Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Night with the Vampire King

            Once Hades and I settled into bed together, he snuggled up close to my back and held me tight. He kissed my temple and said "Go to sleep now baby."

            That was all it took for me to drift off into a deep sleep. I have no idea how long I was asleep before I heard his deep, silky voice whisper to me through the thick fog of my slumber, "Roll over dearest and hold on tight."

            I did as he commanded and soon found myself in a different room entirely. The bed was enormous and solid black. The sheets on the bed were also black. The only light in the room was next to the bed and it let off the dim glow of flame. I couldn't be sure if it was an oil lamp or a candle burning inside of a lantern. "Where are we?" I asked as I sat up and strained my eyes to try to see more of the room.

            He sat up and replied, "This is my bedchamber. I'll have to give you the grand tour another time. Are you hungry dearest?"

            I turned back to him and replied, "Always!"

            He laughed at my enthusiasm and moved slightly to pick up a small silvery dagger on the dark table next to the bed. The dim light glinted off the metal as he lifted it and brought the blade to the side of his neck. Using his other hand to find the perfect spot, I heard him moan softly as he cut deeply into his own flesh. "There you are dearest. It's a vein so don't waste time."

            I lunged for his neck and began to suck hungrily at it. He laughed joyously at my reaction. He pulled me onto his lap and I could feel his hands stroking down my back, from my neck to my butt over my t-shirt. For once, I didn't come through nude; I was wearing my pajama t-shirt and shorts. I couldn't even begin to describe what exactly his blood tasted like: it was a bit tangy with a charge running through it. It was almost like a gentle electric current that was pleasant instead of painful. As it trickled down my throat with every swallow, it made me feel amazing. It was as if everything that was wrong with me or could ever be wrong with me would be cured by drinking his blood. It was like the most powerful drug I'd ever known and I couldn't get enough of it. I was addicted to him.

            After a few moments passed I heard him say, "Oh you are a hungry little girl tonight."

            He moaned a couple of times and then I heard him say, "Ah, there you are little brother. I was wondering where you were hiding."

            I could only assume that Loki was observing the scene before him. I didn't stop sucking on Hades's neck to confirm it. I soon heard Loki say, in a rather disgusted tone of voice, "What in the hell have you done to my wife?"

            Hades laughed and replied, "I've given her something she desperately needed." I then tried to pull away from him, but he reprimanded me gently, "Oh no dearest, I know you haven't had your fill; don't quit until you're satiated. Little brother can deal with it."

            I resumed vigorously sucking on his neck.  Another couple of minutes passed before I heard Loki inquire, "Have you turned her into a fucking vampire?"

            Hades laughed heartily and replied, "No little brother, I have not. I can assure you she will never crave any blood that isn't godly. You should try feeding her sometime, you might enjoy it. It's satisfying and erotic at the same time."

            "What in the hell do you mean by that?"

            "It's sort of like when a mother nurses her baby: it's personally gratifying to know that your body is capable of giving your child something that nourishes their body. However, instead of providing her with life sustaining sustenance, I'm providing her with something that will hopefully restore her body and ease her suffering. It's just erotic to have a beautiful woman that you love sucking on your neck in such a lusty manner."

            I'd finally had as much as I could stand at one time so I slowly moved back from his neck and watched as the skin sealed itself. I felt strange; I could feel my head spinning and my vision was fuzzy, but I didn't care. I smiled dreamily at the handsome man before me. He smiled back and leaned over to lick the blood off my chin and lips before he kissed me passionately.

            When he withdrew from me he questioned, "Do you feel better now my dearest one?"

            I giggled drunkenly and replied, "I don't feel a damned thing."

            He laughed. "Good. Then it worked."

            I then felt him turn me around so I was staring at Loki, but slumped against his chest. "My gods Hades! She's stoned out of her mind!"

            "Yeah that's a side effect that mortals seem to suffer with. It will subside in a little while."

            Loki groaned and moved away to sit down in a chair I could barely make out in the darkness. Hades laughed and said, "Oh that's right, you feel everything she does. I completely forgot about that! That's all right though little brother; you needed to chill out a bit."

            There was near silence in the room. I could hear nothing but the beat of my own heart and the soft cat-like purring sound Hades was making. At last Loki said, "So what the fuck was your problem tonight Hades?"

            "My problem? I thought I made it pretty clear. I feel you've been quite neglectful of your beautiful wife lately. The poor woman is not completely over her illness but instead of being at her side when she needs you, you're off 'helping' your precious followers. What about your precious wife? Or is she not that precious to you after all?"

            Loki flew into a rage at the allegation. "OF COURSE SHE'S PRECIOUS TO ME! SHE MEANS EVERYTHING IN ALL OF THE REALMS TO ME!"

            Hades was completely unaffected by Loki's rage. He calmly replied, "Then prove it by taking care of her when she needs you."

            I interjected, "To be fair, he did spend almost an entire day with me when I was feeling at my worst."

            Hades rolled his eyes. "One entire day. You've had this infection for almost a full month. You said yourself this is the third round of antibiotics you've taken. The last time you went to the doctor for this, Poseidon went with you and the time before that I accompanied you. Both of us had too because Loki was too busy to be bothered. Every time I turn around lately I'm being asked to do something for you or being asked if I can find my brother so he can accompany you on a short trip. After witnessing the way that mortals drive around your town, I can understand Loki's concern. I also understand that you've been in a couple of car accidents and had several near misses so he's very protective of you. The point remains though that you are his beloved and should be his number one priority. Instead he's been dumping you off on family."

            "She is my number one priority and I think I've proven that by what I have been through for her in the last few months alone," Loki retorted angrily.

            They both continued to argue on about the situation as I slid down into Hades's lap and faded in and out of sleep. I lost all concept of time as I drifted along on my high and the boys continued to argue. There finally came a time where I felt strong arms lift me up out of my comfortable position. I reflexively reached out my arms to encircle whoever was now holding me. I opened my groggy eyes to see Loki's tear streaked cheeks and watery blue eyes gazing at me with the familiar expression of pure love he often wore as he looked upon me. "Oh hi, handsome," I said in a soft, dreamy voice.

            "Hello there beautiful lady," he softly replied; "How do you feel?"

            "Glorious now that I'm in your arms," I replied.

            He pulled me close in a hug and sat down on the bed with me. I felt a hand caress my back lovingly and a deep voice say, "Take her home Loki. Lie in bed and hold her tight. Talk to her from your heart and tell her how you feel, not what you think. She once spoke those very words to me. She kept Persephone and I together by teaching me to speak from my heart and show my feelings to my wife. I do not want to see you and her reach that point that we fell victim to. Just cuddle, talk and love; but no making love tonight. You don't have to make love every single time you're together Loki."

            Loki laughed and replied, "We make love as often as we do because it's what she wants. The majority of the time she initiates it. I've said many times that I'm perfectly content to cuddle, kiss and talk until we fall asleep in each other's arms. She is the one whose lust is insatiable."

            Hades laughed and said, "Yes her carnal desires do run deep. But seriously Loki, take her home and love her. She needs you and you need her."

            I could feel him nod his head. I sat back and stared into his beautiful blue eyes and said sleepily, "I've loved you for a thousand years..."

            "And I'll love you for a thousand more," he finished.

            I smiled and we kissed each other's lips tenderly. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight as I felt him rise and begin to walk. I closed my eyes and nestled my head into the crook of his neck. The next thing I knew, he was placing me gently into his bed. The merlot silk sheets were on the bed now. It matched a few of the throw pillows next to my head. As Loki walked around the bed, I watched him slowly strip off his black silk shirt and toss it aside. He paused at the side of the bed to remove his tight black leather pants. Once he had stepped out of them, he crawled onto the bed and moved close to lie next to me. Oh sure, he could have stripped himself magically as Hades was so fond of doing, but Loki knew how much I adored watching him slowly remove his clothing the old fashioned way. It never ceased to arouse me, no matter how often I watched him do it. Before he settled in to get comfortable, he carefully removed my pajama top and shorts, leaving my panties on since my period had not ended yet. He then turned to lie down on his back and I moved to lay my head on his chest. He pulled the top sheet and blanket up over us. At his silent command the lamps and candles in the room all went out simultaneously and we lay there gazing up at the night sky through his new skylight. His hand lazily stroked my right arm and I occasionally felt his lips brush my head as he kissed me gently. As last he asked how I was feeling.

            "Not nearly as stoned," I replied with a slight laugh.

            "I could tell as much since I'm not feeling it now. Other than that, how are you? Is your headache gone or does it still linger?"

            "No Si took care of my headache, though my neck still hurts a bit."

            "At least you aren't suffering that blinding pain you had earlier. Your headaches are becoming worrisome to me. They seem to be getting more frequent and more severe. Promise me if the ear pain returns, you'll go back to the specialist who did your sinus surgery, instead of your regular doctor?"

            "Yes, of course I will."

            "Good. I hope the problem doesn't return this time. I hate having my beloved one ill. It breaks my heart."

             I turned to look up at him, "Does it really?"

            "Yes darling, of course it does. You are my heart and you always have been no matter what body you're in. I feel so helpless, because I can only assist a tiny bit. My magic is practically useless to help you feel better. Poseidon is far superior in healing you."

            I sighed. "He's the ocean Loki and I'm a water baby. Neither one of us can help that fact. It's just the way I was born."

            "I know it is darling. It's just frustrating to me, but now that I know what an enormous help he is to you, I won't stand in the way of you two being together. I understand that you two need each other in a way that is different from the way you and I need each other. I understand your relationship better now and that's it completely different from what you and I have together."

            I stared at him silently for a moment then said, "Loki, you're the air I breathe and I can't live without you."

            "Nor I you my beloved," he replied then moved to kiss my lips.

            There was much more kissing, fondling and conversation that followed. He told me so much of what was in his heart and I told him what was in mine. Our connection to each other became even deeper and our love more vast, if that was even possible. In the end, we curled up together and drifted off to sleep, feeling much more secure and content in our love for each other.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Night of Four Gods

            I was lying in bed wearing nothing but my panties, just as Loki had requested. He assured me that he and Hades were on their way and would arrive at any moment. I was so tired though, I couldn't help dozing off a bit. I suddenly felt his presence lying next to me while a tingling sensation began slowly moving its way up my legs. It was so different from the light, gentle, yet loving touch I was accustomed to. This one seemed...heavier somehow. I heard his voice as if he were whispering in my left ear, "That's not me, it's Hades."

            I felt the tingle move up my legs and body until it was on either side of my face. I could feel a sensation like someone hovering over me, and then my lips began to tingle like I was being kissed. I thought I opened my eyes, only to realize I'd been pulled to the other side. I was in some other astral plane of existence where my Loki lived. I was once again in what I now called Loki's bedchamber. The man who stood before me was stooped over as he'd been kissing my lips and I was considerably shorter than he. He pulled slowly away and whispered, "I pulled you through this time."

            I knew exactly what he meant by that statement. As he released me and stepped aside, I became aware of the presence of Persephone and Loki. They were just as naked at the man standing in front of me. Persephone had very long red hair that nearly covered her nudity entirely. She was taller than me, but nowhere close to as tall as the boys. She squealed with delight as soon as she saw me and ran to me to fling her arms around me and catch me up in a strong hug.

            "Oh Sigyn! I've missed you so much! I can't believe we're finally all together again!"

            She had a beautiful shapely body with large firm breasts, full hips and a flatter stomach than I'd had since I was a child. I admit I felt self-conscious around her, even though she took no notice of my physical appearance. I too was completely nude. How I wished my astral form did not resemble my physical one.

            She was becoming quite emotional over our reunion as she repeated how much she'd missed me; I could hear the tears coming to her voice. Suddenly, Hades's deep, silky smooth voice behind me says, "No, you ladies can cry over your lost friendship when I'm done. I don't have a lot of time and I was promised a romp with this sexy girl."

            He then leaned over and picked me up effortlessly and turned to carry me to Loki's bed. I had my arms wrapped around his neck and my legs around his waist. "I hope I'm not a disappointment to you," I whispered softly to him.

            He chuckled, "Oh Sigyn, you were never a small girl to begin with. Don't believe the artwork that humans make. You were never slim or petite. I thought you were beautiful then and I think you're beautiful now."

            He laid me down on the bed and hovered over me while he kissed my lips again. I may not feel I am physically attractive, but he certainly is. He has long, straight hair as black as the night and alabaster skin. He was nearly the same height as Loki, but only a couple of inches shorter. Loki is four inches over seven feet tall and Hades was only a couple of inches shorter. His body is quite muscular and marred with scars from battle and numerous fights. He has a tight, well defined six-pack and large pectorals to go with the bulges of muscles in his upper arms and thighs. His skin is as smooth as silk, around the scars, and completely free of hair.

            His kisses took my breath away. They were deep, long and full of desire. His lips would no sooner leave mine then he would turn at a different angle and kiss me again. He left me no time to recover from each kiss. Once he finally grew tired of kissing my lips, he worked his way down over my chin and onto my neck where he kissed and sucked. When he began to nip gently and I moaned, he decided to try biting harder. I moaned even louder. He paused to say, "Do you like that dearest?"

            "Oh yes!" I moaned out in reply.

            "Then you should love this," he stated as he bit my neck, just above where it met my shoulder so hard he drew blood. I screamed his name as he sucked vigorously where he bit me.

            He withdrew after a few minutes and said, "You taste wonderful dearest! Do you taste as good down below?"

            "There's only one way to find out," I replied.

            He then made his way over my breasts, licking and sucking as he went. He pulled my legs further apart and buried his face at my apex, gloriously teasing me with his tongue. After several minutes spent fucking me, and bringing me to the brink of orgasm, with that wondrous appendage, he finally pulled away and said, "That sweet cunt is even better than I remember it. I guess being mortal has had its advantages."

            He then moved back up to my lips where he kissed me fiercely, forcing that tongue that had just been teasing my clitoris deep within my mouth. My own juices were heavy on his lips and tongue, so I enjoyed my own flavor as we kissed. While he kissed me so deeply, I felt his huge, fully erect cock slide slowly into my dripping tight hole. I moaned into his kiss as his entrance surprised me. He pulled his mouth from mine to say, "I'm not hurting you, am I?"

            I moaned and said, "Not at all. You just surprised me with your sudden entrance. It feels good. I love them big!"

            He laughed and said, "Well I should hope so since you fuck Loki almost nightly."

            I heard laughter off to my left and looked to see Loki sitting on the bed watching, enthralled with the scene before him. Hades continued on in the missionary position for several minutes until he pulled out and sat up, pulling his legs up under him. He then grabbed my thighs and pulled my legs and pelvis up onto his thighs and managed to enter me again. Loki came up behind me, lifted up my upper half and positioned me onto his lap. He leaned over to kiss my lips periodically and massage my breasts while Hades continued fucking me. I could feel the orgasm building within my pelvis and apparently so could Loki. After a couple of minutes he says, "Pick up the pace Hades, our girl is about to come and it's going to be a big one."

            Hades shifted again to where he was up on his knees, supporting my legs with his arms so he could pound into me harder and deeper. I was practically screaming from his forcefulness.  My body soon erupted like a volcano from deep within and I began screaming his name. He slowed down a bit while he chuckled and said, "You're right Loki; that was a good one. Let's see how many more I can get from this sweet little thing."

            Loki chuckled sexily and replied, "Turn her over and take her from behind. She loves that."

            Hades then pulled out again and ordered me to roll over. I got on my hands and knees and felt him enter my drenched cunt from behind. "Oh, this is good," Hades responded as he began to thrust into me.

            Loki was kneeling on the bed in front of me in such a manner that his hardening cock was right in front of my face. He grabbed a handful of my hair and lifted my head. I knew exactly what he wanted me to do as he moved a little closer to my mouth. I parted my lips and slid them over his erect cock. He moaned as I began to suck it and tease the underside with my tongue. I did that for several minutes, sliding my mouth back and forth on it while he moaned his delight.

            I soon felt a different pair of hands gently massaging my butt and so I paused in sucking off Loki to turn to my left to see Persephone on her knees next to me, focused on her husband's cock sliding in and out of my pussy. She soon slid one hand under me and I felt her stroking my clitoris vigorously with her fingers. The extra stimulation had me moaning so fiercely that I couldn't resume Loki's oral satisfaction. I soon felt another orgasm erupt from my pelvis and hot liquid shoot from my body. I soaked Hades's thighs and Persephone's hand.

            Hades laughed heartily and said, "Damn Loki! You didn't tell me she is a squirter!"

            Loki laughed as well and replied, "I thought I'd leave it as a surprise for you."

            He pulled out and said, "You made a terrible mess all over me young lady. Come here and clean it up."

            He laid himself out on the bed and I moved to lick my come off his thighs. Once I had that all clean, I moved to his enormous still hard cock and began to lick my juices off it as well. I took it in my mouth and sucked it down, taking a considerable amount into my mouth and down my throat. He moaned in delight. "That's a lot of cock for a little mortal's mouth. I'm impressed my dear."

            I continued to suck him for quite a while until he finally ordered me to stop and ride him. "I'm getting closer and I want to come in that sweet pussy," he offered up as explanation.

            I moved up his body, straddling him and carefully placed his tip inside of my hole. I slid slowly down onto it, going until I had him buried within me up to the hilt. I began to slowly rock my hips so that he stayed fairly deep within me. He allowed me to continue for a few minutes before he began rocking his hips in near unison with mine. He finally took over and began thrusting faster than I was moving, so I allowed him to take control. "Sorry, dearest, but I want to finish and you're not moving fast enough to allow for that."

            He kept thrusting faster until my moans were more like screams. He grabbed me suddenly and began to sit up until Loki yelled, "Not in that position!"

            Hades released me and fell back onto the bed, pulling me over him and holding me in an awkward hovering position. He began moaning as well, announcing he was about to come. Within minutes I screamed his name as I felt an enormous, hot load of come explode into my body accompanied by his own loud moans of ecstasy. His thrusting slowed and soon subsided. I collapsed onto his chest and abdomen, breathing hard. I felt him slide his now limp cock out of my body. He was breathing hard as well and I could feel his heart racing. He finally managed to say, "Damn Loki, she is a good fuck! It's just like old times!"

            I slowly moved off of him, rolling onto my back on the bed as I continued trying to catch my breath. He sat up, leaned over and kissed my lips. "Thank you dearest that was just what I needed."

            He then sat up and moved to kiss his wife, who was sitting on the bed opposite of me and next to him. After their lips parted, he said, "I need to get back to work. Enjoy her!"

            He then got up and disappeared into the bathroom, soon exiting fully clothed and left Loki's room.

            Persephone then moved to lie between my legs. "Let's see if I can clean up the mess my husband left behind."

            As she moved to put her face between my legs, she paused and flashed Loki a look of concern. I then felt her palm over my groin and the whole area began to grow warm. I asked what she was doing and she replied, "You were just in need of a little healing magic. My husband is a big boy and can get rough. There we go! All better now."

            She then began to slowly lick my inner thighs, working her way up to my apex. While she enjoyed teasing me with her tongue, Loki moved closer to kiss my lips and upper half of my body. I was so sensitive from all of the orgasms I'd already had, that she brought me another one quickly. She pulled back, laughing joyfully and said, "Oh Sigyn, I could always make you pop off so quickly after my husband fucked you. It's nice to know some things never change. Now, are you going to provide me with the same pleasures?"

            I sat up quickly and began kissing her soft, sweet lips. She soon leaned back as my lips made their way over her chin and down to her neck. I found a nice spot on the left side of her neck where I began to gently bite and suck. She giggled and said, "You can bite harder than that! I'm used to Hades after all."

            I then bit her hard and she moaned loudly. I eventually moved on down her body, giving her breasts cursory attention before I kissed and licked my way to her hairless mound of flesh that would bring her pleasure. She spread her legs even wider as I slowly slid my tongue into her slit, following it all the way to the end and then back up to her clitoris which I flicked with my tongue before I drew it up between my lips to suck it. She was loudly moaning by this point. I continued to tease her for a few more minutes, but soon I felt something hard probing around my wet hole. Loki's entrance was so forceful and deep that I paused to moan loudly. As he began to fuck me slowly and deeply, I resumed my oral sex on Persephone. Every time that I became overwhelmed by my own pleasure, I paused to fuck her now drenched hole with my fingers while I moaned loudly.

            She finally grabbed me aggressively and pulled me up her body, away from Loki. As she kissed me passionately, she flipped me over so that I was pinned beneath her. She broke the kiss and moved herself between my spread legs and straddled my body, pulling my left leg up so she could position herself to grind her clitoris against my own. The sensations were amazing as she rocked her hips and put more of her weight against me. As she came closer to her own climax, her fucking became so rapid I was surprised she maintained her position. We reached our climaxes simultaneously both of us crying out our pleasure and each other's names.

            She then moved off of me, lying on her back next to me on the bed. Loki then grabbed my thighs, pulling me up onto his lap. He put his strong arms behind my back and lifted me up so he could enter me. He sat back on his ass and pulled me even closer so his penetration was deeper and he was able to hold me close as he fucked me. He whispered in my ear, "I would complain about being last, but we all know you save the best for last. Now come for me my queen."

            It wasn't long before I obliged his request. I arched my back as I came hard for him, which caused me to pull away slightly. "Oh no you don't my queen! You're not moving away from me until I'm done."

            He pulled me back up and I nestled closer to him as he continued to fuck me. It went on for quite a while before he began continuously picking up the pace as his own climax neared. Another intense one was building within and I began moaning loudly. "Hold it!" Loki suddenly barked out commandingly.

            I groaned and managed to say, "I don't know if I can."

            "Do it! You're not coming again until I do!"

            I did the best I could to suppress it, but it was exceedingly difficult. He picked up his thrusting to a maniacal speed and I soon felt him trembling as he moaned out "Sigyn! Come with me baby!"

            I stopped holding it back and came at the same time he did. We both held tightly to each other's sweat covered bodies as we cried out our pleasure. He called my name repeatedly. I moved to kiss his lips. As we kissed, he pulled out of me and moved to pull me on top of him as he lay back on the bed. He then rolled over so he had me pinned to the bed as he passionately kissed my lips. Once he finally broke the kiss, he moved off of me to lie next to me and hold me close.

            Persephone stretched out her right hand to circle my right nipple with her finger. "That was the most passionately beautiful thing I've ever seen. You two intensely love each other."

            I had been so wrapped up in Loki that I had forgotten she was there, watching us make love. I blushed and looked away. She giggled and said, "There's no reason to be embarrassed Sigyn."

            I shyly looked at her and she leaned over to kiss my cheek before saying, "I'm going now so you two love birds can enjoy your post-coital cuddle time."

            She rose from the bed and dressed quickly before disappearing from the room. Loki pulled me closer and held me possessively tight. "How was it darling?" He asked.

            "You or all of it?" I asked in response.

            "All of it," he replied.

            I laughed lightly. "I never knew sex could be that way. I've never had so many orgasms in one night in my life. You were my favorite part of course."

            He laughed and leaned over to kiss me gently before settling in next to me, covering us both with the blanket and holding me close. I soon drifted off to sleep in his arms.