Sunday, June 25, 2017

All in a Dream: San Francisco to Los Angeles (part five) RPF

We slept in since it was my Sunday off. When we finally awoke, we made love then had a leisurely breakfast. We eventually made our way downstairs to the waiting limo that would take to us to a park near the ocean. Tom had made the car arrangements since neither of us knew our way around the city. We spent over three hours walking along the surf and sitting in the sand talking. We discussed our lives and our families. I told him all about my wonderful sons who were with their father while I was on this tour. He asked about my marriage, but I still refused to discuss it; it was still too painful. He wisely chose not to pursue the issue. I also let him know that while we were in Dallas I would be driving down south to attend my niece's high school graduation. He was actually looking forward to meeting some of my family.

            We left when Tom informed me that my arms were looking a bit pink. I laughed and told him that his face was too. Since we skipped lunch, we stopped at a bakery on the way back to the hotel and purchased an assortment of pastries. I ate a cream cheese and apple filled one in limo.

            At the hotel, we watched television, talked more and then took turns showering and getting ready to go out for dinner. He had made reservations for six at a restaurant just a short walk from our hotel. If anyone was going to photograph us together, this would be the perfect time. We had a private dining area, just like when we'd had lunch. I enjoyed spending time talking and laughing with him. No man had ever made me so happy in my life.

            Nearly three hours later, we returned to the hotel, made love yet again and fell asleep entwined together. We would have to get up early to catch our flight to Los Angeles. I was only scheduled to be there Monday and Tuesday; my flight to Phoenix Arizona was Tuesday evening at eight o'clock. I would be in Dallas by Thursday morning and by Friday evening I would be at my sister's house. My niece's graduation was Saturday and I didn't have to be in Houston before Tuesday morning. I was planning to rent a car and drive Monday because it wasn't that far. Tuesday night was a short flight to New Orleans and Thursday morning was a short flight to Orlando. I would be home in time for my youngest son's fourth birthday.

            We made it to the airport without incident and were waiting in the VIP lounge for our flight to be called. "Well Darling, it looks like we're internet stars again," Tom stated before showing me a photo someone sent to him from Instagram.

            It showed the two of us walking hand in hand on the beach in San Francisco. You couldn't clearly see our faces as it was a full body shot. I shrugged. "You can't even see my face. Is that the best they could do?"

            Before Tom could respond we heard the announcement that our flight was now boarding. We collected our things and went to the gate. We stood nonchalantly in line, with him behind me but not touching me or anything. We sat together on the plane of course; Tom reassuringly held my hand as usual. I was grateful it was a short flight. I still hated planes. We were in the limo on our way to the hotel when I got a call from Joanne. She said nothing about the photo, but told me my morning bookstore event was cancelled so I was free until three o'clock and to enjoy my hotel.

            I hung up the phone and turned to Tom, "It looks like we're together until this afternoon. 
Apparently the bookstore I was supposed to be at this morning had an electrical fire last night and the place got pretty messed up. It was too short notice to change venues so they just cancelled it. I'm free until three."

            "Oh, well, I'm sorry their place got messed up, but I'm happy for extra time with you."

            We arrived at the hotel. When we got out I realized it was beachside. That's what Joanne meant by "enjoy your hotel." We checked in and went to our third floor room. It had a beautiful view of the ocean. I wasted no time going out onto the balcony. Tom soon joined me. "So shall we spend the morning on the beach?" He asked.

            I grinned. "Sounds like a wonderful plan to me!"

            I rushed back inside and hurried into my swimsuit. It was a pink, black and white Hawaiian floral print bikini; I wore a hot pink surfer's rash guard shirt over it. I told Tom I had burned my back so bad the summer before I had blistered, so I always wore one of these shirts now. He helped me put on sunscreen too. When we got downstairs, we discovered a beachwear shop in the back of the lobby, so we stopped in and purchased beach towels. The hotel provided lounge chairs for guests.

            We spent the morning having fun in the water. I told him someday I was coming back to the Pacific Ocean to learn to surf. We left at noon so we could have time to shower and eat lunch before I had to leave at two; this bookstore wasn't too far from the hotel.

            This time I had a surprise at the bookstore. Someone had taken a photo of Tom and I on the beach where our faces could clearly be seen and plastered it all over social media. I was getting congratulations and questions about dating Tom from nearly everyone I met. I would simply reply that he was a wonderful man and that was all I had to say on the subject. I was grateful when the two hours were over and I was on my way back to the hotel.

            When I got to our room, Tom kissed me and said, "Looks like the word is out my love."

            He handed me his phone and showed me the picture. It had clearly been taken just before we left when we were walking back to the lounge chairs holding hands. Our faces were clear in this picture. I was surprised none of my friends had sent it to me. I then realized I still had my phone on silent from the flight. I picked it up and looked at it; I had fourteen text messages and four voice mails. I went through all of my messages. Yes everyone had seen the photo; it was all over every social media site on the planet. Joanne was insisting I say something about it. What in the world was I supposed to say? Yes I met Tom Hiddleston on a flight from Atlanta to New York, we talked and he decided to join me and screw my brains out on my book tour. Why was it anyone's freaking business? If I want to bang Tom Hiddleston, then I should be free to do it for as long as he's willing to. If I end up marrying the man, that's our business too.

            "Joanne wants me to say something about it," I stated.

            "My agent feels the same," he replied.

            "Why is it the public's business?"

            "It's not Darling," he replied, then kissed me.

            I sent Joanne a text message that said, "It's not the public's freaking business. I refuse to say a thing on the matter."

            She responded within minutes. "So our official position is that we don't have one?"

            I texted back, "My official position is the general public can kiss my ass and mind their own damned business. I do what I want!"

            She just texted back OK. Tom had been reading it over my shoulder and he burst into laughter at my last text. "I knew there was something about you I loved. It's not just that beautiful body either!"

            I smirked and said, "Shall we get ready for dinner?"

            "Of course we should. I'm starving. No more hiding than my love?"

            "No, not that I really was to begin with; people are going to do what they're going to do and I just really don't care. I get to be with you and that's what matters to me."

            "I rather like that attitude. Let's get ready to go out. Will you wear that black sleeveless dress for me again?"

            "It was the nicest dress I brought. I didn't really anticipate going out much; I don't even know what possessed me to bring it along, but I did on a whim."

            "I'm glad you had that whim."

            I then took the dress and went into the bathroom to wash my face, change and apply some makeup. He changed into a suit while I was in the bathroom. When I emerged, he let out a low whistle of appreciation then took me into his arms. "You look absolutely stunning. That dress shows off all of your curves and your cleavage very nicely. You smell wonderful too; Obsession again?"

            "Of course dear; it's my favorite fragrance."

            He released me from his embrace so I could put on my heeled sandals. We then left our hotel room. On the ride he told me he'd already made reservations at the restaurant we were headed to while I was at the bookstore. He'd been there a few times before when he was in town and assured me I would like it. When we got out of the limo we were greeted by a couple of photographers snapping pictures of us like crazy as we walked to the door. They must not have known who I was because they kept screaming out "Tom, who's your new girlfriend?"

            He ignored them as he took my hand and led me inside. I gave them the most arrogant "eat your heart out" look I could muster. If they were going to plaster my photo everywhere, I might as well make people jealous. This restaurant actually had a VIP section for anyone who could afford it. I recognized a few other celebrities seated at other tables. I casually followed behind Tom to our table as if I did this sort of thing daily and was not at all impressed by the people I was surrounded by. Inside I was practically fangirling like a teenager. I got a few approving stares and smiles from men I walked passed; some liked the view so much they turned to see the other side as I walked past. At least that was how it appeared in my peripheral vision as I refused to turn and look. I also heard the sound of a few of those men getting lightly slapped.

            We were soon seated and browsing the menus. After placing our orders, Tom sat sipping his wine, while I was drinking water.

            "I'm sorry about the paparazzi outside Darling."

            "Why are you apologizing? Did you call them and tell them where you would be dining tonight?"

            "No of course not."

            "Then it isn't your fault and you have nothing to apologize for. I'm sure we'll be old news in a few more days. Some pop music diva is bound to do something incredibly trashy that will get her gobs of attention and everyone will forget all about you."

            "Don't you mean us?"

            "No, I mean you. They didn't even know who I am."

            "Does that bother you?"

            "Why in the world would it bother me? I don't care if people ever connect the dots and put us together. I care more about what you think of me than complete and total strangers."

            "I think you're a wonderful woman and the more I know about you, the more I love you."

            "The feeling is definitely mutual," I replied.

            He then moved on to asking me about my niece and her upcoming high school graduation so we discussed my family until our food arrived and for a good deal of the time we were eating. I loved talking to him. He actually listened to me and asked thoughtful questions. He never once made me feel boring or dumb.

            Once we finished our dinner and walked outside, we were relieved to find the paparazzi had left. We got in the limo and headed back to the hotel. I asked if he was sure he wouldn't rather go out to a club or something.

            "We can if you want to Darling, but I rather like having you all to myself in the evenings. I enjoy the quiet of watching movies and cuddling or having conversations; just the two of us. Then making love and going to bed. I know all of this hopping from one city to the next so quickly must be very tiring for you."

            "Yes, it is rather tiring. I enjoy time alone with you as well. I've never been a fan of noisy clubs to be honest with you. I've never really been a party girl. The theater and opera are loud enough for me. I'd much rather curl up on the sofa and watch movies or have a hot cup of tea and read."

            He silently stared at me for several minutes. I was getting uncomfortable so I finally asked if everything was alright. He replied, "Oh, it is fine Darling. I just think I've met the woman of my dreams."

            We kissed passionately. We then arrived at the hotel and went up to our room. We both changed into pajamas and curled up on the sofa to find a movie to watch. It was the perfect end to a perfect night. I even went so far as to tell him so when the movie was nearly over. "Oh we're not at the perfect end yet Darling," he responded.

            The movie was soon over. "So what is the perfect end then?" I asked innocently.

            He picked me up and carried me over to the bed and made love to me. When it was all over, sometime later, he kissed me tenderly and said, "That was the perfect end my love."

            We kissed again, and then I fell asleep with my head lying on his chest.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

All in a Dream: San Francisco (part four) RPF

         I didn't have to be anywhere until one in the afternoon so we slept until after eight that morning. He awoke first and awakened me with small kisses all over my face. Once I was completely awake he informed me he wanted dessert for breakfast. Apparently that had become his code word for sex. Like most Brits, he generically referred to all sweets as "pudding" so at least I wouldn't get confused about what he wanted. I laid there and allowed him to kiss me all over. Once he worked his way back up to my neck, he whispered in my ear, using his sexy Loki voice, "I want you on your knees."

            I felt a shiver go down my spine. I loved it when he spoke to me that way. I rolled over and rose up on my knees. He got off the bed, moved behind me, and grabbed my thighs, pulling me closer to him and penetrating me at the same time. I moaned loudly while he began pumping rapidly. Our sex was fierce and over in ten minutes. It left him breathless, so he lay down on the bed to catch his breath. I leaned over and kissed him before going to take a shower.

            He showered after me while I ordered our breakfast. It arrived not long after he got out so we ate leisurely while we talked about what to do on my Sunday off in the city. I told him I needed to wash laundry since there was a small laundry room in the hotel. Aside from that, I wanted to go see the Pacific ocean. It was my first time on the west coast and I really wanted to spend some time at the beach while I was here.

            "We can certainly do that Darling. So I guess you have a love of the ocean?"

            "Absolutely! There's no place on Earth I find more relaxing then being by the ocean."

            "We're going to have to find the time to play the game where we learn all those mundane things about each other. So far I've picked up your favorite soda, you don't like wine, and love Wonton Soup."

            I giggled and said, "I also love strawberries, chocolate, Hawaiian Pizza, roses and the color red."

            "Oh well now, I can do something with that information." He kissed me on lips, then went on, "So you have laundry that needs washing?"

            "Yes I do," I replied.

            "If you trust me, I can do it for you while you're at the bookstore so you don't have to waste time on Sunday."

            "If you don't mind, I would appreciate it. It's not like I brought anything white."

            "Hey! I resent that! I do know how to do laundry."

            I laughed and kissed him. We then moved to the sofa where we cuddled and watched television until I had to get ready to go to the bookstore event.

            "Well, Darling, since you'll be missing lunch, how about an early dinner? I'll find someplace that has Hawaiian pizza and have it ready for you."

            "That sounds like a wonderful plan."

            I kissed him and got ready for my event. I admit to a bit of a bounce in my step on the way to the elevator and out of the hotel lobby to the waiting limo. I was happier then I had been in years. This bookstore signing was three hours long, but it just seemed to fly by. There was no mention by anyone of the photo that was still circulating on social media. It seemed no one knew it was me.

            It was nearly five o'clock by the time I got back to the hotel. The Hawaiian pizza was on the table, but Tom was not in the room. I took my shoes off and quickly changed into shorts and a t-shirt. Still no Tom. I shrugged and opened the box to grab a slice. It tasted wonderful. I grabbed my soda and went to sit on the sofa to find something on television. I decided on a home decorating makeover show I loved. I had nearly finished my slice of pizza when the door to the balcony opened. I hadn't even noticed that it was slightly open. Tom entered, kissed my forehead, than grabbed a slice of pizza.

            "I'm sorry Darling. I was on the phone. The reception in here was terrible so I just stepped out on the balcony. I hope you weren't worried."

            "I figured you had to be near since the pizza was on the table and still hot."

            "It was just a boring business call, nothing exciting."

            "Is your agent livid about that photo?" I asked after grabbing a second slice of pizza.

            He froze just as he was about to bite into his pizza. "How did you ever guess?"

            "I'm psychic!"

            He laughed. "Yeah he's pretty annoyed. He wanted to know if we should issue an official statement on it. I told him no. It wasn't anyone's business. If they want to gossip, let them; I'm just not concerned."

            "No one has questioned me about it at all. Only my closest friends recognized me from the side apparently."

            "It'll come out in due time anyway. Someone is bound to take another picture of us at some point where your face will be clearly seen."

            We then finished eating and watched the television show in silence. Afterward, we cuddled together on the sofa watching a movie. I ended up falling asleep with my head nestled on his chest. At some point he moved me to the bed and removed my clothes. I vaguely remembered it, but woke up in the morning in the bed.

            I showered and got ready for another bookstore visit that morning. Tom wasn't awake when I was prepared to leave, so I let him sleep. I had to be downstairs for eight so we could be across town. Even though he knew what time I had to leave, I still left a short note for him and told him to text me if he wanted to meet for lunch. I left it hanging by the TV remote on top of the set, where he would be likely to notice it. I than kissed his forehead and left the room.

            I had just arrived at the bookstore, an hour in a half later, when I received a text from him stating he'd love to meet me for lunch and he would see me at noon outside of the bookstore. Once again the time flew by and still no questions about the photo. I was briefly disappointed when I didn't see Tom waiting by the limo when I exited the bookstore. I quickly got in anyway. He startled me by greeting me with a kiss. "I thought it was best if I wait in here."

            "Probably a good idea, but we're going to be seen together in the restaurant."

            "I called ahead and requested a private dining area. They'll have to catch us entering or exiting."

            "Oh my, is this how our life will be from now on?"

            "Possibly. Hard to say really."

            "On the bright side, I live in a small town where no one gives a shit who think you are. Unless you go to their precious country club, you're nobody. Besides, my house is in a private gated community."

            "We'll definitely have to live there!"

            We arrived at the restaurant and quickly went inside. Neither of us noticed anyone snap our picture. We were taken to a private party room that wasn't be used so we got to enjoy a lunch all alone. We spent the time talking about ourselves and getting to really know each other; something we had yet to do despite all of the wild sex we'd had.

            I was actually sorry to see lunch end as I was enjoying his company. I hoped my afternoon bookstore trip went by as quickly as the morning one did. It was only two hours, but as usual, since I was looking forward to something afterward, two hours seemed more like four. I was eager for the limo ride to be over, but we were stuck in rush hour traffic so it was after six when I got back to the hotel. It even seemed like the elevator to the sixth floor took forever. I tried to restrain myself and walk casually down the hallway to my room. All restraint went out the window when I opened the door and saw him standing in the middle of the room. He had his phone in his hand like he had just finished something. He looked up when I entered and smiled. I threw the door closed and ran to him, leaped into his arms and kissed him passionately.

            When I finally released him, he said, "Not that I'm complaining, but what was that all about?"

            "I'm just happy to see you, that's all."

            "I like it when you're happy," he replied and kissed me again.

            "Do you want room service tonight?" I asked as I went to my suitcase to get something more comfortable to wear.

            "That's fine with me Darling," he replied as he crossed the room to get the menu off the table.

            I changed quickly, then we made our choices and he placed the order. We snuggled on the couch to watch a movie while we waited on our food since it would take an hour. We ended up eating in front the television so we wouldn't miss a minute of the movie, it was that interesting. After dinner and the movie were over, I was surfing through the channels while Tom started kissing and nibbling at my neck. I giggled and asked if it was time for dessert. He took the remote from my hand, turned off the set and said, "Of course it is, Darling."

            We moved to the bed where we made passionate love again. Once it was over, we lay entwined together, both of us dozing off. "Tom?"

            "Yes Darling?" He replied sleepily.

            "I love you."

            "I love you too."

            We both drifted off to sleep after that.

All in a Dream: San Francisco (part 4)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

All in a Dream: Tom Decides to Blow up the Internet (part three) RPF

         Tuesday morning was a repeat of the day before. I awoke at dawn to use the bathroom then made love to Tom. I then showered quickly and left without eating breakfast because I had to leave earlier. This bookstore was even further away from my hotel. Once it was over, he was waiting outside for me again so we could have lunch together.

            I kissed him before getting into the limo. "You're going to spoil me by doing this every day."

            "That was my intention Darling. You deserve to be spoiled."

            I giggled like a school girl and then got into the limo. After lunch at a nearby restaurant, he walked me to the bookstore, just like the day before. He kissed me before we parted and told me he'd have Chinese takeout waiting for me this time. I told him it was a great idea and to order Wonton Soup as it was my favorite. I then went into the bookstore.

            By the time I was finished with the fourth and final bookstore for my New York trip, I was ready to grab some dinner and sleep. We would have to get up early in the morning and skip our love making as the flight was scheduled to leave at eight o'clock. True to his word, Tom had Chinese takeout waiting for me when I got back to the hotel. He had just recently gotten it as it was still quite hot. I grabbed my soup and spoon and went to the sofa. I decided I really wanted to relax and watch a movie while I ate. I found an old favorite of mine to watch while I sipped my hot soup broth directly from the plastic container. Tom sat a cold bottle of soda on the end table next to me as he crossed behind me to sit next to me. I glanced to my side and saw it the type I always drink. "You remembered my soda brand!"

            "Of course I did Darling. You order it at lunch daily; I do pay attention to things like that."

            I leaned over and kissed his cheek then turned my attention back to the movie and my soup. We ate in silence while we watched the movie. After the food was gone and the movie over, I got up to get into bed after throwing away my trash. Tom turned off the other lights in the room, than joined me. He stood next to the bed and slowly stripped until he was completely naked. I watched approvingly. He then crawled into bed next to me and kissed me passionately. Afterward he asked if he could have dessert. I giggled and agreed to it. We made love and fell asleep entwined together afterward.

            Early the next morning, we took turns showering and repacking our suitcases. We then hurried down to the lobby to check out. The limo was waiting at the curb to take us to the airport. We arrived in plenty of time to get through security and wait at the gate for our flight to begin boarding. A couple of fans who missed me at the bookstores came over and sheepishly asked me to autograph their books. It was then they realized the man sitting next to me with the ball cap and dark sunglasses was Tom Hiddleston. They both squealed with delight and asked him to sign their books too. He graciously agreed to and even took photos with them.

            When they left I noticed he was being stared at by a few more girls who had just arrived. They giggled and pointed cautiously, trying not to be too obvious. I'm pretty sure they all snapped pictures of him too. They never ventured over for autographs or selfies so I figured they either weren't brave enough or weren't sure it was really him. Tom ignored them and kept reading a book on his phone.

            Our flight was finally called for boarding. We arose, collected our carry-on bags and joined the others in line. Tom stood behind me and put his arms around me, then leaned over to whisper, "How long has that group of girls behind us been staring at me?"

            I giggled quietly and whispered back, "They arrived less than five minutes after we autographed those books for the other girls."

            "Have they been taking my picture?"

            "I'm pretty sure they have. I've been totally ignored though; they were focused only on you."

            I saw him glance over his shoulder as the girls were right behind us. We could hear their muffled giggles and see they had their noses buried in their phones.

            "I bet they're on some social media site bragging about seeing you in the airport," I said as we advanced further up in the line.

            "Tell me Darling, how comfortable are you with our relationship being public?"

            "It's bound to happen sooner or later. I'm surprised someone hasn't already snapped our picture together."

            "Would you like to blow up the internet Darling?" He asked mischievously.

            I gave him a confused look, but before I could reply he turned me around, pulled me close against his body and kissed me on the lips. I could actually hear the camera phones going off around us.

            We didn't speak until we were seated in first class, waiting for the plane to take off. "Tom, whatever possessed you to do that? You know those girls took our picture and will plaster them all over every social media site on the planet."

            He laughed and said, "Yeah, I know!"

            "I thought you liked to keep your love life private?"

            "I've tried to and I have people speculating that I'm gay. I'm kind of tired of it so I thought this might shut them up. Maybe it'll put an end to the thousand daily tweets from women of all ages asking me to marry them."

            "I do see how that can get annoying. So does this mean I can now look forward to a thousand daily death threats from jealous women who think I stole their man?"

            He stared at me silently for a few minutes before saying. "Oh dear god, Darling I didn't think of that. I am so very sorry."   
            "Well, maybe I won't be recognized. Those girls were not paying any attention to me at all, so clearly they haven't read my book."

            My phone in my pocket started buzzing persistently. I pulled it out to look at it since we still had time before our flight took off. I had half a dozen text messages that apparently all came in at once. I chose to read the one from my friend Kathryn first. It had a photo attached to it and below it her message read: "Is that really you kissing Tom Hiddleston?!"

            I didn't reply right away. I decided to read the other messages first. One was from Joanne, while the rest were from friends. All of them contained copies of the same photo and all were asking if I was kissing Tom. Joanne stated that she wasn't sure if this was good publicity or bad. I turned to Tom and said, "That photo must be everywhere now. I just got six texts all with that picture asking if it was really you I was kissing."

            He laughed and said, "Yeah I know. It's all over Twitter. I just got a ton of messages all asking me who is the lucky woman."

            "Do you plan to answer them?"

            "No, I sure don't! I'd rather leave them wondering for a while. It might be more fun that way; probably safer for you too."

            "What do I tell my friends who have asked?"

            "That is entirely up to you Darling. They are your friends so that's really your decision. I don't care if you confirm it for them or not."

            I thought about it briefly and finally sent out a mass reply to everyone that said, "Yes, I was kissing Tom Hiddleston and I'd appreciate it if y'all keep it quiet."

            Moments later, the replies came flooding back in. The overall consensus was they were happy for me and promised not to tell. I hope they lived up to it. I knew it couldn't be kept quiet forever. That photo was bound to end up on celebrity gossip sites. Someone out there would recognize my profile and point
their finger at me. Oh well, there were worse things in life than the general public knowing I was dating Tom Hiddleston. Is that accurate? Was I dating Tom Hiddleston? I guess going to dinner once and lunch twice counted as dates. It seemed more like I was just having a clandestine sexual affair with him. We'd already done that five times and we'd only met on Sunday. I began to worry that was all he wanted me for; maybe that's all I was to him. I had no hotel reservations for Chicago or Seattle as they were meant to be shorter trips. We wouldn't have the chance to make love again until we were in San Francisco. I guess I would know how he really felt about it when he had to go for the next two days without sex.

            Our plane soon took off. I dozed off leaning against Tom's shoulder not long after and slept nearly the entire flight. This tour was proving to be more tiring than I had expected. He woke me up fifteen minutes before our plane landed.

            I was surprised to be greeted by Joanne upon exiting our gate in the airport. "What in the world did you two do?" She asked instead of saying hello.

            I said nothing as we walked to baggage claim. Tom replied, "It's not Raven's fault. It was my idea. We were being stared at by a group of girls at the airport and I got the crazy idea to give them something to talk about."

            "Ah, well, that was a bit childish, don't you think?"

            "Yes I suppose it was. I'm just tired of people thinking I'm gay because I keep my private life, private."

            "Not anymore Mr. Hiddleston. That photo has appeared on every social media site there is. It's already been picked up by the gossip sites and everyone is wondering who the woman is. No one has figured it out yet."

            "I do apologize for my impulsive behavior."

            "What's done is done. I still don't quite know yet if this is good publicity or bad. I guess it's not good yet because no one knows who the woman is. Should we make an announcement that you two are dating?"

            "I don't see a point in it," Tom replied. "People will probably figure it out. I say we just leave them to speculate."

            "I can imagine people will be snapping pictures like crazy at the bookstore today," I chimed in.

            "That's true Darling. I think it'd be best if I stay in the limo and you go without me. We can try to not say anything on the subject until the book tour is over. That would probably be the best way to handle it."

            I agreed with him and Joanne decided to just go along with our decision. We got our bags from the carousel and walked out to the limo waiting for us. True to his word, Tom stayed in the limo while Joanne and I went into the bookstore when we arrived. I have no idea what Tom did for those three hours, but no one I met that day asked me about the photo. Afterward we went back to the airport and had dinner in the VIP lounge where we waited for our flight to Seattle. We encountered no more fans that day.

            Seattle was uneventful as well. No one I met at the bookstore said a word about the photo. I hadn't received a single message on any social media asking me to confirm whether or not it was me. I don't know if Tom got messages questioning him about it. He didn't reveal it to me and I didn't ask. We dined at the VIP lounge again. We didn't have much of a conversation. I think both of us were very tired and eager to get to San Francisco where we could sleep in a bed instead of on an airplane or lounge sofa.

            Once we finally arrived at our hotel in San Francisco, we did just that. I changed into my pajamas and was asleep within minutes of lying down in the bed. I felt Tom get into the king sized bed next to me; he kissed my cheek, wrapped his arm around me and soon fell asleep as well. I'm glad he didn't even suggest lovemaking as I was so exhausted I doubted even his incredible sex would keep me awake.

All in a Dream: Tom Decides to Blow up the Internet (part 3)

Sunday, June 4, 2017

All in a Dream: The Next Day (part two) RPF

     I awoke at dawn the next morning. I was laying on my right side with Tom up against my body with his left arm draped across my waist. I had to use the bathroom badly so I moved his arm off of me as carefully as I could hoping I wouldn't disturb him. I was in and out of the bathroom quickly and got back into bed as I wanted to snuggle with him a while longer. I would have to get up to shower and ready myself for the bookstore visits soon.

      While I was in the bathroom, he rolled over onto his back so I cuddled up to his right side and put my head on his chest. "Good morning, Sweetheart," he said sleepily as I got comfortable against him.

      "Yes it's a very good morning," I replied with a giggle.

       "Oh so you liked last night's dessert?"

       "Oh yes! It was quite enjoyable."

       "There's plenty more where that came from Darling," he responded while kissing my forehead.

       I giggled again. He made me feel like a teenager in love for the first time. "I don't have the greatest amount of time before I have to get to ready, but we can probably manage."

       I sat up and we started kissing again. Once I finally pulled back from his lips he said, "I didn't necessarily mean right now Darling. I'd rather do it when we have plenty of time and don't have to rush things. We can definitely do it again tonight though. You did say two days in New York until Chicago right?"

      "Yes, Monday and Tuesday in New York and then I have an eight o'clock flight to Chicago on Wednesday morning. I will make an appearance at three o'clock for a couple of hours then it's a flight to Seattle at nine at night. I only do one in Seattle as well around two I think. Friday morning it's on to San Francisco where I actually get to spend the weekend before it's off to Los Angeles on Monday morning for two days."

      "Wow! That's really crazy. I don't suppose you could leave me a copy of your itinerary? That way I'll know what flights I need to be on. I'll call my publicist in about an hour so he can get right on it. Hopefully it won't be too much trouble to get on your flights at such short notice. I can't imagine Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco being big summer tourist destinations."

        I was puzzled. "Whatever do you mean?"

       He laughed. "I mean I'm going with you. I sort of thought it was obvious."

      "Why on Earth would you do that?"

      "I want to be with you, of course. I don't think you should travel alone either; too many crazy people in this world."

       I had no idea how to respond. I was completely dumbfounded by the very notion that he intended to remain with me. Had I really made that much of an impression on him?

     "Darling, are you alright?" He asked as I hadn't responded for several minutes.

       I sat up again and kissed him more. At last I said, "I was just surprised, that's all."

      "I suppose you have a reason to. I feel something for you. I really think I'm falling in love with you and I intend to stay around until I know for certain."

       My only reply was more kisses on his lips before moving onto his face and neck; that beautiful, long sensuous neck of his. I had fantasized about kissing and tracing it with my tongue more than once in the last few years. Now here we were, both lying naked in bed together and he was allowing me to do whatever I wanted to him. He arched his neck back while my tongue trailed across the front, over his Adam's apple and down onto his collarbone. I could hear him moaning softly. I didn't stop there. I kept kissing and licking my way slowly down the front of his body. I veered off from my straight path to trace my tongue over each nipple before continuing on his pelvis. I stopped to yank the blanket off of him. He was growing hard. I traced my tongue up the front of it to the tip then back down the other side before going back up and taking the whole thing into my mouth. I went down on it as far as I could without gagging which was nearly to the hilt. He moaned and said, "I guess you don't have a gag reflex. That feels amazing."

      I brought my mouth slowly back to tip where I paused to say, "I'm just really good at avoiding it."

      I then went back to swirling my tongue around it and sliding it all the way in before slowly withdrawing with a sucking motion. I kept it up for quite some, with him moaning softly the entire time. I gradually increased the pace until he finally said, "If you keep that up I'm going to make a mess all over you."

      I withdrew my mouth entirely and replied, "I don't mind."

      He grabbed my head to keep me from going back down on him and said, "I'd rather make a mess inside of you. I don't want you being left unpleased."

      I slowly crawled up his body, rubbing myself along the tip of his hard conda until it was between my slit. I rubbed my clit against him teasingly.

     "I haven't even touched you and you're soaked, Darling."

      I then moved forward a bit more, sat up slightly and settled myself onto him and began riding him. He didn't allow me to be in control for long before he sat up slightly, grabbed me to pull me closer and him deeper and began to really pound into me fiercely. It wasn't long until we came together. We were both moaning loudly as it was quite intense. He released me then and fell back onto the bed. I moved off of him and sat on the bed next to him. I leaned over and kissed him gently. "I guess we had time after all."

      I then went into the bathroom to shower while he laid there trying to catch his breath. Ten minutes into my shower I heard him calling to me. I stuck my head around the curtain to respond. He was standing in the doorway wearing his black jeans again. "What do you want for breakfast Darling? I was just going to call room service and order it."

     "I hardly ever eat breakfast. Just something like toasted bagels or croissants is fine with coffee, of course."

      "Are you sure that's all you want? You won't get a chance to grab anything else until after the signing. You'll have time for lunch right?"

            "I'm sure; eating this early in the morning upsets my stomach. Yes I'll have a couple of hours to get a quick lunch."

            "Good. I'll meet you for lunch then."

            He then left the bathroom and I finished showering. When I exited the bathroom, in my black lace bra and black satin thong, he was sitting on the bed. He hadn't bothered to put his shirt on. I could feel his eyes on me as I got dressed. I put on black jeans and a red form fitting button down short sleeved blouse. I sat on the edge of the bed to put on the black heeled sandals I wore the night before. When I finished I asked him how I looked.

            "You are beautiful Darling; absolutely beautiful. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of waking up to you."

            I could feel myself blush as I thanked him for his compliment. I leaned over to kiss him just as there was a knock at the door. I went to it and received our breakfast.  "I hope you don't mind Darling, but I ordered you some fresh fruit too. I don't want you hungry and grouchy in the middle of signing books. I think you underestimate how tiring these things can actually be."

            "I know you're more experienced at these things, but I was just fine in Atlanta. I don't want to be sitting there feeling sick to my stomach either."

            I sat down at the table and ate my croissant and the berries and honeydew melon from the fruit bowl; I left the cantaloupe. He was eating eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast with coffee. Before I finished my coffee I went over to my back pack and removed my medicine pack. I sat back down, quickly lined up my pills on my empty plate, than grabbed them up to swallow them down in one handful.

            He watched this whole routine before asking, "What are all those for?"

            "I have allergies, anemia, and chronic pain with inflammation."

            "Chronic pain? What happened to you?"

            "I injured my back in a car accident when I was a teenager and sometimes the injured area still swells up and causes sciatic nerve pain in my left leg. Since I'm going to be sitting a lot I decided to hedge my bets and take something now before it has a chance to really hurt."

            "I'm so sorry Darling. That must be awful to live with."

            "No need for you to apologize. You weren't driving the car."

            I then rushed off to the bathroom to brush my teeth and put on some makeup. When I exited ten minutes later, Tom held my phone out to me and told me I had a voice mail.

            I checked it quick. It was my tour agent, Joanne, wishing me a good morning and reminding me the limo would be picking me up at half past eight since the bookstore wasn't near the hotel. I looked at the time on my phone as soon I hung up and realized I had less than ten minutes to be downstairs. I hastily got my back pack together and threw it over my shoulder while I stuffed my phone in my front pocket. I kissed Tom quickly and he wished me good luck.

            I was in the limo on my way to the bookstore when I received a text from Tom telling me I had forgotten about leaving him my itinerary. I grinned because it meant he found my phone number in his book. I went through my email on my phone, found it and sent him a copy. A few minutes later, he texted back saying he'd gotten it and would be making his travel arrangements.

            My two hours at the bookstore seemed to go by quickly. I enjoyed autographing books and posing for pictures. I absolutely could not stop smiling all morning. Knowing Tom was at my hotel room and would be meeting me for lunch was a delightful secret. My agent noticed and commented on how much happier I seemed, which was different from Atlanta, while we walked to the front of the store to exit.

            "I'm not as nervous this time, for one. For the other...well...let's just say I met someone who put this smile on my face."

            "Oh, a man I assume?" Joanne replied.

            "Yes indeed!"

            She smiled too, but cautioned, "Do be careful Raven. I hope he's not an author groupie."

            "Do we really even have those?"

            "There are crazy fans in everything these days."

            "He has read my book, but I don't think he's the crazy fan type. He has a few of them though," I replied with a chuckle.

            We were now outside. The limo was waiting for me at the curb. Tom was standing nonchalantly next to it with his sunglasses on. He was wearing jeans and a tight white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up; I loved that shirt.

            "Hello, Darling! Are you ready for lunch?" He greeted me.

            Joanne turned to me and said quietly, "Is that really who I think it is?"

            "If you think it is Tom Hiddleston, then you're correct," I whispered back.

            I went up to him and kissed him quickly on the lips. "I'm starving! Let's go eat."

            He moved away from the car to open the door for me. I told Joanne I'd see her at the next bookstore as I got into the limo. She gave me a thumbs-up with an expression of approval mixed with a bit of jealousy. Tom had apparently already given instructions to the limo driver as we ended up at a restaurant a couple of blocks away from the next bookstore I was to be at.

            While we ate, he informed me that all of his travel arrangements were made and he would be continuing on my tour as my companion. Since I didn't have the greatest amount of time, we ate quickly without much conversation.  He escorted me down the street to the bookstore; he refused to allow me to walk alone. He kissed me quickly and said he was going back to the hotel and would see me there when I was finished for the day.

            The time at the bookstore passed just as quickly as the one in the morning. It seemed like no time at all until I was on my way to the next location. This one wasn't much different from the other two; smile for the cameras, sign my name in some books, thank everyone for supporting my efforts. I was back in the limo on my way back to the hotel before I knew it. It was nearly eight o'clock and I was hungry. I didn't feel like going out to dinner tonight. I hoped Tom would be alright with room service.

            When I got to my hotel room, I found Tom sprawled out on the sofa deep in conversation with someone on his cell. I put my bag down, grabbed my pajamas from my suitcase, and went straight to the bathroom. By the time I came out, Tom was off of his phone.

            "Hello Darling!" He greeted me happily.

            I went to him and allowed him to take me into his arms and kiss me passionately. When he finished, he said, "Judging by the pajamas, we're not going out to dinner tonight, are we?"

            "I'm very tired Tom. Could we just order room service?"

            "Of course we can Darling."

            He went to get the menu off the table and returned to sit next to me so we could study it together. We made our choices and he called the service to place our order.

            "It's going to be about forty-five minutes, Darling. Is that ok?" He asked me before accepting that time from the person he was speaking to.

            "It'll have to be. I'm too tired to go out."

            "I could always go grab some takeout," he offered.

            "No, it's fine."

            He confirmed the order with room service and then hung up the phone. He returned to the sofa and turned on the television. I snuggled up to him and put my head on his chest while he found a movie to watch. I began to doze off and lost all track of time. I was awakened by the loud knock at the door. Tom got up to accept our room service. He brought the cart to the table and set out our dinner like he had this morning with breakfast. I sat down, uncovered my chicken Alfredo and began eating. I was famished.

            He watched me for a few minutes with a smile on his face before he began to eat. I finished long before he did. "Well, I guess you weren't lying when you said you were very hungry," he said with a chuckle.

            "Yes I was. I feel much better now. Incidentally, am I on the dessert menu again tonight?"

            He gave me an enormous grin that lit up his entire face. "As long as you aren't too tired Darling."

            "Oh, no, not at all; it's amazing how much eating can revive a person."

            He continued eating. We were sitting across from each other at the small table. He was just the right distance away from me that I could put my feet up into his lap. I sat there innocently at first, acting as if I just wanted to rest my tired feet. After a couple of minutes, I found the bulge in his pants with the toes on my left foot. I began to slowly stroke him. He spread his legs even further apart.

            He put his fork down and said, "Apparently dinner is over."

            "Very astute observation Mr. Hiddleston," I replied in as sultry of a voice as I could muster.

            I continued to stroke him with my toes. He leaned back and began to moan softly. Finally I stopped, crossed over to him, and pulled him up out of his chair. He immediately crushed his lips down on mine; without even taking his lips from mine, he managed to pick me up and carry me to the bed. When he finally pulled back I said, "Impressive move Mr. Hiddleston. I know I'm not a lightweight."

            He gave me a low sexy chuckle, before replying, "I'm a lot stronger than people give me credit for."

            He stripped off all of his clothes before climbing onto the bed and onto me. He straddled me and kissed my lips again. He then removed my top and kissed down to my breasts where he spent several minutes kissing, licking, and suckling on each before slowing making his way down my abdomen to the waist of my pajama pants. I lifted my pelvis while he grabbed them and pulled them and my panties off in one swift motion, throwing both across the room. I spread my legs wide and he buried his face between them. He licked, nibbled and sucked on my clit and all of the surrounding flesh. He snaked his tongue inside of me repeatedly causing me to moan loudly. I was getting close to orgasm when he suddenly paused long enough to say, "Don't hold back Darling. Scream if you feel the urge."

            He went back to pleasuring me, soon bringing me to an intense orgasm. I moaned so loudly it was practically a scream. Before the pleasurable spasms in my pelvis ended he moved swiftly up my body and into me, thrusting forcefully and rapidly. His sex was so intense that I never really ceased having orgasms and was loudly moaning the entire time.

            When he finally got closer to his own climax he began begging me to scream his name. "I don't want everyone to hear me," I managed to say between my moans.

            "I want them to Darling. I want everyone to know what we're doing in here and who is pleasuring you so much."

            He pumped it for several more minutes before saying to me in his low, growling, Loki-like voice, "Scream my name Baby!"

            I finally reached a very intense orgasm and obeyed by screaming "TOM!" He unloaded into me at the same time while groaning quite loudly himself.

            He was trembling when he rolled off of me and onto his back on the king-sized bed. He laid there panting from his efforts. I just lay there, breathing heavily as well. Eventually, he moved to put on his robe so he could move the dishes onto the room service cart and leave it outside of the door. While he did that, I got under the blankets, not caring at all that I was completely nude. He then turned off the lights, removed his robe, and climbed into bed next me. I was lying on my left side, facing the wall. He kissed my cheek, wished me a goodnight and then snuggled up next to me wrapping his arm around me. We were both sound asleep within minutes.