Sunday, May 28, 2017

All in a Dream: The Introduction (part one) RPF

***Please note this is a Real Person Fan Fiction and the only similarities between this and the real person is name and physical description. The situation is entirely fictional as are the personalities.***

    I'm sitting in first class, on an airplane bound for New York City from Atlanta Georgia. I absolutely hate flying. I'm claustrophobic and get real uncomfortable in this space for more than a couple of hours. I did alright flying from Orlando to Atlanta, but all the way to New York is a longer flight. I can't believe I agreed to this stupid book tour. What in the world was I thinking? I waited years and worked so hard to finally get to this point in my life. I would just have to suck it up and deal with it. I had an emergency supply of Valium if it should become necessary.

    I was finally a published and successful author. Granted, I wasn't big time like Stephen King or Mary Higgins Clark, but I had succeeded. Who knew there was a market for writing fan fiction? It had all started with a short story called For the Love of Loki about that character from the Marvel comics and movies. I confess I was inspired more by the movies then the comics. I expanded on it and went back to include the main character's life who grew up with Loki and Thor as her big brothers. I wrote enough to turn it into a novel. I knew the short story was popular on my blog. I got over a hundred hits a day and rave reviews. Fans started asking about Rhiannon's life when she was young so I decided to go back and tell that story. Rather than publish it on my blog for everyone to read free of charge, I decided to put the whole thing together as a manuscript and attempt to market it. I was shocked when a small independent publisher picked it up and paid me for it. I was even more shocked when it started selling like crazy. I did nothing more than casually post the links to the page on social media daily and my sales took off. The company decided I was to go to bookstores around the country to promote it and sign copies for fans. I was so overwhelmed by my sudden, unexpected success that I agreed to it without fully thinking it over. Once my itinerary was set and emailed to me, I realized I would have to get over my fear of flying.

    There I sat on the airplane with other passengers still boarding. I sat next to the window while the seat beside me was still empty. I sat staring nervously at my new iPhone, trying to remember what I was going to do, a copy of my own book resting on my lap. I had just turned to the window when someone sat down in the seat next to me. A man's voice, with a distinctly British accent greeted me. I didn't turn from the window as I replied with a short "Hello."

    Oh great. It would have to be a man. Here's to getting flirted with the entire flight. I sat holding my phone in my right hand; my backpack was sitting between my feet with a strap wrapped around my right leg. I refused to put it in an overhead bin.

    "I see you enjoy reading," he stated in an attempt to start a conversation with me.

    "Actually I wrote it. Have you had the chance to read it yourself?" I replied finally turning away from the window to see my seat mate.

     I met the most beautiful blue-green eyes I've ever seen. It suddenly registered in my brain that I had known that British accent. I let out a little startled gasp then said, "Oh great halls of Valhalla, I'm in trouble aren't I?"

     He laughed and said, "Whatever do you mean?"

     I held up the book. It was titled "Immortal Legacy: Loki's Bride" and had a beautiful drawing of the character that had been done by one of the fans of my short story. I then turned it around so he could see my photo on the back of the dust jacket. His face lit up. "It's you! Oh my God, I'm sitting next to Raven Lancaster!"

     I was perplexed. "You're not mad that I kind of exploited your character?"

    "Mad? No Darling, of course not!" He dug into his carry-on bag and pulled out another copy of my book. "I'm almost finished with it. You, miss, are freaking ingenious!"

     I blushed deeply while he went on. "There was no back story for Loki before you came along and wrote one. I love the way you've incorporated mythology into his story. You show the side of Loki that I want people to understand exists."

     "Did you read the dedication in the front?"

     "No, I have to confess that I haven't. I got it just yesterday and started reading this morning, but I'm nearly finished."

      "You should," I replied.

       Tom opened his book at the cover and carefully turned the pages until he reached the dedications. He then read aloud, "I dedicate this, my first novel, to my Mother who always believed in me no matter what. Also to Thomas Hiddleston who gave Loki a heart and created one of the best and most complex, thus most human, characters I have ever seen in a movie. Usually such complexity only exists in novels. Thank you Tom, for giving me inspiration to expand on Loki's heart. May I do him justice in my humble little story."

       He turned to me, "That is the sweetest thing I've ever read."

       I mumbled thank you, while I turned back to the window. "You should really finish it and see if you still think I'm so great."

       "Well, Ok, I only have about a chapter to go; Rhiannon's about to give birth. When I finish we're going to discuss it though; I have questions that need answers."

        I laughed and agreed. It wasn't much longer until our plane took off. I was gripping the arms of my seat with my hands so tightly that my knuckles were white. I felt his hand close over my left one. "Are you alright, Darling?"

       "I get a bit nervous."

       "Afraid of heights or just flying?"

       "Worse. I'm claustrophobic."

       "Oh...ouch. Well, here Darling, hold my hand while I finish this and then we'll talk all the way to New York and you'll forget all about where you are."

        I let go of the arm of the seat and took his hand. I tried not to grip it tightly. "It's alright Darling, hold on tight if you need to. I won't break."

        I took some deep breaths, closed my eyes and tried to relax. Several minutes passed before I heard a slight sniffle next to me. I dug out the tissue pack in my right pocket and handed it to him with a smirk. He took it and removed one before handing it back.

       "Thank you Darling; how did you know I'd end up needing one?"

       "The only complaint that I get is the end is so freaking sad."

       "Well it is! I'm sitting here all teary over your book. Ugh! Why did you do that to our poor Loki?"

       "It's supposed to take place just before the events of the first movie, so it kind of explains some of the mental state he was in."

       "Oh well, yes, indeed it does. His wife and daughter dies. That would definitely be enough to mess with my head if I experienced it. At that point he doesn't know he's a Jotun though."

       "Yes I know. He doesn't understand why Rhiannon died. He thinks she was just too young and fragile, but they were very incompatible genetically because she was way too tiny to give birth to the child of a frost giant. I don't give the information in the book, but it's implied that Tatiana was much larger than a human newborn baby would be at full term and she was premature. She was roughly the size of an average three month old human baby."

       "Oh, wow! Well I guess that would have been difficult for Rhiannon. I have to know though, did Loki really cast a spell on her or something to make her love him?"

       I grinned mischievously, "That, sir, I'll never tell!"

      He laughed. We were both silent for a few minutes. I turned back toward the windows, looking out at the clouds. I soon felt his hot breath on my neck as he whispered in my ear, "Come now darling, you can tell me the truth, I won't tell anyone."

      I damned near had an orgasm from his whispering in my ear and his hot breath on my neck. I couldn't help the small moan that escaped my lips. I'd been severely sexually attracted to this man for four years and now, not only had I met him, but he was whispering in my ear. I turned toward him slowly. He hadn't pulled back and was still close to me. I had to fight the urge to kiss him.

      I quietly replied, "No he didn't make her love him, he made her forget that she loved Thor as well. She was desperate to escape, she loved them both, but Thor came to her first."

     "Oh, well, that isn't as bad I guess," he said softly.

     "He loved her desperately and all he wanted was for her to see that she felt the same. When he kissed her forehead in the hallway, he simply drove down the desperation she was feeling and awakened her growing desires fully and let her know what sexual desire felt like. She loved Thor like a brother, but was willing to marry him just because she wanted to go back to the life she knew instead of being a servant. The loneliness was the hardest part for her. She had no friends and no one cared what happened to her anymore. Loki awakened her and she realized she really wanted him. He wasn't lying to her when he said he fell in love with her when she was a little girl."

      Tom was silent but didn't move away from me. I realized he was holding my hand again. It was resting in his lap. I didn't have the nerve to move to say anything else. He simply stared into my eyes. At last he said, "You have beautiful eyes. They're blue, green and brown all together. I swear it looks like there are yellow streaks in there too. That's so odd."

      "It's real, you aren't imagining it. I do have yellow streaks in my eyes."

      "There's something you don't see every day. Most people just have one eye color but you have four. I've never seen anything so beautiful."

      I blushed, but replied, "If my eyes are beautiful it is because they are reflecting you."

      He laughed softly then leaned over to kiss my lips gently. My heart rate suddenly spiked and I felt a bit dizzy, but my whole body felt like it was on fire. He finally withdrew slowly and sat back. He still clutched my left hand in his right which was still resting in his lap. Neither of us spoke for several minutes. I stared at my book in my lap, running my right forefinger over the slightly raised letters of the title.

      He sat and watched my fingers moving over the book. Finally he broke the silence, "Would you mind autographing my copy of your book? I am sitting next to the author and it would be a shame if I didn't at least ask."

      I took the book he offered and pulled my pen out of my shirt pocket. I had autographed a couple of books for fans while I waited in the terminal so my pen was handy. I opened it to the dedication page and wrote, "My dearest Tom, there are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation for you as an actor and human being. Thank you falls short, but it is all I have. Much love, Raven" I then hesitated briefly before scribbling my cell phone number under my name.

      He didn't open it to read it when I handed it back. He simply placed it in his lap. I then picked up my book and handed it to him with the pen, "I'd be crazy if I didn't ask..."

      He laughed and took it from me. He opened it to the dedication page too where he wrote his message. He handed it back and I simply placed it in my lap. He took my left hand back into his and placed it on his thigh. We spent the rest of the flight discussing Shakespeare and England. He was impressed with my knowledge of the Bard and asked if it was because of him.

      I pretended to be offended, "Of course not! My Mom raised me properly!"

     He laughed and I went on. "I read the Sonnets when I was only 10. When I was thirteen, our school library had this book that told the stories of many of the more famous Shakespeare plays in a format that gave a lot of the same details, but was not written as a play. Then in high school we read Romeo and Juliet in my language arts class and that was a nightmare. I wanted to smack the girl reading for Juliet."

     He laughed, "What on earth for, Darling?"

    "Oh mighty Norse gods! Have you ever heard 14 year old kids who aren't in drama read aloud?"

    "No, not really. Was it that bad?"

    "Darling, bad isn't a strong enough word! I finally got tired of her butchering it and yelled out, 'For the love of the Bard, you're supposed to be in love with the boy! Could you at least fake it? I'm sure your future husband would appreciate you mastering that skill!'"

    He laughed harder, "Oh, you didn't say such a thing!"

     "Yes sir, I did! I got detention for it too! Seriously though, it was terrible. By college we went over Othello in class and I did most of the reading because we were discussing soliloquies so I read for Iago. I don't mean to brag but I'm quite good at reading aloud so I did it often after the Romeo and Juliet incident."

    "The Romeo and Juliet incident. That's pretty funny!"

    "I actually grew up on a lot of English literature; especially children's stories. I remember Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Narnia stories, The Wind in the Willows...I'm sure I'm leaving some out. Not to mention my Mom loved The Rolling Stones and Queen."

    "That's not exactly typical of Americans; at least not the ones I've met. Was your mother just a fan of English Lit herself?"

     I shrugged. "I guess so. I think she was trying to connect me to my heritage in some way as well."

    "Heritage? Your family is English?"

    "Yes, some of them. The Kidwells came from Wales though; the rest emigrated from England. I think some of them got to England via Scotland though. Half of my Dad's family came from Ireland."

    "Oh, that's interesting. When and why did they come to America?"

    "The Kidwells refused to swear allegiance to the King and Church of England so they ended up being imprisoned and sent to the West Indies as indentured servants after having all of their land seized. They either worked off their ten years or escaped, but they sought refuge in Maryland. The rest of them were like military leaders and Lords or Dukes...something like that and they were sent here to be rulers and peace keepers. My family has been here for a very long time."

    "Clearly. What about your father's family?"

    "All I know is they came from Ireland and our family name was changed at Ellis Island. I don't know where in Ireland, just Ireland. The other half of his family is Cherokee."

    "Oh well that would explain your darker complexion and dark brown hair."

    "Darling, I live in Florida and my hair color comes from a bottle; much like my personality a good deal of the time."

     He absolutely roared with laughter. Some people around us stared strangely. At that point it was announced we would be landing soon. We both moved to put away our books and buckle our seat belts. He took my left hand in his again and placed it back in his lap, closer to his groin this time.

     Our plane soon landed and we left. We walked through the terminal to baggage claim hand in hand. He found his suitcase first. My red monstrosity finally came up. It had a huge Loki sticker in the middle of it. He chuckled when I picked it up. I sat it down next to me and grabbed the extending handle so I could pull it by its wheels. We then moved away from the baggage claim. He took my left hand again and I followed him toward the exit.

    "I take it you're not going on to London then?" I asked.

    "No, I have nothing to rush off for. I think I'll stay here with you a while. Incidentally, where are you staying?"

    "The Waldorf, I think."

     We walked outside and there was a chauffeur standing next to a long black limo holding a sign with my name on it. I approached him and identified myself. He greeted me and welcomed me to New York City. Tom and I both got into the back of the limo and rode to the hotel in silence. The driver had instructions on where I was staying so he never had to ask me questions. Tom sat on my right this time so he held my right hand in his lap, close to his groin. We arrived at the hotel and while we exited the car, the driver was already getting our bags out of the trunk. We each got our own bag and went into the lobby of the hotel. I went right up to the desk and told the clerk that I had a reservation and gave her my name. She quickly found the information in the database and checked me in quickly, giving me two plastic key cards. After I finished, Tom inquired if either room next to mine was available.

    "I'm sorry sir, they are both booked. However, the room directly across the hall is available."

    "That will be fine," Tom replied and then finished checking in.

    We then found our way to the elevators. Tom led the way since he had stayed there before. We rode the elevator to the fifth floor and followed the signs to our rooms. We stopped outside of my door. He kissed me quickly on the lips and said, "Get ready Darling, I'm taking you to dinner. You don't have to be anywhere tonight, right?"

   "No, I have to be at a bookstore for ten in the morning and then a second one around two, while the third is at five. It's pretty much the same the next day but different stores of course; then I leave on Wednesday morning for Chicago."

   "Oh, wonderful, I haven't been to Chicago in years. Go get ready, Darling, I'm hungry." He kissed me again.

     Before he moved away from me, he stuck his hand down in the pocket of my jeans where I had put both key cards and removed them. He placed one in my hand and took the other one. "This way I can just let myself in when I'm done."

     I stood outside my door and watched him open his door. He went inside and before closing the door, he blew me a kiss and gestured for me to go in. I turned around and let myself in my room. I turned on the first light I saw and put my suitcase on the bed. I stood there for a minute wondering what in the world had just happened to me. Was I actually about to have dinner with Tom Hiddleston? Did he just kiss me and take my key card? I shook myself out of these thoughts and opened my bag. My simple but nice black sleeveless dress with a low neckline was on top of everything else so it wouldn't get all wrinkled; it would work fine in a casual or more formal situation. I hung it up before I grabbed my toiletries, fresh undergarments and went to shower.

     I showered quickly, applied my moisturizer, deodorant, put mousse in my hair and brushed my teeth. I then quickly pulled on my black lace thong panties and matching black lace push-up bra; not that I really needed such an undergarment as I had naturally large breasts. I just loved the killer cleavage it gave me. I never wore much makeup so I just applied powder foundation and pink lipstick. I inspected my image briefly while I pulled up the sides of my hair and clipped it all back with a large black barrette.

    I decided I looked presentable. I just needed to go put my dress on and grab my black heeled sandals. I exited the bathroom hoping I hadn't taken too long so that I kept Tom waiting. The only light on in the room was still the one above the door I had turned on upon entering the room. The far side was in shadow so I didn't notice the desk chair had been turned around and someone was sitting there. I had just turned to grab my dress from the hanger when a male voice spoke from those shadows, "You do look stunning, Darling!"

     I couldn't help the startled shriek I let out. I turned around hastily while he turned on the desk lamp. "Tom, you jerk! You scared the shit out of me!"

    He was laughing heartily as he got up and quickly crossed the room to embrace me. "Well you smell wonderful for someone who crapped herself. What is that heavenly aroma? Is it your shampoo or perfume?"

   "My moisturizer is a custom made body butter of coconut oil, Shea butter and essential oil of lavender. I'm also wearing Obsession."

   "It smells wonderful." He then stepped back, held me at arm's length and gazed at me intently.

    I then realized I was still in my underwear and I felt myself blushing intensely. I wanted to get away and put on my dress, but Tom wouldn't let go of me. "You have an amazing body. I never would have guessed this was hiding under those jeans and baggy blouse you were wearing on the plane."

    I felt my face grow even hotter. I didn't think it was possible for me to blush anymore then I was, but he proved me wrong. He stepped up and wrapped his arms around me again and kissed me passionately. Once he finally took his lips from mine, he quickly leaned over further to kiss my cleavage before withdrawing his mouth from me entirely. "Dear lord, a man could lose a hand in there!"

    I giggled and tried to push away from him. "Tom I really should get dressed so we can go have dinner. I thought you said you were hungry."

   "Oh I am hungry Darling and you've definitely got what I want."

    He moved closer to passionately kiss me again. After a few minutes he withdrew. I said, "Please Tom, can we go eat first? I didn't have lunch because I was so nervous about flying and I'm feeling a bit light headed."

    "Are you sure it's not from the kisses?"

     "It could be both."

     He sighed and relented. "Alright Darling, get your dress on and we'll go out. I want you to have plenty of stamina for later because you're on the dessert menu Beautiful."

     He disappeared into the bathroom while I put on my dress and heels. He didn't close the door completely so I heard the water in the sink run briefly. He exited in moments and said, "You might want to go fix your lipstick Darling, I made a mess of it. I had to clean it off of my own lips."

     I went to fix my makeup and then quickly put together my black satin clutch purse from the items in my backpack I needed, including my cell phone. I took his hand and allowed him to lead me out of the room and to the elevator. When we got outside, there was a black limo waiting at curb. Tom led me to it and opened the door for me. I slid in quickly; he followed, closing the door behind himself. The driver already had his destination instructions so he pulled into the lane of traffic and headed toward the restaurant Tom had chosen. Tom once again took my right hand in his and placed it in his lap so close to his groin that I could touch it if I uncurled my fingers from his. I looked down at our hands, then up into his face. He just grinned mischievously. "You're going to see that before this night is over," he said in a soft, sexy voice.

      I felt like my heart skipped a beat while a tingle settled into my own groin. I said nothing in reply.

      The restaurant he had chosen was a small Italian place and not crowded. We were shown to a small table for two where we sat across from each other. We were close enough to each other that our knees nearly touched. We both ordered salads and baked ziti. Tom also requested a bottle of red wine. I asked for ice water. The waiter soon brought the bottle of wine, two glasses and my water. He opened the bottle, filled both glasses halfway and then left again.

      Tom immediately took a sip of his wine, while I sipped my water. Tom sat and silently watched me for a few minutes before finally commenting on the fact I didn't touch the wine. "I just realized that it was very presumptuous of me to order wine for us both. I have no idea if you drink alcohol or not. I may very well have just tempted an alcoholic who's on the wagon."

      I smiled shyly and replied, "I do drink, but I don't really care for wine."

     "Thank god it's only that. Give it a try Darling; you might like this particular one. They aren't all the same you know."

      In order to be polite, I picked it up and took a small sip. It tasted terrible as far as I was concerned. I lied and said it was ok, but I might enjoy it more while I was eating. We began to nonchalantly ask each other questions about our lives. I told him about my four little boys whom I love a great deal.

      He actually seemed disheartened when I brought up my children. "So you're really married then? I wasn't exactly looking to be a casual affair for a married woman..."

     "No, no I'm not married anymore," I interrupted him. "I've been divorced for almost six months now."

      He perked back up a bit. "Oh, that's a relief because I'm very interested in you. I don't just mean for casual sex either. Not that I couldn't use some outstanding sex right now; it's been far too long since I've had it. I just didn't want to be the man responsible for breaking up a marriage."

     "No, my husband was responsible for that and I really and truly do not wish to talk about it anymore."

     "No problem, we can change the subject."

      He started talking about England. Our salads arrived; I ate and listened to him talk between bites. I managed to choke down a few more sips of wine. Our ziti arrived and he continued to talk while I ate and drank more wine. I soon started feeling very warm in my face. I refused a second glass. I intended to be fully sober if this man planned on making love to me after dinner.

     "I really feel like I've completely overtaken the conversation tonight. I'm so very sorry; I never intended to do that."

     "No reason to apologize, I've enjoyed listening to you. You've made me really want to visit England more than I ever did before."

     "I'll have to take you there one day; hopefully soon."

      It was then that I realized his hands had disappeared under the table. I felt his hands on my knees. I didn't move or say anything so I soon felt his right hand snake its way up under the skirt of my dress. He moved a little closer to the table so his hand could easily continue its journey up my right thigh. He didn't stop until his fingers reached my panties.

     "Open your legs a little more Darling," he said softly.
    I hesitated, briefly glancing around. There was no one seated near us and with the long table cloths, they wouldn't be able to see anything anyway. I obeyed by moving my left leg further away from my right. I felt his fingers settle more into my crotch. He finally found the edge of my panties and gently moved them aside so he could slip his fingers under it and into the warm slit between my legs. I could feel him stroking my clit teasingly slow. I let out a breathy moan and reflexively grabbed the edge of the table, trying to control my reactions. He gave me that mischievous Loki grin of his again and continued stroking me. I finally managed to control my voice enough to say quietly, "Not here Tom. Let's go back to the hotel."

    He agreed and withdrew his hand. I watched with wide eyes and baited breathe as he slid that finger into his mouth and slowly withdrew it, sucking slightly. "Oh I think dessert is going to be quite tasty," he said with a sexy grin.

    He then signaled the waiter and paid the bill, then led the way out of the restaurant. The limo was still waiting for us at the curb. On the ride back to the hotel he was kissing me intensely and put his hand back up under my dress to stroke me again. Between his kisses I was moaning softly. Fortunately it was a short trip back to our hotel or he probably would've taken me right there in the limo.

    We got out quickly, went inside and crossed the lobby to the elevator. His long legs made much faster strides then mine so I was nearly running to keep up with him. There were other people waiting to get on the elevator so we simply stood next to each other holding hands while we waited and while we rode up to the fifth floor. Once we reached our floor and exited, he practically pulled me down the hallway to my room's door. He quickly unlocked it and opened it for me to enter first. I entered and went directly to the bed to move my suitcase into the floor. He locked the door and began stripping as he walked to the bed. I removed my shoes and started to remove my dress when he says, "No, I get to unwrap my present."

    He still had his underwear on when he got to the bed, grabbed me and began kissing me passionately again. I could feel him pulling my dress up at my waist. He paused long enough to yank it off and fling it aside. He kissed me again, wrapping his arms around me to unfasten my bra than slide his arms down to my butt. He lifted me up and pulled my panties off my butt as he dropped me down onto the bed. He slid them off my legs, grabbed my bra and flung both aside before climbing on top of me. He kissed and licked me everywhere from my neck to my crotch. When he buried his face between my legs and began vigorously licking, I began moaning.

     He paused long enough to say, "Be as loud as you want Darling, I don't care if the other guests hear your ecstasy."

     He explored the area thoroughly with his tongue before it finally triggered intense orgasms that had me screaming his name. He stopped, pulled off his underwear and moved up my body. It was then that I saw his enormous erection.

     "O my god Tom! You're huge!"

      He chuckled sexily and replied, "Isn't that why the fangirls call it my...what is it? Oh right, Hiddlesconda."

      I giggled and he went on, "Oh yeah, I know about that little nickname and you get to find out what I can do with it."

     I suddenly sat up and grabbed him, crushing my lips down on his. I didn't care where his mouth had just been either. He grabbed my hips and pulled me up onto his lap; he was on his knees. He moved us back until he had me pinned against the headboard. He then entered me forcefully. I moaned loudly. "Do you like it baby?" He whispered in my ear.

     "Yessss," I hissed out in a moan.

      He pushed deeper within me. "Is that what you have fantasized about when you wrote about Loki and Rhiannon making love?"

      "Yes, dear god YES!"

       He really started pounding into me then. His thrusting was so fierce the bed began shaking with his efforts. I began moaning loudly.

     "Don't just moan baby. I want to hear you scream my name."

     He had the leverage to push into my body so deeply that it was the most intense sex I'd ever had. He soon made me orgasm again, harder than before and I screamed his name. This only encouraged him to move faster and harder. He was soon sweating with his efforts. I have no idea how long it went on before he finally began to moan too. At last he pressed me against the headboard one last time as he groaned loudly and unloaded into me. I had another intense orgasm at the same time and screamed his name again.

    He collapsed onto his butt, breathing hard. Since he had been holding me up on the headboard with his legs, I slid down onto the bed. Several minutes passed before he moved to stretch out beside me on the bed. I slid down next to him and he invited me closer. I laid my head on his chest and we were both silent for quite a while. I began to doze off when he suddenly said, "Thank you Darling. That was the best sex I've ever had."

    I didn't reply but I felt him kiss the top of my head. I was soon sound asleep. 

All in a Dream: The Next Day (part 2)