Sunday, March 15, 2015

Meet and Greet: Ben's Hotel Suite (A Benedict Cumberbatch Real Person Fanfic)

Once I got back to the hotel and my room, I threw myself on the bed and cried until I had nothing left inside. What in the hell was I going to do? How was I going to tell my Mother? She would be devastated. Just when it seemed like I was getting my life together, I get this bomb dropped on me. I finally had a good job in graphic design that allowed me to still have time to pursue my own art projects on the side. I'd even sold a few paintings to private collectors. I'd been off the opiates for a year now and was finally in a position to regain custody of my son; even if it was joint custody.

            The first person I called, after the crying jag subsided, was my roommate back home. Brad deserved to know what was going on since he'd been so generous to me. He was only one of my so called friends who took me in when my life fell apart. I helped pay the bills, provided for myself and did all of the cleaning. Since I worked from home most days of the week, I thought it was only fair I did that since he worked ten hours a day most days. He wasn't my boyfriend; we didn't have that kind of a relationship, though I knew he wanted us to. I didn't want to ever get involved with another man that way. Sex was one thing, but I'd keep my heart to myself. I knew it was his day off from work, but I still called his cell phone. He was surprised and sounded upset when I told him. He asked if I would be returning early. I told him I felt there was no reason to since there was nothing I could do there; the doctor would call me when he got an appointment, but he didn't think it'd be any earlier than next week. I kept our conversation brief because I still had others to call.

            After I hung up, I sat and stared at my cell phone. I needed to tell my Mother. What in the hell was I going to say to her? Something like, "Happy Thursday Mom! By the way, the neurologist called to tell me I have a brain tumor." Um yeah, not happening.     

          The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to tell her in person. She lived in New Mexico and I lived in Florida. Of course, right now I was in Colorado. I looked it up on the map feature on my phone and saw that it was a roughly seven hour drive to my Mom's house in Albuquerque. I made up my mind that on Sunday morning when Kathy went back home I was going to rent a car and drive to Albuquerque to tell my mother in person.

            I found the nearest car rental place and made a reservation for Sunday morning. I was told all they had available were SUVs. I said that would be fine and gave them my information so they would hold one for me. After I got off the phone with them, I saw that it wasn't quite three o'clock yet. I had nothing to do for a few hours so I went to take a shower than decided to nap. I felt so drained from all the emotional turmoil of the day. I placed my phone on the table next to my head and turned up the volume so it would wake me if it rang.


            It was a quarter after five when the ringing woke up me. I didn't recognize the number but the realization dawned in my foggy, half-asleep mind that Ben didn't give me his number. I answered it to discover it was Ben.

            After he said hello in response to my sleepy greeting, he went on, "I'm sorry to wake you Darling, but I thought you might want time to get ready for our dinner date. Is your friend back yet?"

            "No, it's just me here. Thanks for waking me; I wouldn't want to look like a zombie when I see you. You've already had to deal with a nose bleed, I don't think you're ready for my 'just woke up' look."

            He chuckled sexily. Was everything that man did sexy? "I'm sure you're beautiful first thing in the morning; especially after a night of passionate lovemaking."

            Oh for the love of Loki! Did he really just say that? Was he really flirting with me? I actually felt myself blush, but I boldly replied, "There's only one way for you to find out."

            He let out another low sexy laugh and replied, "I intend to find out Darling. Now go get ready, I'll be there in about thirty minutes. Wear something pretty for me."

            "I don't really wear dresses Ben; I'm not a girly girl."

            "You don't have to wear a dress to be pretty Darling. I was thinking something low cut in a flattering color."

            "Oh, well, that I definitely have."

            We then said our good-byes and hung up. I saved his number in my phone and labeled it Ben. I went to my suitcase and began looking through my clothes; I didn't bring much since it was just for the weekend with a lot of walking. I had impulsively brought along a pair of black heels though I didn't think I'd wear them; I guess I was mistaken. I pulled out inky black jeans and a dark fuchsia colored three-quarter sleeve blouse that had a faux wrap front resulting in a plunging neckline. I also pulled out my black lace push-up bra and matching bikini panties to wear under it. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth before getting dressed. A powder mineral foundation and pink mineral lipstick was as much makeup as I ever wore, so I applied them. I then stood there debating about how to wear my long curly auburn hair; up would make my neck sexy and inviting, but I looked better with it down. I decided to keep it down while pulling back the sides to clip together with a large gold barrette in the back of my head. I was ready to go in less than thirty minutes. I nervously waited nearly ten minutes for him to arrive at my door.

            He greeted me with an enormous smile when I opened the door and he quickly took in the full view of my body. "You look even more beautiful than you did this morning," he said as he leaned in to kiss my forehead.

            I blushed and thanked him as I closed the door behind me. He took my hand and escorted me to the elevators and down to the lobby where the restaurant was located. It wasn't crowded so we were seated immediately. He started asking me all sorts of questions after we placed our orders; he said he really wanted to get to know me. He was surprised to learn that I had a six year old son.

            "He lives with his father for right now."

            "Oh, I see; nasty divorce?"

            "No, we were never married. He's in the Marine Corps and we met through mutual friends. We dated for over a year and had a child. He wasn't really involved in his son's life until two years ago when he sued me for custody because I was addicted to prescription painkillers and had lost my job. He had abandoned us shortly after the child was born and had not even bothered to keep in touch. I have no idea how he found out what happened; it had to have been friends. My son was the best thing that came of that relationship."

            "Can you have more children? I guess it's more appropriate to ask: do you want any more children?"

            I smiled. "Well I always wanted a little girl, but the only men I'd dated since my son was born turned out to be jerks who only wanted me for sex. Of course, it wouldn't be practical for me to have children right now since I'm going to have to go through some kind of cancer treatments and I don't know how long that will last or how my body will respond to it. I have to admit though, I still have that baby longing feeling every time I see someone with a baby girl. I really love babies and it makes me a little sad when they grow up. It is interesting to watch your child grow up and develop into their own person; it's just a shame that it seems to happen so fast. They really are little for just a short time, even if it is hard to realize that sometimes because you're sleep deprived. Motherhood is the hardest job I've ever had, but it's also the most rewarding in ways I never imagined."

            "That is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard a woman say."

            Our food arrived at that moment so I didn't reply, but he could probably see I was blushing. Once the waiter left, he said, "I'm being completely honest, that was really beautiful. I've wanted children for years, but I've never had much luck in the romance department. I had an on and off relationship with one woman for several years, but she didn't want to get married and have a family. I finally moved on because I realized our relationship wasn't what I truly wanted in life. Now I'm single and nearly forty and wonder what on Earth is wrong with me. Don't get me wrong, plenty of women find me sexually appealing apparently, but that's all I am to them; none of them want a real relationship. They see me and they have all these preconceived ideas of who I am based on the characters I play. I guess once they spend time with me, they don't like who I really am."

            "That's actually a bit sad; that people treat you that way. I look into your eyes and I want to know the man that's in there. Acting is something you do; it's not the man you are."

            He gazed at me intently for a few minutes before reaching across the small table to caress my left cheek with his hand. I felt a very gentle pulling sensation so I moved closer to him while he leaned across the table and kissed me softly on the lips.

"Thank you for that," he said afterward. "I hope you really like the man you get to know."

            He then sat back and we continued eating, talking about less personal things. Once we finished, we had to wait a while for the waiter to bring our check because business had picked up. I suddenly felt his hand slide between my thighs and stroke my left inner thigh. I gasped slightly and stared at him in surprise. 
"Please come with me to my room," he said softly as he leaned closer to me.

            I felt his hand move higher until his fingertips brushed against my crotch. I managed to squeak out an OK around the lump that had formed in my throat. He paid the bill and took my hand to lead me out of the restaurant and to the elevators. We ended up being alone in the elevator so he pinned me against the wall and kissed me passionately. I responded to his fervor as I wrapped my arms around his neck and curled my fingers up into his hair. He didn't stop kissing me until the elevator stopped at his floor. He practically ran down the hall to his room and I did have to trot a bit to keep up with his long legs. As soon as we were in the room, he pinned me against the wall and began kissing me. He then suddenly picked me up so I wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me to the bedroom of his suite and playfully dropped me onto the bed. I squealed with delight while he grabbed my feet and pulled off my heels. He then unfastened my jeans, pausing to ask if it was OK for him to take them off.

            "You can strip me naked and have your way with me," I replied.

            "O good, we have the same plans."

            He pulled them off and then grabbed the hem of my shirt and lifted it up. I sat up so he could remove it. He then began undressing himself as he said, "I'm definitely not disappointed in the view."

            As soon as he was naked, I exclaimed, "Neither am I!"

            He then yanked my panties off before he leaned over to kiss me again while he unhooked my bra. As soon as he'd flung it aside, he cupped both of my breasts in his hands and began kneading them slowly. His lips soon followed as he traced circles around my left nipple with his tongue before he drew it up between his lips to suck it. I started moaning as he slowly made his way to the other one to lick and suck on my nipple. After a long time spent playing with them, he slowly kissed his way down my abdomen and stopped at the beginning of my slit. He was already between my legs so he dropped to his knees on the floor and spread the folds of flesh apart before he shoved his tongue in between and licked me from bottom to top like a lollipop. He repeated the action before he paused to tell me I tasted good. He then drew my clitoris slowly up between his lips and sucked it vigorously. I moaned even louder. He slid two fingers inside of my hole and began to slide them back and forth in a slow teasing manner while he continued to suck my clitoris.

            He stopped sucking and asked, "Can you take another one up there?"

            "Yes," I moaned out.

            I then felt him slip a third finger inside and turn them sideways while he massaged my clitoris with his thumb. He had his eyes on me, watching my reactions as he moved his fingers faster. My moaning grew even louder as I felt that sweet tension slowly building in my pelvis. After a few minutes, he withdrew his third finger as he turned them back palm up to plunge them even deeper inside of me so he could rub a spot that felt absolutely amazing. He went back to alternately sucking my clit and flicking it side to side with his tongue. I drew my legs up and put my feet on his shoulders as that sensation in my pelvis became more intense and my release was imminent.

            He suddenly began rubbing that sweet spot on my upper front wall rapidly while sucking hard on my clit. My climax peaked within seconds and I arched my back as I screamed his named while my pelvis erupted into intense spasms of ecstasy. I felt fluid squirt from my slit and I knew it had to have soaked his face. He slowly withdrew from me and helped me slide all the way up onto the bed as he said, "You made a terrible mess all over my face young lady."

            I grabbed him and said, "Let me clean it off for you."

            I began licking his cheeks and he moved to where he was laying on the bed next to me. I sat up and leaned over him so I could continue. I trailed my tongue all over his face before I kissed him fervidly. My own sweet juices were heavy on his lips and tongue as we kissed. I moved to straddle him and felt him push up so he was stroking me with his hard cock. I moaned and stopped kissing him to say, "You're huge Mr. Cumberbatch."

            "Indeed I am Baby. Can you take it up there?"

            "I sure can," I replied as I lowered myself onto him and felt him penetrate me.

            I kept moving until he was buried within me up to his hilt as I sat upright. I began to slowly ride him. He squeezed and massaged my ass as I rode him. He soon started rocking his hips and encouraging me to go faster. I picked up the pace a bit, but apparently not enough to satisfy him as he soon sat up and pulled me closer so he could fuck me harder and faster. I grabbed his shoulders and held on as he was moving fast and holding me in such a manner that I couldn't move my own hips much. He started groaning some so I could tell he was close. Minutes later he unloaded in me. I had another intense orgasm and nearly screamed again.

            He was breathing hard and I could feel his heart racing as he continued to hold me close. He soon released me and I moved to lie down on the bed with my head on the pillows. He soon moved to join me, pulling down the blankets and crawling under them. I shifted so I could pull down the blankets and get under them as well. I moved to lay my head on his chest and he put his arm around me. He laid there playing with my curly hair. When he had been exploring my lower regions, I had removed my barrette to be more comfortable so my curls were now free to fall in my face. He pulled a thick, long curl up to examine it closer briefly before letting it fall back down. "Are you naturally a redhead?" He suddenly asked.

            "Well, sort of. In my baby pictures my hair was more of a chestnut, which is a light brown with a lot of red in it. It went through phases of being darker than getting lighter in the summer when I was outside all the time. This particular shade of red does come from a bottle though. The curls however are completely natural, even though I use products to keep it from frizzing."

            "Why do you dye your hair?"

            "I have a lot of gray and it makes me look like I'm about forty-five instead of thirty-five. Between stress and genetics, my poor hair has suffered. At some point in my life though, my hair has been everything from strawberry blond to blue-black. I looked terrible as a blond!"

            He chuckled and said, "I couldn't picture you as a blond. Brunette to redhead looks right for you."

            I then shifted so I could kiss his lips. After he said, "I've been trying to figure it out since we met and I have to know: what color are your eyes exactly? They looked very green this morning and now they look like a pale blue."

            I laughed. "Technically they are both. I have heterochromia iridium. My eyes are blue, green, yellow and brown. Light makes them look bluer and yellow than green, but most of the time, green is a more dominant color."

            "Really? That's amazing! I have the same condition. Do your eyes seem to change according to what you're wearing as well as from the light?"
            "Yes they are very color reflective if I wear blue or green. I had on a green shirt this morning, remember?"

          "Oh that's right, you were wearing green."

            He was quiet after that and I began to doze off. The sex had been amazing and it felt so good to lay here in his arms, with my head on his firm chest. Suddenly he asked me, "What was the event you were supposed to go to with your friend this afternoon?"

            "We were going to meet Tom Hiddleston."

            He laughed and replied, "Well if you still want to meet him, I'll introduce you tomorrow. He's one of my close friends. Incidentally, would you like to spend the day with me?"

            "Tomorrow? Sure I'd love to."

            "I only have a couple of appearances scheduled and you can either be with me or hang out in the lounge. I'm totally free after that."

            "Sounds great," I replied as I yawned noisily.

            He kissed my forehead and told me to get some sleep. "I want more in the morning anyway so you should take the opportunity to recover."

            I didn't reply as I dozed off into a contented sleep.


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