Saturday, March 7, 2015

In Dreams He Came to Me (A Loki Fanfic)

It is a warm late summer night with a clear sky and bright, full moon. All of the bedroom windows, as well as the French doors to the second floor balcony, are wide open to allow the cool ocean breeze into the room. The only illumination inside came from the brilliance of the full moon. I find its eerie, white-blue glow soothes my troubled soul. The white, gauzy curtains at the French doors are only slightly parted so that they are constantly undulating in the breeze that blows through them.
I approach the doors and push aside the curtain so I can walk out onto the balcony. I walk up to the railing and prop my elbows on the top, leaning slightly on my arms as I gaze out at the breathtaking beauty of the moonlit ocean. I marvel at the way the light dances across the waves and sparkles like a million brilliant diamonds in the vast blackness of the Pacific ocean and the night sky. I inhale deeply of the briny ocean air. I absolutely adore that fragrance and never tire of it. I love living so close to the ocean. This house was the best gift he has given me. He knows of my passionate love of the sea.
"Good evening, Calista," I hear from behind me.
His resonating voice alone is enough to send a shiver down my spine. I slowly turn to my left as I hear his movement coming closer to me on that side. I greet him with my most radiant smile and exclaim, "You have returned to me!"
He responds with a smile of his own and replies, "Of course I have my Darling. You know I cannot stay away from you for long. You are far too precious to me."
I only have to cross a short distance to embrace him. He wraps his strong arms around my waist and pulls me close to his firm, muscular body. He is so tall that the top of my head doesn't even reach the middle of his chest. He is dressed in a merlot colored button down shirt, open at the neck as usual, and tight black leather pants. It is not surprising that he wears my two favorite colors. His wavy shoulder length auburn hair is loose and softly flowing over his chest. I turn to gaze up at him and it tickles my forehead. I love his beautiful sapphire blue eyes that now look at me with intense desire. I know exactly what he came here for and I have every intention of giving it to him. He is not alone in that desire; he is the best lover I have ever had so I enjoy it immensely and give it to him as often as he desires it.
He leans down and kisses my lips tenderly. I stand on tip-toe and put my arms around his neck, curling my fingers up into his hair at the back of his head. His kiss grows in intensity before he finally ends it. He still holds me close as he strokes my back slowly with his right hand. He says, "I love the gown you are wearing. It shows off your luscious figure so well."
I chuckle softly. "You picked it out."
My nightgown was white and made of thin silk that was nearly transparent. It hugs my full breasts and hips snugly.
"Oh I did? Well, I have excellent taste."
"Yes, it was a few weeks ago. I was browsing a lingerie website, you leaned over my shoulder and said, 'I like the white one' so I ended up ordering it. I have to confess, it's the first time I've worn it for you."
"That explains why I do not remember it. You should wear it more often. You look beautiful."
He kisses my lips again. As soon as it ends, he scoops me up in his arms with the greatest of ease and carries me through the gauzy curtains into my bedroom. He places me gently upon my bed then proceeds to slowly unbutton and remove his shirt. He then removes his pants with the same leisurely manner I find so erotic. He wears nothing beneath his pants so he now stands before me in all of his naked glory. I admire his broad shoulders, well formed pectorals and tight abdomen that have only a hint of the proverbial "six-pack." His physique was of the compact muscular style as opposed to the excessive bulk of a body-builder. I admire the way the moonlight glistens on his fair, hairless skin as he climbs onto the bed, on his knees, leans over and begins kissing my lips again.
Eventually his lips wander down onto my collarbone as he grabs the thin straps of my gown and slides them down my arms. I pull them out as he peels the silk off my breasts. His lips then find their way to my left nipple which he encircles repeatedly with his tongue before drawing it up between his lips to suck it gently. He spends several minutes fondling it with his tongue before he slowly kisses and licks his way to the right one where he repeats the same treatment. I begin to softly moan. He grabs my left nipple with his thumb and forefinger, squeezes it and rolls it around between his fingers. I moan louder. Once he tires of fondling my breasts, he kisses his way down to my abdomen, sliding my nightgown down my body as he goes. I manage to wiggle my way out of it and he tosses it aside. He pulls my legs apart and climbs between them, returning to kissing my lower abdomen. His lips trail all along my inner thighs, on both sides before he ventures to slip his tongue between the folds of my flesh at my apex to tickle that little nub that gives me such intense pleasure. He slides his tongue up and down over it, circles it around many times and then draws it up between his lips to suck it hard. I moan the loudest I have since he began. He takes that as encouragement and slides two fingers inside of my dripping wet hole to stroke the top wall with a come-hither motion.
I could feel that delicious tension building in my pelvis as he continues to rub and suck on my clitoris. He can sense when the tension is building so he begins to stroke faster and suck harder. I grip my wine red satin sheets with my hands and arch my back in my pleasure. He pauses in sucking on me to say in his deep, sexy, growling voice, "Come for me, Baby. Come and scream my name."
He returns to sucking my clit and stroking me faster as I come even closer to that sweet precipice that I long to tumble over. I know the sweet ecstasy of the love of a god that awaits me. I pull my legs up and spread my knees further apart and within seconds my body erupts like an explosion from within. My pelvis bucks up into his face as I scream, "LOKI!" repeatedly while I ride out the wave of sheer ecstasy.
He moves up my body quickly and slides his enormous cock into my tight, soaked hole. He begins thrusting slowly, teasing out my pleasure that simply does not want to fade away. He gradually picks up the pace and intensifies my gratification. I try to swallow back my moans as I feel another sizable orgasm building within my pelvis. "Oh no, I want you to say my name. Do not hold back!"
I softly moan out his name like a sigh. He thrusts faster and growls, "That is not what I meant and you know it. Now, say my name!"
"Loki!" I moan out louder.
He raises the upper half of his body up and grabs the metal crossbar of my brass headboard, pushing his hard cock even deeper within me and thrusts so fiercely that I can't help the screams that escape my throat. "Say my name," he growls a third time.
My body once again erupts into a series of intense orgasms and I scream, "OH MY GOD, LOKI!!"
He has an intense orgasm at the same time and I can feel his entire body tremble as he cries out his own satisfaction. He rolls off of me moments later and lies next to me on the bed, heavily panting. I roll onto my side and put my head on his chest. Finally he says, "Yes, I am your god and do not ever forget it."
I giggle and kiss his chest. He strokes my auburn curls slowly. Once my breathing is more normal, I ask, "Loki, why do you have auburn colored hair when you come to me? Everyone else says you have dark hair."
He chuckles softly. "Darling, I look the way you want me to. You like redheads, so that is how I look to you. Everything about my appearance is as you desire it to be."
"I was unaware you could do that."
"I am a god Darling, of course I can. Speaking of things I can do, congratulations on your daughter."
I gasp. "On my what?"
"You are pregnant my love. I just got you pregnant with that daughter you have desired for years now."
"Can you really do that?"
He chuckles again. "I just did."
"I'm not supposed to have more children. The doctor said it isn't safe. Are we going to be all right?"
"Darling, I would not have given you a baby if I did not have a way to protect both of you. Everything will be fine, but this is the last child you will be able to have. She will be healthy and beautiful, just like her Mother."
"Thank you my dearest one. I will raise her well and cherish her always."
"I know you will Darling. You are a wonderful Mother and anyone who says otherwise is a complete imbecile. Now, go on to sleep and rest your troubled mind. I will protect you always and our little angel too."
At his words, I feel myself grow so sleepy that I can't keep my eyes open. I drift off in his loving arms to the sound of his heartbeat.

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