Wednesday, September 17, 2014

When It Rains (just some random short writing)

** Something random I wrote a few months when it was raining outside and I had just finished watching Henry IV with Tom Hiddleston**

I sit by the window and watch the rain as it pelts the pavement outside. There is a serene beauty in the rain. I love the sound it makes as it falls through the leaves of the tree that is also outside of my window.

            As I admire the beauty of the rainy day, I fantasize that he comes up behind me, gently kisses the back of my neck while wrapping his arms about my waist. He says nothing at first. I can feel his warm breath on my neck; hear the faint beating of his heart as he is so close to me. I lean back into his embrace and he welcomes me with a kiss on the side of my forehead. I continue to gaze out at the rain while I enjoy the warmth of his body pressed against mine.

            After several more minutes of silence, he finally inquires what's on my mind. I simply respond that I'm watching the rain and not trying to focus on a single thought. I'm just letting them pass through and hopefully right out of mind so I can be at peace for a while. He chuckles softly and continues to hold me in silence. Between the mesmerizing rain fall and his strong, warm, loving arms around me, I feel my entire body relax. Eventually my troublesome thoughts run their course and I feel peaceful in mind at last.

            I thank him. He asks what for. I reply, "For loving me. As flawed as I am, you still love me. For that gift, a lifetime wouldn't be enough for me to cherish you."

            His only response is to turn me around and kiss my lips tenderly.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Sweet Dream (A Benedict Cumberbatch Short) RPFF

He was in the US and wanted to come visit me. Why me? Of all the people in this country and in this world who were his fans, he wanted to meet me. I have no idea what I'd done to be so fortunate, but I agreed to it. He asked me for my phone number so he could call me to let me know when his flight would be and ask if I would be so kind as to pick him up at the airport. Of course I would. This whole thing was the chance of a lifetime and I wanted to spend every moment I could with him.

He called me the next day, after he had said he wanted to visit me. That voice on the other end put to rest my worst fear that this was really some cruel joke and not him. His thick British accent was unmistakable. I'd heard that voice so many times in movies and interviews that I instantly recognized it. It really was him! He gave me the airline information and time to pick him up. We chatted for a while before he had to go so he could take care of a few things. He said he wasn't sure he'd get a chance to call me again before his Friday flight as the next couple of days were very busy for him. I told him I understood completely.


Friday afternoon finally arrived and I made it to the airport in time to pick him up. He was waiting at the curb when I pulled up, trying to be inconspicuous. He was wearing a hat and sunglasses as well as blue jeans and a white t-shirt. I pulled up as close as I could get with the other cars in the way. I got out and went up to him; he graced me with an enormous smile and greeted me. We walked quickly to my Odyssey where I opened the trunk so he could put his suitcases inside. After he closed it, he gave me a hug and I felt myself get weak in the knees. Was this really happening to me? Did I really have Benedict Cumberbatch's arms around me? He pulled away when an airport security guard yelled at us to move along. He went to the passenger door to get in while I screamed "OFF!" back at the rude guard.

"Off? What the hell does that mean?" The guard yelled back.

I was walking to the front of the van to go around and get in the driver's side when I yelled, "The general direction in which I'd like you to fuck!"

I then got in and started the engine. Ben laughed and said, "Did you just tell airport security to fuck off?"

I pushed the auto lower button on the driver's side window so I could lean out and see behind me better. As I did so, I replied, "Yep, I sure did!"

I pulled into the traffic lane just as someone else decided to cut me off and had the nerve to flip me off out their window. I screamed, "That wasn't very lady like! BITCH!"

Ben was laughing beside me and managed to say, "I feel like I'm back in New York! Are you sure you weren't born there?"

"Nope, I was born and raised in the Sunshine State!"

We then exited the airport pickup area so I punched the button to auto-roll my window back up. As I navigated the traffic and followed the signs toward the exit roads, I asked if he wanted to stay in Orlando or beachside.

"Which is closer to you?" he asked in return.

"Beachside of course."

"Then that's where I want to be. Besides, I remember you saying you love the ocean."

I smiled and blushed before replying, "Cocoa Beach it is!"

I took the exit for the Beachline and headed East. We chatted a bit on the ride, but I mostly listened to him. I loved listening to him talk. British accents were both beautiful and sexy; I also loved his deep voice. We finally arrived in Cape Canaveral where I turned onto A1A and headed South toward Cocoa Beach. He looked around quietly for a few moments before asking, "Is this Cocoa Beach?"

"No, this is Cape Canaveral. Cocoa Beach is still a bit South of here. To be honest, Canaveral, Cocoa, Patrick, and...well there's a few others to the South, are so close together that if it weren't for the signs, you wouldn't know that you'd left one and entered a different town."

"Oh, I've been places like that plenty of times."

He became absorbed in the scenery and was quiet for the rest of the ride to the hotel. I chose to take him to the Double Tree Resort because it was a nice one that was right on the beach. I parked and hesitated briefly, while he opened the door. He turned to me and said, "You're coming with me right?"

I smiled and turned off the engine before getting out. He went to the back and got his bags. Once all of the doors were closed, I double clicked it to set the alarm and led the way to the hotel lobby. He went right up to the desk to check in while I sort of lagged behind, so I wouldn't overhear anything I shouldn't. I did catch him say he wanted a beach view room. I saw him take the room keycard, then he turned to me and said, "Come along, Darling; we have a beach view room," he winked at me as he held out his hand to me.

I walked over and took his hand as he led me off to the elevators. Neither of spoke in the elevator, though he still held my hand with his fingers intertwined with mine. The doors opened at the third floor and we exited; I followed him down the hall to his room. After he unlocked it, he opened it and allowed me to enter first. I went right in and over to the sliding glass door that led to a small balcony overlooking the ocean. I opened it and stepped outside to the railing. I stood there and breathed in the wonderful aroma of the salty air as the breeze was strong and rich with ocean brine. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply; I could feel the smile spreading across my face as the tension was fading from my body. I soon felt arms creep slowly around my middle and felt his body pressed against my back. I leaned back into him without thinking. He silently held me for a few minutes before saying, "You really need this, don't you? The ocean I mean."

"I love it. It's my favorite place in the world. Ben, can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can, darling."

"Why me?"

"Whatever do you mean?"

"You have millions of fans, most of them women, who would love to be where I am right now. You followed me on social media, then you started talking to me and now this. I didn't think you even used social media. I can't help but wonder why. What makes me so special?"

He kissed the top of my head and said, "You treat me like a normal human being. I was drawn to you because of the deeply profound things you would sometimes post. I kind of lurked around incognito occasionally when I had nothing else to occupy my time. Everyone thought it was like a fan club thing. Then I find out you have an incredibly snarky sense of humor that was unexpected, but delightfully naughty. Then you sent me that picture that really made me laugh; when I thanked you, you said you enjoy making others smile and laugh. When I started talking to you, nothing was ever awkward between us and you never once questioned if it was really me. You didn't seem to care; you just enjoyed having someone to talk to and to listen to you. I discovered you were intelligent, funny and compassionate...I wanted to know the woman I'd shared conversations with. The fact that you're beautiful is nice bonus. I also appreciate the fact you kept our conversations between the two of us. There was nothing plastered all over social media about us. You've been interested in me as a person, not a celebrity you can brag that you know. That's very rare in my business."

I turned around in his arms to hug him tightly. "Ben, you're just a man and I never made you out to be anything more than that. Acting is what you do, it's not who you are. I like you because you have a good heart, you're funny, and accept me as I am. The fact that you're gorgeous is a bonus. Besides, I would never dream of exploiting another human being in a vain attempt at getting a passing moment in the spotlight."

He backed away from me and took my hand to lead me inside. He then closed the door and pulled the vertical blinds shut. "You really won't tell anyone will you? You can keep it quiet?"

I felt confused, "Tell anyone what?"

He leaned over and kissed my lips. It started out as a slow gentle kiss that quickly grew in intensity. Once he finally pulled away, I was breathing heavy. He pulled me close and said, "I haven't done this in a while. It's so hard to trust anyone to keep it quiet. But you will, won't you?"

"My lips are sealed. What happens in this room, stays in this room between you and I."

He kissed me again and guided me to the king sized bed while our lips were locked. I was soon laying back on it while I was treated to a quick strip tease. I grabbed my shirt and removed it while he unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them and my panties off together. He leaned over me and kissed my lips again while he unhooked my bra. His hands and lips were soon wandering all over my neck, chest, breasts and abdomen. While he sucked on my nipples, I felt his left hand slide between my legs to stroke my clit. I moaned and soon felt his fingers slip inside of me while he massaged my clit with his thumb. He paused in sucking on my nipples to say, "You get really wet baby."

"Sorry...I can't control it."

"It wasn't a complaint, darling. I'm impressed to be honest. Besides, I'm a big boy and you're going to need all that lubrication."

He had continued to rub my clit and finger fuck me while he commented. I could feel my release looming, so I moaned louder. He didn't resume kissing me; instead he propped himself up on his elbow and watched my face. I closed my eyes as the tension built up. "No, open your eyes darling. I want you to be looking at me when you come. I want to see that ecstasy erupt in your eyes, not just your body."

I obeyed and stared into his eyes as he continued to stroke me and bring me closer to that glorious peak. He soon picked up the pace even more and I moaned again. He soon repositioned his hand so the stimulation increased and the tension in my pelvis built up to the point that I was ready to topple over the edge at any moment. "I can see it getting closer. Come for me baby."

At last my body obeyed and erupted into intense spasms that caused my back to arch and my pelvis to buck up hard. I didn't take my eyes from his throughout the whole series while I moaned loudly. He then moved quickly between my legs and I felt his enormous rock hard cock slide into my soaked hole. I gasped at the feeling of how big he was as he pushed it in all the way. "Can you take all of me baby?" He asked simultaneously.

"YES!" I screamed.

He then began thrusting rapidly and deeply. I moaned the whole time while I felt another orgasm building already. I moved my legs to wrap them around his waist. It went on for quite a while until he suddenly dramatically increased his speed. He began softly moaning then. After a few moments, I felt his body tense up as he moaned loudly while he unloaded into me and I had another intense orgasm at the same time. He body relaxed as he laid his head on my breasts. I could feel his heart racing and his breath coming fast. He just laid there for a while and held me. Finally he moved off of me, kissed me gently on the lips and said, "Thank you for that. You have no idea how much I needed it."

I laughed softly and said, "Probably about as much I did."

He leaned over and kissed me again.