is good," Hades responded as he began to thrust into me.

            Loki was kneeling on the bed in front of me in such a manner that his hardening cock was right in front of my face. He grabbed a handful of my hair and lifted my head. I knew exactly what he wanted me to do as he moved a little closer to my mouth. I parted my lips and slid them over his erect cock. He moaned as I began to suck it and tease the underside with my tongue. I did that for several minutes, sliding my mouth back and forth on it while he moaned his delight.

            I soon felt a different pair of hands gently massaging my butt and so I paused in sucking off Loki to turn to my left to see Persephone on her knees next to me, focused on her husband's cock sliding in and out of my pussy. She soon slid one hand under me and I felt her stroking my clitoris vigorously with her fingers. The extra stimulation had me moaning so fiercely that I couldn't resume Loki's oral satisfaction. I soon felt another orgasm erupt from my pelvis and hot liquid shoot from my body. I soaked Hades's thighs and Persephone's hand.

            Hades laughed heartily and said, "Damn Loki! You didn't tell me she is a squirter!"

            Loki laughed as well and replied, "I thought I'd leave it as a surprise for you."

            He pulled out and said, "You made a terrible mess all over me young lady. Come here and clean it up."

            He laid himself out on the bed and I moved to lick my come off his thighs. Once I had that all clean, I moved to his enormous still hard cock and began to lick my juices off it as well. I took it in my mouth and sucked it down, taking a considerable amount into my mouth and down my throat. He moaned in delight. "That's a lot of cock for a little mortal's mouth. I'm impressed my dear."

            I continued to suck him for quite a while until he finally ordered me to stop and ride him. "I'm getting closer and I want to come in that sweet pussy," he offered up as explanation.

            I moved up his body, straddling him and carefully placed his tip inside of my hole. I slid slowly down onto it, going until I had him buried within me up to the hilt. I began to slowly rock my hips so that he stayed fairly deep within me. He allowed me to continue for a few minutes before he began rocking his hips in near unison with mine. He finally took over and began thrusting faster than I was moving, so I allowed him to take control. "Sorry, dearest, but I want to finish and you're not moving fast enough to allow for that."

            He kept thrusting faster until my moans were more like screams. He grabbed me suddenly and began to sit up until Loki yelled, "Not in that position!"

            Hades released me and fell back onto the bed, pulling me over him and holding me in an awkward hovering position. He began moaning as well, announcing he was about to come. Within minutes I screamed his name as I felt an enormous, hot load of come explode into my body accompanied by his own loud moans of ecstasy. His thrusting slowed and soon subsided. I collapsed onto his chest and abdomen, breathing hard. I felt him slide his now limp cock out of my body. He was breathing hard as well and I could feel his heart racing. He finally managed to say, "Damn Loki, she is a good fuck! It's just like old times!"

            I slowly moved off of him, rolling onto my back on the bed as I continued trying to catch my breath. He sat up, leaned over and kissed my lips. "Thank you dearest that was just what I needed."

            He then sat up and moved to kiss his wife, who was sitting on the bed opposite of me and next to him. After their lips parted, he said, "I need to get back to work. Enjoy her!"

            He then got up and disappeared into the bathroom, soon exiting fully clothed and left Loki's room.

            Persephone then moved to lie between my legs. "Let's see if I can clean up the mess my husband left behind."

            As she moved to put her face between my legs, she paused and flashed Loki a look of concern. I then felt her palm over my groin and the whole area began to grow warm. I asked what she was doing and she replied, "You were just in need of a little healing magic. My husband is a big boy and can get rough. There we go! All better now."

            She then began to slowly lick my inner thighs, working her way up to my apex. While she enjoyed teasing me with her tongue, Loki moved closer to kiss my lips and upper half of my body. I was so sensitive from all of the orgasms I'd already had, that she brought me another one quickly. She pulled back, laughing joyfully and said, "Oh Sigyn, I could always make you pop off so quickly after my husband fucked you. It's nice to know some things never change. Now, are you going to provide me with the same pleasures?"

            I sat up quickly and began kissing her soft, sweet lips. She soon leaned back as my lips made their way over her chin and down to her neck. I found a nice spot on the left side of her neck where I began to gently bite and suck. She giggled and said, "You can bite harder than that! I'm used to Hades after all."

            I then bit her hard and she moaned loudly. I eventually moved on down her body, giving her breasts cursory attention before I kissed and licked my way to her hairless mound of flesh that would bring her pleasure. She spread her legs even wider as I slowly slid my tongue into her slit, following it all the way to the end and then back up to her clitoris which I flicked with my tongue before I drew it up between my lips to suck it. She was loudly moaning by this point. I continued to tease her for a few more minutes, but soon I felt something hard probing around my wet hole. Loki's entrance was so forceful and deep that I paused to moan loudly. As he began to fuck me slowly and deeply, I resumed my oral sex on Persephone. Every time that I became overwhelmed by my own pleasure, I paused to fuck her now drenched hole with my fingers while I moaned loudly.

            She finally grabbed me aggressively and pulled me up her body, away from Loki. As she kissed me passionately, she flipped me over so that I was pinned beneath her. She broke the kiss and moved herself between my spread legs and straddled my body, pulling my left leg up so she could position herself to grind her clitoris against my own. The sensations were amazing as she rocked her hips and put more of her weight against me. As she came closer to her own climax, her fucking became so rapid I was surprised she maintained her position. We reached our climaxes simultaneously both of us crying out our pleasure and each other's names.

            She then moved off of me, lying on her back next to me on the bed. Loki then grabbed my thighs, pulling me up onto his lap. He put his strong arms behind my back and lifted me up so he could enter me. He sat back on his ass and pulled me even closer so his penetration was deeper and he was able to hold me close as he fucked me. He whispered in my ear, "I would complain about being last, but we all know you save the best for last. Now come for me my queen."

            It wasn't long before I obliged his request. I arched my back as I came hard for him, which caused me to pull away slightly. "Oh no you don't my queen! You're not moving away from me until I'm done."

            He pulled me back up and I nestled closer to him as he continued to fuck me. It went on for quite a while before he began continuously picking up the pace as his own climax neared. Another intense one was building within and I began moaning loudly. "Hold it!" Loki suddenly barked out commandingly.

            I groaned and managed to say, "I don't know if I can."

            "Do it! You're not coming again until I do!"

            I did the best I could to suppress it, but it was exceedingly difficult. He picked up his thrusting to a maniacal speed and I soon felt him trembling as he moaned out "Sigyn! Come with me baby!"

            I stopped holding it back and came at the same time he did. We both held tightly to each other's sweat covered bodies as we cried out our pleasure. He called my name repeatedly. I moved to kiss his lips. As we kissed, he pulled out of me and moved to pull me on top of him as he lay back on the bed. He then rolled over so he had me pinned to the bed as he passionately kissed my lips. Once he finally broke the kiss, he moved off of me to lie next to me and hold me close.

            Persephone stretched out her right hand to circle my right nipple with her finger. "That was the most passionately beautiful thing I've ever seen. You two intensely love each other."

            I had been so wrapped up in Loki that I had forgotten she was there, watching us make love. I blushed and looked away. She giggled and said, "There's no reason to be embarrassed Sigyn."

            I shyly looked at her and she leaned over to kiss my cheek before saying, "I'm going now so you two love birds can enjoy your post-coital cuddle time."

            She rose from the bed and dressed quickly before disappearing from the room. Loki pulled me closer and held me possessively tight. "How was it darling?" He asked.

            "You or all of it?" I asked in response.

            "All of it," he replied.

            I laughed lightly. "I never knew sex could be that way. I've never had so many orgasms in one night in my life. You were my favorite part of course."

            He laughed and leaned over to kiss me gently before settling in next to me, covering us both with the blanket and holding me close. I soon drifted off to sleep in his arms.


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Loki and Sigyn Art

I have no idea who drew this, but it's beautiful. I added the words with photo editing website. It's an amazing piece of art and I love it!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Advice for Novice Writers

If anyone has ever told you that there are no rules for telling a story, just tell it, disregard that horrid advice immediately. That's bullshit! There are a few simple rules everyone should follow in order to make your story more readable. Your story gets lost if you can't even follow basic rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation! So here are my simple suggestions for everyone who has a story to tell:
1. Use a program such as MS Word that will catch and point out your mistakes. It won't catch all of them, but for most of the common mistakes, it works fine.

2. If you are posting in any of the various online places such as Wattpad, you can cut and paste from writing programs, so do it. These websites do not have the features you need for correcting your errors.

3. Yes spelling, punctuation, grammar and proper paragraph formatting matter! If you can't write properly, your readers will get frustrated and give up. They will also tell their friends to avoid you because you lack a basic grasp of the written language.

4. NEVER PUBLISH ANYTHING THAT IS NOT YOUR BEST EFFORT!! I don't just mean a book, I mean on a free website too. Something riddled with errors is not your best effort!

5. For the love of all the gods in Asgard: PROOFREAD!! Do it yourself and have someone else do it for you! I'm dyslexic, I totally get that you don't always catch all of your own mistakes.

6. Don't jump on people who are trying to help you improve by pointing out your errors. You are the one who chose to publish it that way so don't get pissed when someone points it out!

7. Take a creative writing class at your local community college or any other writing course that will help you to improve your basic skills.

That is really all of the advice I have right now. It's not late, but I'm exhausted and cannot think of anything else at this time. Now if you're wondering what qualifies me to give this type of advice: I've been writing for thirty years and I made straight A's in all of my writing classes from elementary school through college. Teachers have kept my work to use as examples. I'm also a published Indie author. I may not have the greatest sales in the world, but I'm highly complimented by all of my readers.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Caught in the Middle: Epilogue RPFF

             I told Tom the very day he returned from taking Ben to the airport. He was upset, but not really surprised. He insisted on staying at the house to help take care of the babies; besides Morgana was his daughter. He moved into the empty bedroom.

            Ben returned after his three long months away from me. He moved right into my room and immediately became my lover once again. He was ecstatic to be reunited with Jocelyn and quickly took over caring for her. We took the babies to set with us daily but ended up hiring a nanny named Leilani to watch the babies for us. There were times all three of us had to be on set together and we couldn't reliably get the same assistant to watch them. Lani had actually been a nanny for years so she was very experienced with babies. It wasn't long before Tom started flirting with her and they began dating. She bore a striking resemble to me in character for Rhiannon. Red curly hair, although shorter, blue eyes; but more petite than I was. It wasn't long until Tom proposed to her. Ben and I were both a little shocked at how quickly their relationship was moving forward, but we kept our opinions to ourselves. Tom loved being a dad; I could see a lot of babies in their future as long as she was able to have them. We all went to England to spend the holidays. My ex-husband even allowed me to take our son to England. Ben, myself and all three children, stayed at his parents' house. Tom took Lani and Morgana to meet his family though. His Mother was thrilled with her granddaughter. Even though I had asked Ben to marry me months before, he formally proposed to me on New Year's Eve with a beautiful diamond and ruby engagement ring. I accepted of course.

            When we returned to California in January, we learned that show was being canceled at the end of the season. Joss and I quickly rewrote the last few episodes so that we had a better ending. The final months just seemed to rush by. After we wrapped it up, there was an enormous party for the cast and crew. The end of April arrived and we celebrated our twins First Birthday with a small party. Robert and his wife were there with their kids and since Chris was in town, he brought his family.

            Our lease on the beach house was up at the end of June so we would all be moving to England. I was upset about being so far away from my son, but my ex-husband refused to allow him to live with me. I was prepared to fight for them when suddenly in the middle of June, fate intervened and I didn't have to. His father got into a car accident with his young girlfriend and died from his injuries. We flew to Miami and picked up my son before flying to England. We stayed with his parents until Ben found a house for us; his flat in London was way too small for all of us. Two months after we moved in to our own house, the house across the street from us went up for sale and Tom and his new wife bought it. Now he would be close to Morgana so she could grow up close to her Dad and half-brothers. Lani was pregnant by the time they married in June. That baby boy wasn't even a year old before she was pregnant with another one.

            Unfortunately I was unable to give Ben more children. Just after we wrapped the show, I had to have an emergency hysterectomy. He didn't mind though; we had a daughter that was ours biologically and a little boy he formally adopted shortly after we married. He had a family and was very happy with it. Tom finally found a woman to love and who could love him the way I didn't; he was happy with her and his three children. We were all one big happy extended family.

Caught in the Middle: The Twins Arrive Early RPFF

         The days dragged by so slowly for the month Ben was gone. I was hurting a lot more so Tom was constantly making me lie down and rest. One day he was gone for most of the day with a photo shoot and interviews. The only way he would leave me there alone was if I swore to lie on the sofa most of the day and rest. He made Robert swear to call me at least twice through the FaceTime app so he could check on me since he only lived twenty minutes away. Tom called me four times. Of course, I didn't lie on the sofa the whole time; I cleaned the entire house. Tom was mad at me when he got back and saw how clean everything was. He canceled all future interviews since I couldn't be trusted to rest. I was going absolutely mad being indoors all the time. I finally convinced Tom to take a short walk on the beach with me and to sit in the wet sand while the water rushed in over us.

            He sat behind me with his legs around me and held me close while I leaned against him. He loved to put his arms around me and rub my huge belly. The girls' were particularly active today and he enjoyed it. He loved to feel them move around and kick. He wore a smile of happy contentment. He was so excited about being a father. As much as I still loved Ben, I began to hope they were Tom's daughters. I would not want to see the look of devastation I knew he would have if he was told they weren't his. I had already discussed the paternity test with the doctor and he agreed to collect the samples immediately after birth and rush the test because they were likely to be premature and he would need to know whose genetics and family history he would be working with in the event that something was wrong with them.

            I started seeing the doctor weekly to monitor my blood pressure and the pains I was having. The closer I got to the thirty-two week mark, the higher my blood pressure was creeping and the more intense the pain was becoming. There was still four days before Ben was due back in California and Tom didn't want to call him to let him know the situation. He thought it was unnecessary, but I was worried I'd end up needing an emergency C-section soon. I tried texting Ben all day, but he didn't respond. I finally got Tom out of the house to take a jog on the beach so I could call Ben. It was two in the morning in London, but it was the only chance I was going to get since Tom was on my butt like a freckle all day long; besides Ben said to call him if there was a chance they'd be born before he got back. It went to voice mail the first two times I called, but I kept hanging up and calling again. He answered after the first two rings on the third time I called. He was grouchy and half asleep when he greeted me with, "It's after two in the morning, this better be fucking important!"

            "Ben, it's Claire. I'm sorry to call you so late..."

            He was immediately more alert as he cut me off, "Is it the babies? Are you in the hospital?"

            "I have a strong suspicion I will be before you get back here in four days. My blood pressure has been high and I've already been given an injection to stop labor pains once."

            "Why the hell didn't Tom call me when that happened?"

            "It was just a couple of days ago and he didn't want to bother you since you'd be back soon anyway. He thinks I'm worried over nothing, but I have a feeling they're going to be born any day now."

            "I'm calling the airline as soon as you hang up and getting on the first available flight. Try to hold on Darling; I'll be there soon."

            "Then I better go now so you can call them."

            We both said our good-byes and I hung up. He called me back thirty minutes later, while Tom was in the shower, to tell me he was on a flight that was leaving at five in the morning, London time. He also said that he'd just take a taxi from the airport to the beach house so there was no need for anyone to come pick him up. He promised that he'd be there with me the next morning. I didn't tell Tom that I'd called him, instead I said that Ben had texted me earlier in the day and would be arriving in the morning.

            "Oh, he's coming in early? I'm surprised he didn't let me know so I could pick him up at the airport."

            "He said there's no need to, he'd just take a taxi. He knows you're worried about me and didn't want to keep you away from me for too long since traffic can be horrendous."

            "That is true. Did he happen to say why he changed his plans?"

            "Nope, he didn't mention it."

            Tom didn't question me further. We ate dinner together soon after and I went to bed early since I wasn't sleeping well and was feeling tired. It was a couple more hours before I felt Tom climb into bed next me, lean over and kiss my cheek before settling down close to me with his hand on my hip. He loved to sleep close to me, touching me in some manner. I'd never had a man who did that before and I found it a bit unnerving. I soon rolled over and snuggled in as close to him as I could get with my protruding watermelon of a belly. He shifted slightly so he could move his upper body closer to me. The girls suddenly started kicking in response to the outside pressure on my belly. Tom said, "Your little occupants clearly do not want other siblings to come after them."

            I giggled and replied, "Why do you say that?"

            "They are kicking me right in the balls!"

            I broke out in a fit of giggles. He shifted some so he was safely out of range and kissed my forehead. "Go back to sleep Darling. I didn't mean to wake you."

            "I wasn't really asleep, just resting. It's so hard to fall asleep these days."

            "Is there something I can do to help you sleep? Maybe sing you a lullaby? Read you a bed time story?"

            I giggled again and replied, "I'm not three Thomas!"

            He laughed softly and said, "Well, technically you are: one Clarice and two little girls inside; that makes three. I'm not that bad at math!"

            "You're definitely a smartass!"

            "Wouldn't you rather I be a smartass than a dumbass?"

            "Oh dear Loki! You've definitely been around me far too long! You're starting to repeat some of my quips!"

            "We both knew it would happen eventually. You're just too charming not to rub off on the people around you."

            "Charming? Is that the new PC way of saying I'm a bitch?"

            "You most certainly are not a bitch! You can be stubborn and temperamental at times, but you have a very passionate nature. You're never lukewarm about anything. You either love it, hate it or couldn't care less. You do take some getting used to and weaker minded people can't handle you. You also have an uncanny ability to see right through anybody's attempt at lying to you and that scares a lot of people. I happen to love your passionate nature; you don't scare me, though you often impress the hell out of me. I really admire your strength, but I have to confess that I loved you even more after you confessed to me that you have trouble with letting people in and broke down and cried hysterically in my arms. It made realize you really need me. You might enjoy Ben's fiery lovemaking, but you need a man who can hold you when you cry and not think any less of you for needing to do it. I know you're strong and that's very much your nature, but it's OK to be vulnerable sometimes too. I'll never get upset with you for showing me that side. Ben has only ever seen your fiery side; I've seen both. I've seen the whole picture and you've never shown it to him have you?"

            "No I haven't. I don't like feeling vulnerable."

            "Are you afraid to show it to him? Do you think he'll think less of you?"

            "There really hasn't been the opportunity for him to see that side of me. I wouldn't say that I'm afraid to show it to him. I really don't know how he would feel about it and I'm not going to put words his mouth."

            "I'm OK with seeing all you have and all that you are. Being completely honest with me about everything will never change my opinion of you. I love you and I can accept all that comes with it. I know you've been hurt in the past and you still hurt a lot inside. I can't promise you that I can take it all away, but I'm willing to try to get rid of as much of it as I can. I want you to have happiness in your heart and soul. You are a wonderful woman and you deserve it."

            I couldn't help but start to cry. He said all these wonderful things to me, but he wasn't the man that had my heart. I love Ben and I wanted to be laying there in his arms and I wanted these sweet words to come out of his mouth. Tom held me tight and kissed my forehead repeatedly. He kept softly telling me to just let go of all of the pain so I wouldn't hurt anymore. I ended up crying until my well of tears ran dry again and soon fell into a fatigued sleep.


            He awakened me the next morning with tender kisses on my face. Once my eyes finally fluttered open, he kissed my lips gently. As I woke up more, he initiated more passionate kisses. He soon moved down to my neck and collarbone, kissing everywhere. He finally removed my short nightgown and began gently kissing and suckling my enlarged breasts. Several minutes later he paused to say, "Can we? Is it safe to still be doing that?"

            "Please Tom, I really don't want to. I'm too uncomfortable."

            "Oh, you mean because you're so far along?"

            "It's not just that...Tom, I don't..."

            He put his fingers over my lips and said, "Don't say it. It's not true. You do love me, you're just scared and confused. I'm going to go get you a cold drink and make you breakfast. That will help you feel better."

            He kissed me and then dressed so he could go get me a glass of ice water. After he brought it to me, he went back to the kitchen to make breakfast. Not long after he left, I got up and dressed. I took my glass of water and joined him in the kitchen. I saw by the clock above the stove that it was after ten; Ben should be arriving soon. I sat on one of the stools at the counter and watched Tom as he made French toast.

            "You got out of bed too soon! I was going to serve you breakfast in bed."

            "Sorry Darling, but my side was hurting from laying so much. I really needed to get up and move around. I've rested so much lately that I'm sore in places I'd forgotten I have."

            He served me a few slices of French toast just as the doorbell rang. He went to answer it as I started eating. It was Ben of course. He immediately walked into the kitchen and gave me a hug while asking how I was feeling. It felt so good to have his arms around me. I didn't want him to let go.

            "I'm fine Ben. My blood pressure is up some, but I'm still holding on to them."

            Tom went back to finishing up the French toast. Ben helped himself to a couple of slices and sat on one of the other stools next to me. Tom asked why he was back early.

            "I wasn't really doing anything, so I thought I'd make sure I was here in case Clarice went into labor or the doctor decided they have to be born now," he replied.

            He wasn't admitting to Tom that I had called him. I suddenly blurted out that I had called him because I was concerned that I'd end up needing a C-section at any time and I knew he wanted to be here for it.

            "Oh, well that makes sense I guess. All you had to do was be honest. Besides, the sooner we get the paternity test done, the better. We'll all be able to move on with our lives," Tom replied.

            I detected a bit of controlled hostility in Tom's voice. I hoped there wasn't going to be any drama. I was too far along and too cranky for such crap. I finished eating then waddled off to the bathroom. I could hear them talking with a more friendly sound as they ate and chatted about whatever Ben had been doing in England.

            While I was in there, I noticed my panties seemed excessively wet, but I was a bit hot so maybe I'd just been sweating. I changed them and my shorts before I went back to the kitchen to get a second glass of ice water. Tom gave me a kiss and told me to go sit down in the living room and relax; he'd clean up the kitchen. I went off the living room and laid down on the sofa while I searched through the channels on the television. I started to experience some cramp-like discomfort, but nothing too severe.

            The boys soon wandered into the living room. Ben sat down in the chair near my head while Tom took the end of the sofa, picking up my feet so he could sit down and then placing them in his lap. I had found reruns of my favorite comedy about a nanny and widowed father of three living in New York City on one of the cable networks. Halfway through the second episode, Tom nudged my leg and said, "Darling I think you need to go change your shorts, they're soaked."

            "What? You're kidding me! That's the second time today! What in the hell is wrong with me?"

            "I'm not joking Darling, you have an enormous wet spot on the back. Since they're pink it's quite noticeable."

            I groaned and got up to go to the bedroom to get clean clothes before going to the bathroom. While I was changing, I examined the shorts and panties closely. It was then that I realized I could feel quite a bit of moisture on my thighs. There was only one thing that caused this. I put a maxi pad between my body and panties this time. I then pulled on the beige maternity shorts and went back to the living room. I stood in the doorway to announce, "Guys, I think there's a problem."

            Both heads whipped around toward me so quickly it was comical. I went on, "I think my water broke."

            Tom immediately grabbed his phone to call the doctor, while Ben guided me back to the sofa to sit down. I could hear Tom on the phone with the doctor's office while Ben said, "Isn't it a little early for this?"

            "I'll say it is! About two months too early! There must be something wrong."

            Tom soon returned dressed in jeans and sneakers with my duffle bag on his shoulder and my slip on sandals in his hands. "Your doctor wants you at the hospital now honey. He's concerned enough that he'll be meeting us there. Are you having contractions?"

            "I feel a little crampy, but it doesn't feel like contractions."

            "I hope the traffic isn't bad today," Tom mused as I put on my sandals.

            Ben led me to the car in the garage while Tom made certain everything was turned off and locked up. Ben had insisted I sit up front in the passenger seat as it was easier for me to get into. He climbed in the back while Tom exited the door, making certain it was locked. He opened the garage door before getting into the driver's seat. After backing the car out of the garage, he hit the button to close it, making certain that it did before he backed out of the driveway. It took almost an hour to get to the hospital due to traffic. I didn't feel like I was experiencing contractions even though I was still uncomfortable.

            Tom made use of the valet parking so he would be with me the entire time. I had Tom on my right and Ben on my left as we entered the hospital and went to the information counter. We were directed to labor and delivery on the seventh floor. I ended up in a wheelchair at Tom's insistence while we also had an escort by a nurse and two security guards. Apparently my doctor had sent them to the desk to wait for us to arrive.

            As soon as we arrived at the seventh floor labor and delivery area, I was taken to a private room and given a hospital gown to change into. I quickly changed and got settled in the bed so the nurse could hook me up to the monitors and check to see if it was amniotic fluid leaking from my body. The little yellow paper strip turned a dark blue as soon as she wrapped it around her gloved finger and swabbed my vagina. After showing me the strip, she said, "I'll go let your doctor know it was positive. I'm sure he'll be in to see you soon."

            She left the room and Tom pulled a chair up close to the bed and held my right hand. "Are you all right Darling? Are you having contractions?"

            "I still just feel some minor cramping pains. I'm physically OK, but I'm worried about the babies being born so early."

            "So am I Darling, but we have to think positive and hope for the best."

            Ben was pacing around the room like a caged tiger who desperately wanted to be free. The doctor finally entered the room and announced he was going to go ahead and do the C-section since I was clearly in labor. He also gave us the speech about how premature the babies are and how their lungs might not be fully developed; the usual warnings about the complications and risks of babies who are born early. The guys asked a few questions, but I didn't have any because I'd been through this before. Ben also asked if both of them would be allowed in the operating room. The doctor said it was usually only one other person in there with the patient but considering our circumstances he agreed to make an exception as long as they both stayed near my head and out of the way.

            He left after they finished their questions. Not long after a young nursing assistant entered with scrubs for the guys to change into. She passed them out and explained the procedure of covering the shoes and head. Judging by the way her voice trembled and she kept staring, I would say she recognized them both. Just before she left, she finally gushed out, "You're Tom Hiddleston, aren't you?"

            "Yes I am."

            "Oh my gosh! Can I get a picture with you?"

            "Now's really not a good time. Maybe after my girlfriend delivers the babies and all the excitement has died down a bit."

            She looked around the room like she suddenly realized where she was and that there was a woman there about to give birth. Ben looked annoyed, but I could clearly see he was checking her out. She blushed and said, "Oh of course! I'm so sorry, that was a bit rude I guess."

            She quickly rushed from the room and Ben admired her butt with a small smile on his lips. I felt the pangs of jealousy and shot him a dirty look, but he didn't catch it. He then got up to go to the bathroom to change. While he was gone and the room empty, Tom quickly changed too. Soon they were both ready to go and getting impatient. A nurse finally entered and put an IV in my arm. Shortly after she left, the anesthesiologist came to talk to me about the spinal block he was going to do. He was relieved to know I'd had it before so I was familiar with it and wouldn't freak out. Another fifteen minutes passed before they finally came to get me to take me to the operating room. The boys followed behind, but had to wait outside until I'd been numbed and prepped.

            Everything went quickly and smoothly from my injection to the rest of the prepping. The boys were finally brought in and ushered next to me, by my head. Tom sat on the stool next to my arm while Ben stood directly behind him until someone brought in an extra stool. The anesthesiologist had him move to the other side of my arm so he wouldn't be in the way. Tom kept rubbing my arm the whole time trying to reassure me. Through my oxygen mask I told him, "It's OK Tom, I've been through this before. I'm not concerned for me, I'm worried about the babies."

            "You've been through this, but I haven't. I'm nervous enough for both of us."

            The doctor then entered and did his quick pre-surgery check. Two of the nurses then hung up the big cloth drape so we couldn't see what was going on around my abdomen. I heard Tom and Ben chatting a little bit with the anesthesiologist as he watched my monitors and checked my blood pressure reading every five minutes. I could feel the strange, yet familiar tugging sensations around my abdomen as the doctor gained access to my uterus so he could remove the tiny babies. A few more minutes passed until I heard him say, "Here's number one!"

            It was followed quickly by the faint cries of my newborn daughter. I turned to watch Tom's and Ben's reactions. I could see the surprise in their eyes over the white face masks that covered their mouths and noses. Ben watched with rapt attention as they took the first baby girl over to the warming bed to clean her up some, check her over and take all of her measurements. One of the nurses said, "Does Dad want to come over?"

            Ben and Tom looked at each other and Tom gestured with his head. Ben sprang up and went over to the baby. We then heard the doctor announce baby two was out while she softly cried. She was no sooner taken to the other table then Tom jumped up to go to her. It's amazing how quickly dear ol' Mom is forgotten about once the babies are out. I had trouble seeing well because of the equipment in the way, but I soon saw Ben standing there with the baby in his arms and an enormous smile partially hidden by the mask he still wore. I then saw a nurse approach him with a swab in hand, pull down his mask briefly while she swabbed his cheek. She capped it then wrote his name on the label with my identification information. I then saw her approach Tom with a swab and repeat the action. By this point, Tom was holding the other baby in his arms. I then realized nurses were taking pictures for them with their camera phones. I turned away from the whole scene and closed my eyes as the tears I'd been holding back finally began to slide down my cheeks. My heart felt like it was racing and I soon heard alarms going off and shouting around me, before I lost consciousness.


            When I came to, I was in the recovery area. Ben was next to me holding my hand. I made a noise and tried to move the oxygen mask so I could speak and ask what happened. He grabbed my hand to stop me while saying, "Oh no you don't. That needs to stay right there Miss."

            My mouth was dry and with much effort I managed to ask what happened.  

            "Apparently your blood pressure suddenly dropped and you passed out. It scared the crap out of everyone including Tom and I. They put the babies in their bassinets, took them down to the nursery and kicked us out."

            "Where are the girls? Are they OK?"

            "They're tiny and are on oxygen tubes, but their lungs seem to be OK. The doctor just wanted to be sure they were getting enough for right now because they were a little blue tinged when they first came out and they didn't quickly recover."

            A nurse soon came over and removed my oxygen mask to replace it with a nasal cannula. She said I would be taken to my room soon. I thanked her and then asked Ben how long I was out. "It wasn't long Darling. The girls are only about twenty minutes old."

            "So why are you here instead of in the nursery with them?"

            "I felt one of us should stay with you until you woke up and Tom didn't want to do it. I'm sure there's a story there that you're going to have to share with me when you're feeling more up to it. Tom is with the babies in the nursery. The doctor put some kind of major rush order on the paternity testing so we should actually know by tomorrow morning at the absolute latest. Since they were so early he wanted to be prepared for anything that may go wrong."

            "How much did they weigh?"

            "I'm not more than passingly familiar with the American weight system, but the nurse said they were just over three pounds apiece. I'm assuming that has more meaning to you, than me?"

            "It means they are both tiny babies," I replied as tears came to my eyes.

            Before I could ask any more questions, two attendants arrived to take me to my hospital room. I was taken back to the same room I had been in before. Once I was transferred to the bed, they left and Ben sat down next to me in a chair.

            "Now that I'm awake, you should go be with your daughters. I won't be able to go down to see them until the anesthesia wears off at the earliest."

            "Oh that reminds me," he said as he pulled out his iPhone.

            He unlocked the screen as he moved to sit on the bed next to me to show me pictures of the babies. They looked so tiny in his and Tom's arms. There were even photos of them holding both babies in their arms. They looked so happy with those tiny angels in their arms. It broke my heart to think one of them was going to end up broken hearted because they weren't his daughters. For now though, they were both happy. After he finished showing me the pictures, he gave me a kiss on the forehead and went off to the nursery to be with his daughters. Since I was still totally numb from my breasts down to my toes, I had nothing to do so I dozed off.


            I awakened three hours later when a nurse came in to check on me. Since I had regained all feeling in my legs and the rest of my lower body, she removed the urinary catheter and offered to take me down to the nursery in a wheelchair so I could see my babies. I got up from the bed, slowly and walked two steps to carefully sit in the wheelchair that had been covered with a sheet and a thick absorbent pad in case I bled out from the pad I was wearing. She covered my legs with a light blanket, moved my IV bag while temporarily unhooking my morphine machine and then started out of the room. As she wheeled me down to the nursery, she gabbed on about Ben and Tom and how they'd been sitting in the nursery all this time with the babies who were in warming beds as a precaution because they were so early. They had even been allowed to hold the babies and give them their first bottles.

            "Don't worry though Mom. We took lots of pictures for you. I almost wish both of those guys were the fathers. They're both so happy with those little girls," she stated as she stopped outside the doors to open them.

            Another nurse came out to hold the door open so she could maneuver the chair inside of the room. I was greeted by a most unexpected sight: Tom and Ben were both sitting in rocking chairs next to each other, shirtless with a baby laying on their chests. The babies were covered with blankets, but most of the naked upper half of the guys was clearly visible. The three nurses in the room seemed to be enjoying that sight as well. Why wouldn't they be? Tom and Ben were both gorgeous. I looked between the men and the nurses, smirked and said, "Whose brilliant scheme was it to get these two sexy Brits half naked?"

            Tom blushed, but Ben piped up and said, "Actually it was my idea. Since we all assumed the babies would be premature, I did some research on premature babies while I was in England. I read about skin-to-skin contact and all of the wonderful benefits it could provide preemies. It can lower their blood pressure, normalize their breathing and blood sugar levels, as well as be very soothing so that it lowers their stress levels and the corresponding hormones. It doesn't have to be just the mother that does it either; they will benefit as much from their fathers. I'm the one that talked the nurses into doing it. Apparently it's not widely done in the States."

            For once in my life, I didn't have a smartass reply. I was surprised that Ben knew this or that he bothered to research it; it was a very pleasant surprise. I gazed at Tom briefly who just smiled and winked. Ben went on, "You may be the experienced parent here, but I'm not completely ignorant of babies. If there's a chance I could be a Daddy, I want to be a good one. Now are you just going to sit there admiring the view, or are you going to take pictures of this adorable scene?"

            I laughed as I took his phone and snapped a few pictures. I even got a really good one of him leaning over and kissing her tiny head. I then took more pictures with my camera, even though Ben promised to send me all of the ones he took. I wanted so much to hold one of my daughters, but they were both so happy that I kept quiet and let them enjoy it for as long as possible. I'd never seen such looks of contented joy on their faces. It was a beautiful sight to see.

            Our happiness was soon interrupted by my doctor. "I should have known I'd find everyone in here. I have the results of the paternity test and was quite unexpected."

            All three of us froze and stared at him. I felt my heart rate pick up and I wouldn't be surprised if the guys felt the same. The doctor went on while looking at the papers in his hands, "I've never actually seen this in my entire career, though we did discuss it briefly in medical school. It's just so rare that no one really talks about it much. Have any of you heard of heteropaternal superfecundation?"

            We all looked at each other confused. Ben chimed in, "I'm assuming it has something to do with fathering a child?"

            "It's something that can occur when a woman's body releases two eggs at the same time and each one gets fertilized by a different man's sperm. The resulting babies are fraternal twins with different biological fathers."

            Tom looked down at the baby against his chest and said, "You mean we each fathered one of the babies?"

            "Yes, that's exactly what I mean," he looked down at the papers in his hands then said, "Baby A genetic match for Tom Hiddleston."

Tom looked down at the hospital band around his wrist and saw he was in fact tagged for baby A; the one he was holding. The doctor went on, "While baby B is genetic match for Benedict Cumberbatch. Congratulations guys, you each have a daughter."

            The doctor handed them the test result pages before leaving the room. They sat staring alternately between the papers and the babies on their chests. Finally Ben said, "Wow! I didn't expect this outcome."

            "Isn't fraternal twins the one that runs in families?" Tom asked, looking at me.

            "Yes it is. The ability of a woman to produce two ovum at the same time is a genetic trait. I had always heard that my maternal great-grandmother had twins that died shortly after birth, but no one had ever confirmed it as truth. No one else in my family has ever had twins that I know of anyway, so I always assumed it wasn't true."

            "Well apparently it does run in your family, it's just not frequent."

            Ben was quiet the entire time. He was holding his daughter and that fact brought an enormous smile to his face. He leaned over and kissed her tiny head repeatedly as he softly said, "Did you hear that Jocelyn? I really am your Daddy. I get to keep you because you're mine."

            Tom kissed the other baby's head and said, "I guess that makes you my little Morgana."

            Both of them were happy now that they each had a daughter and I wouldn't have to deal with either of them being heartbroken, yet I was the one who felt heartbroken. I had brought them into this world and I had yet to get to hold either one of them. Judging by the happy contentment of both of them, I wasn't going to get to anytime soon. I was fighting not to cry; I guess my hormones were getting out of control again. I turned around to find the nurse who had brought me in and asked to go back to my room. She hesitated and I said, "Please take me back, I'm really starting to hurt. I want to lay down and rest."

            I lost the battle and started to cry. The nurse finally moved to get my chair and push me back to my room. She helped me get settled back in bed and started the morphine pump. I curled up and cried for a while. It was at least fifteen minutes before Tom appeared in my room. He sat next to me on the bed and moved the hair back from my eyes. "What's wrong Darling?" He asked innocently.

            I got mad. "What's wrong? Seriously? They're my daughters too Thomas! You two have been with them since they were born and I didn't even get to hold one of them!"

            "I'm sorry Darling. You should have said you wanted to hold them."

            "Why the hell else would I be down there? I gave birth four hours ago and I went to the nursery without my freaking pain medication. What the hell did you think I was there for?!"

            He tried to comfort me, but I was too angry with him. "GET OUT!! GET OUT OF MY ROOM RIGHT NOW!!"

            He seemed startled by my outburst. "OK Darling, I'm leaving."

            I broke down and cried again after he left. I'd been so stressed out for so long and now with my hormones changing post-partum...I was a total emotional mess. Sometime later, a different nurse came to my room, checked me over and then left to return with a wheel chair all decked out in sheet and thick pad like that other had been. "What on Earth is that for?" I asked.

            "It's for you to go see your babies at the nursery. We can't bring them to you yet and they need their Mommy," she replied.

            "Aren't they a little too small to be able to nurse? My other preemie couldn't do it."

            "Don't worry, we'll bring in the breast pump if you'd like to still provide them with breast milk. That's not what you're needed for; you're needed because they're your babies."

            "Tell it to the baby hogging duo!" I retorted angrily.

            "I did and they're both sorry for it. They are completely enamored with those babies and didn't even realize what they were doing. You're a veteran Mom aren't you? They are clearly first time Dads."

            "I have a son. He lives with his father in Miami because I work a lot and he loves his private school. I didn't have the heart to force him to come out here with me when he's so happy. He just turned ten last month."

            "I thought so. They are both remorseful and want to make it right. Now get into the wheel chair so you can go hold your daughters."

            I carefully got up, moved slowly to the wheel chair and sat down. She unhooked what she needed to and then wheeled me to the nursery. They were both still sitting in the rocking chairs, shirtless, with the babies on their chests. I didn't even want to make eye contact with them because I was so mad. Ben immediately got up and came to me with Jocelyn in his arms. He carefully placed her in mine and I put her up on my chest so she could be comforted by the smell and feel of her Mommy. Ben kneeled down in front of me and said, "I am so sorry Clarice. I never meant to imply that Jocelyn is not your daughter too. She's just as much yours as she is mine. I only get four weeks to spend with her before I have to be gone for nearly three months. My agent contacted me to say the filming schedule has been changed so I'll be going back to England sooner than I had planned. I'm under contract so I can't just say no."

            I just nodded my head in response because I was fighting not to cry again. He stood back up and kissed my forehead. He then asked a nurse if he would still be allowed to hold the baby if he got dressed in his own clothes. She said the doctor hadn't left any special instructions regarding handling the babies, so it was fine. He left to go back to my room where he'd stored his clothes. I held Jocelyn for quite a while; I had to finally give her up because it was time for a blood sample to be taken for some tests. Ben returned by the time both babies had gone through their blood samples so he was free to hold Jocelyn for a while again. Tom gave me Morgana to hold while he went to change his clothes. It wasn't too much longer before I had to go back to my room because I was exhausted. Tom was staying the night in my room since there was a cot for him. Ben took the car keys to go back to the beach house promising to be back by eight the next morning. He was so exhausted he said he'd probably go right to bed as soon as he got there.


            I was released from the hospital after four days, but the twins stayed for three weeks. Ben only got one week with Jocelyn at home before he had to go to England. I allowed him to exclusively take care of her for the whole week. He did a wonderful job and never once complained about being sleep deprived. Tom and I took turns with Morgana while we had the chance. He did more than I did though; he kept insisting I sleep as much as I could because it would be harder when Ben was gone and we had both of them to care for. Besides, I was still recovering too.

            The day finally came that Ben had to go to the airport. He had given Jocelyn her bottle and changed her diaper. He stood in the nursery, hugging her closely to his chest with tears running down his cheeks while he repeatedly kissed her head. "I'm going to miss you so much Princess," he said softly to her.

            I stood in the doorway, fighting the urge to cry too. "Well, look at that, Been-A-Dick really has a heart."

            He rolled his eyes and smirked at me before saying, "I would think you had figured that out by now. As it is though, fuck you!"

            "I've done that already. That's how you ended up a Daddy."

            He let out an exasperated chuckle and said, "You're a real handful, do you know that?"

            I grabbed my own boobs and said, "Two handfuls really!"

            He laughed at that and said, "Oh come here, you naughty girl!"

            I went over to him and he hugged me to him with his right arm. "I'm going to miss you as much as her. Oh, Clarice, how will I ever replace you? You're a unique breed of bitch, you know that?"

            I laughed and said, "You don't have to replace me Ben. I'm yours. I love you and you're the one I want to marry and spend my life with."

            He sighed. "Does Tom know?"

            "I haven't told him yet, but he's not stupid. Ben, when you come back from England, will you marry me?"

            "I thought I was supposed to propose to you."

            "When have I ever been conventional?"

            He laughed. "Good point. Yes, Darling. I still love you and I want to be with you. If you have chosen me, I gladly accept. I just ask that you let Tom down as gently as you can manage. He is a good friend of mine and he's far more fragile than people realise."

            "I won't be mean about it. You should know me better than that."

            He then handed me Jocelyn and said, "Take good care of my princess. I want lots of pictures! FaceTime too!"

            "You know I'll take good care of her. I'll send you a picture every day if you want."

            He kissed her head again, kissed my forehead and then left the room. Tom was driving him to the airport so I soon heard the doors close as they left. I could see the car back out of the driveway from the nursery window. Ben rolled down the car window so he could wave good-bye. I waved from the nursery window and then they were gone.