Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Doctor and Patient Confidentiality

            I was having pains in my lower abdomen on the right side again. I tried all day long to ignore it while I took ibuprofen to try to relieve it. I assumed it was just another ovarian cyst. I'd had them many times in the last fifteen years so one would think I'd be used to it. By midnight the pain was nearly unbearable and I couldn't sleep. I decided to go the emergency room since it was Friday night and my doctor couldn't be reached until Monday morning.

                It wasn't busy at all when I arrived so I was triaged immediately. I wasn't considered a true emergency, so I was put with the mild cases to be seen by the physician's assistant. I was taken to the exam room immediately, but waited ten minutes to be seen by a nurse. She asked a bunch of questions, entered the information in the computer, handed me a hospital gown while telling me to take off everything before I put it on and then left. I immediately stripped quickly and put on the backless gown, struggling to tie it behind me, but finally succeeding. The nurse was gone for quite a while. I finally scooted back on the Gatch bed and lay down, resting my head on the pillow so I would be more comfortable while I waited. I eventually closed my eyes as I was growing tired.

                At last, the door opened; I wearily opened my eyes as a young man I would estimate to be about thirty entered the room. He introduced himself while offering his hand, "I'm Patrick, one of the PA's here in the ER."

                I sat up and shook his extended hand while I replied, "I'm Regina."

                "Why hello Regina mea, what could possibly be troubling such a beautiful young woman that would force you to the ER in the middle of the night?" He graced me with a brilliant megawatt smile that lit up his entire face and showed small dimples in each cheek.

                I smiled and tried to suppress a giggle; I could still feel myself blush at his compliment. It had been a long time since any man had called me a young woman, much less a beautiful one. I was thirty-five and didn't look much younger. I was still single and childless. I wanted a man who could stand to be with me for longer than a few months and was great in bed. I often found men who were good at one, but not the other. I know I'm stubborn and extremely picky about most things, but I had reasons for being the way I am and had no desire to change just to please others. Besides, doing just that had nearly ruined my life.

                I began to describe the pain in my side and my history of ovarian difficulties. I know I must have been stammering like I had a bad speech impediment; he was so gorgeous he made me nervous. He had short dark hair the color of strong espresso and dark chocolate mesmerizing eyes. I could tell, even with the loose scrubs he wore, that he had a muscular physique.

                He finally told me he'd have to examine me, possibly doing a pelvic exam as well. He then excused himself and left the room for a few minutes. While he was gone, I laid back down on the Gatch bed since I had no idea how long he'd be gone. He returned in less than five minutes with a disposable plastic speculum in a sealed bag. "I went to find a nurse to assist me, but they are all apparently busy or on lunch break right now. Would it be all right with you if I examine you without a nurse present? If it makes you uncomfortable, we can wait until a female nurse is available."

                "It doesn't bother me. I would rather just get this over with; I'm getting tired. I've had a long, busy day."

                "Of course you have, love," he replied as he turned to lock the door.

                He turned around and approached the right side of the Gatch bed, reached over me and untied the gown on my left side. I had to raise my hips off the bed so he could move the gown out of the way. He raised it up above my waist and slid his fingers down slowly to the area that was hurting. He pressed around the area gently, asking where it hurt the most. I had to confess to him that it wasn't hurting much now.

                "That happens sometimes with ovarian cysts. You probably had one rupture."

                "I'm so sorry, I feel like I wasted your time," I apologized.

                "My time is never wasted in the company of a beautiful woman," he replied.

                I noticed his fingers were lightly tracing my abdomen in slow circles, moving closer to my bare mons veneris. "You have remarkably soft, smooth skin," he stated in a soft, nearly dreamy sounding voice.

                 I didn't reply as I lay there quietly and watched his long, graceful fingers move lightly over my skin.

                 He finally dared to meet my eyes as his fingers moved slowly over the slit that divided the lower portion of my mons. I was surprised that he was touching me in such a manner; I was even more surprised at how much I wanted him to. My response was to spread my legs. He slid his fingers slowly between my folds of flesh and over my clitoris which he teased gently with his fingertips. I couldn't restrain the soft moan that escaped my lips. As soon as my lips parted, he leaned over to kiss them hotly. I responded to his fervor by pulling him closer as I curled my fingers up into his short hair at the back of his head.

                He soon slid his fingers out of my growing wetness to reach behind my neck and untie the last set of strings on the gown. He then pulled away from me to peel the gown from my arms and toss it to the floor. "I had no idea you were hiding those under there," he commented about my breasts while he climbed up into the Gatch bed with me, straddling my left leg. He stripped his scrub top off before leaning over to fondle my left breast all over with his lips and tongue. I had only been afforded a brief glimpse of his torso before he moved over me, but I loved what I'd seen. He had well defined pectorals and tight six-pack abs.  I watched the way the muscles in his arms bulged out some as he supported his weight.

                I was soon lost in the ecstasy of being fondled by him. When he moved onto my right breast, he began to rhythmically massage the left one, pausing occasionally to pinch and twirl my nipple. How did he know I loved it when men did that to me? He gradually kissed and licked his way down to my pelvis where I spread my legs even further apart, inviting him to pleasure me. His tongue snaked a trail over my clitoris, down to my hole and back up before he began to suck gingerly on my firm clitoris. I was biting my bottom lip to attempt to hold back the moans of gratification his act was eliciting.

                I have no idea how long he pleasured me in that manner before that delightful tension began to quickly build within my pelvis. I gripped the side rails of the bed as I arched my back slightly, preparing for the inevitable rapturous release I knew was imminent. He suddenly thrust two fingers within my dripping hole and began to stroke me rapidly in a come-hither motion. In seconds he set off that tide of ecstasy that washed over me like a thundering tsunami. I couldn't help the loud moans of satisfaction that burst forth with it. He pulled away from me, kicked off his sneakers, yanked off his scrub pants and practically jumped back onto the Gatch bed where he rushed up my body, between my legs and speared me with his rock hard shaft of delight. I nearly screamed at his sudden and forceful entrance. He hastened to muffle the sound with his own mouth as he kissed me passionately. He wasted no time thrusting into me furiously, making me come repeatedly. It didn't take long for him to reach his own gratification which he expressed with a groan as I felt his body quiver.

                His movements slowly came to a stop. I felt him pull out of me as he continued to lay over me momentarily while he caught his breath. He soon moved off of me to lie on his side. I rolled over onto my side, facing him. He kissed my forehead tenderly. "Thank you Regina mea. I really needed that sweet release. It's been a stressful shift and I still have a couple of hours left to go. It will be much more pleasant now."

                I kissed his lips gently. He then got up, retrieved his clothes and dressed hurriedly. "You can get dressed now. I'll go get your paperwork so you can go home."

                I continued to lie there, gazing contentedly at him. "Are you all right Regina mea?" He asked.

                "Oh I'm fine doctor. I must say, that was the best pelvic exam of my life."
                He chuckled as he unlocked and opened the door, leaving the room. I rolled onto my back and gazed up at the ceiling for a moment. I sighed contentedly and closed my eyes, enjoying the vivid images of making love to the gorgeous physician's assistant named Patrick. I took a few deep breaths as I felt my body fully relax with pure satisfaction.

                Suddenly I became aware of someone shaking my arm roughly. I slowly opened my eyes, suddenly feeling very disoriented. I realized I was gazing into a woman's blue eyes. I looked down and saw I was dressed in my hospital gown. "I'm so sorry Ms. Martinson, we didn't mean to keep you waiting here for an hour, but an ambulance came in with car accident victims. I guess you fell asleep waiting."

                I recognized her as the triage nurse, Caroline. I sat up slowly and looked around the room. There was no trace of anyone else having been here and the sheet on the bed was barely disturbed. The door suddenly opened and a skinny brunette man with black framed glasses, wearing navy blue scrubs entered and introduced himself, apologizing for the delay. I had fallen asleep? Had it all been just a dream?

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