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Caught in the Middle: How I Met Ben and He Rocked my World RPFF

            He didn't like me from the moment that we met and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why. I later found out from Tom that it was because I was a rookie, I wasn't even trained, didn't go to school for any of it and yet here I was, a year younger than him on the set giving directions as well as playing the lead female character. Well it was just how things worked out. No one was more surprised than me when I got a Tweet and later an email from Joss Whedon asking to turn my books into a series. He had read it and loved the character Rhiannon and the fact that she created a whole back story for Loki that occurred many years before the Marvel movies took place. Someone had finally given Loki someone to love, a life of his own, as well as a plausible explanation as what led to Loki eventually coming undone.

            Joss actually invited me to Hollywood to work on the screenplay for the show as well as work out all the details of the contracts and such. He didn't want to screw up my story so he wanted me to help. I agreed to the wonderful opportunity I was being given. The series ended up not just being about Loki and Rhiannon, but their daughters as well. The sequel novel, Loki's Daughters, was published just as we began filming.

            It was while we worked out the screenplay and script that I got to meet Tom Hiddleston. I was surprised that he would be reprising the role of Loki. I honestly thought it would go to someone younger, even though the character was practically immortal; at least by human standards. When I first met Tom I was very nonchalant and played it cool. I didn't want him to think I was a nutty fangirl, even though I found him very sexually attractive. He was even better looking in person and nicer than I'd heard he was. Joss tried to get Chris to play Thor in the series, since he wouldn't be in it much and he'd become iconically recognized as the character, but unfortunately his schedule wouldn't allow it. We decided to rewrite it so that the other male Asgardian who ended up spending time with Rhiannon was Fandral. Since two different actors had played the character in the movies and it was a small role then anyway, Joss said it wouldn't be a big deal to cast someone else. Tom ended up suggesting his friend Benedict Cumberbatch who he knew wasn't going to busy at the time we would be filming. Ben ended up agreeing to it. Now there was just the matter of casting Rhiannon. The younger two versions were easy enough, but not the adult one. I kept rejecting them based on their photos alone. None of these actresses fit the mental image I had of Rhiannon. Joss finally decided on having an open audition for the role and letting me hear and see them in person, hoping more choices would help me find the right person.

            Two days before the open casting call, Joss wanted me to go over a really emotionally scene with Tom regarding Rhiannon imprisonment. He was having a bit of trouble with it and needed someone to act it out with him. "I've haven't done anything like this since junior high!" I complained when Joss gave me the script and told me to help Tom rehearse.

            "You'll be fine Darling," Tom replied. "Just read it. It's not like you don't know Rhiannon better than anyone else anyway. She is your creation after all."

            I took my place in the floor, kneeling next to Tom. Rhiannon was supposed to be kneeling at the foot of the stairs to Odin's throne. Tom told me to stay there while he went to the back of the room to make his dramatic entrance. Joss signaled us to start and I bowed my head, letting my hair tumble into my face. I clasped my hands in front of me like my wrists were bound. Tom stormed into the room and gave his Loki speech about how Odin couldn't sentence me to death, I'd done nothing wrong. Joss read for Odin and the two argued accordingly. At the point where Rhiannon is supposed to be hauled to her feet by two guards, I jumped up and snapped my head up, making my hair fly back behind me while I glared viciously at Odin. "Mark my words, old man, you will regret this day," I snarled in the nastiest most hate filled tone of voice I could manage.

            I then moved to the other side of the room as if I'd been escorted out and to my cell. I sat in the floor on my knees next to an ottoman that was supposed to represent my cot as I watched Tom go through the rest of the argument with Odin and the appearance of the woman who promises an elixir to render Rhiannon human, thus stopping her growing powers. One of Joss's assistants read for the strange woman. Odin finally agreed to the potion on the condition that he would still kill Rhiannon and this stranger if it failed to work. Joss let me act out the whole scene that followed where Rhiannon is in her cell, fearing for her life and crying in misery. It was then that Rhiannon's Mother appears to her, reassuring her that her life was safe. She tells her all about the potion she would drink what it would really do to her as well as the plan to give Odin and his whole family a potion in their wine that would make them forget what she really was.

            "Will Loki forget me? Will he forget that he loves me?"

            "Yes Rhiannon he will."

            "I will live the rest of my life without his love? How long will I live if this will not really make me a human?"

            "You will always be immortal my child. If he really and truly loves you and not your power, he will find you again and fall in love all over again."

            "Is it permanent? Will I never recover my abilities and be what I am truly meant to be?"

            "No, it is not. Its strength will fade from you with time, but it will guarantee you the chance to gain control over your human emotions and clear your mind so that you will be better able to control your gifts when they slowly begin to return. There is nothing that can permanently alter what you are; it can only suppress it so that this semi-mortal shell has a chance to catch up and be a better vessel for what you are."

            It is at that point that Loki rushes in and kneels in front of my cell. I scramble over to him and we have our palms together and our foreheads together though there is supposed to be something between us; it'll be taken care of by special effects. My power keeps it from hurting either of us. We are both supposed to be upset and crying.

            "Rhiannon, darling, father has agreed not to execute you on the condition that you consume a potion that will render you a normal human. He is getting it from a powerful sorceress who swears it will work; she is putting her own life on the line."

            "Then we can be together my love?"

            "Darling, you will not remember me. It will completely wipe your memory as it turns you human. You will believe that you have always been a human servant in our palace."

            It is at that point that Rhiannon lets out a heart wrenching wail and falls backward onto her bottom. I put my hand over my mouth to calm myself. I stare at him and then say, "So either way I lose you. I die or I take a potion that makes me forget you; either way, I lose."

            "Darling, please agree to it. I will think of something. I will find some spell that will restore your memory but keep you human so Father will not fear you and want to kill you. I just do not have the time to do it now. He wants an end to all of this immediately. Please Rhiannon?! I love you and can't lose you!"

            "But you will lose me Loki!"

            "Not forever Darling. I swear to you that we will be together again. I do not understand what you are either, but I do not fear you. Rhiannon I need you like the air I breathe. Please tell me you will do it? I cannot lose you forever!"

            I nod my head slowly and say, "No matter what happens, know that I love you and I want you to find me again."

            He momentarily looked puzzled, but turned to send the guard to tell the King that I agreed to it. I then move to grab his arms and pull him through the energy shield that surrounds the cell. He lands awkwardly beside me and says, "How did you...?"

            "Do not ask, just kiss me."

            At that point Loki is supposed to kiss Rhiannon passionately. Tom went in for an actor's kiss, but I quickly gave him the real thing. I figured it was my only chance so I might as well take it. He opened his lips and kissed back...really kissed back. I grabbed his head and curled my fingers into his hair. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to his body. It ended up being a very passionate kiss. Once Tom finally released me, I got up out of the floor and walked to the other side of the room, keeping my back to him while trying to compose myself. That had been one helluva kiss! I heard Tom say, "Joss I think we found our Rhiannon!"

            I quickly turned around and said, "What?!"

            "You're perfect. That was an amazing job. Besides, you know Rhiannon and this story better than anyone else," Tom replied.

            I looked from one to the other of them, "You're both crazy! I'm not an actress, I'm a writer."

            "I have to agree with Tom; that was really good. You really nailed that scene and with no rehearsal or anything. If you two had been in costume, we could've filmed that."

            I finally agreed to think about it. Tom ended up taking me out to dinner that night and convinced me to do it. He really was a silver tongued little devil.

            Less than two weeks later, production began. I was acting as an assistant director with Joss, though I really didn't do much. I wouldn't be needed in character for a while. Ben's first scene was after the fighting with the Jotuns when he hears Rhiannon crying and follows the sound to find the crying child. As I quietly observed with Joss, I pointed out something that wasn't quite right. Joss cut the scene and went over to talk to Ben, insisting I follow so I could explain what was supposed to be going on. He seemed really annoyed by me as I just pointed out one little thing that he needed to change.

            "Who the hell is she?" He asked Joss.

            "I'm Clarice Magnus. I helped write the screenplay and I wrote the novels this show is based on."

            He rolled his eyes and replied, "A writer. Lovely. How many years of experience do you have?"

            "With what?"

            "Acting, know, any of the things we're doing here."

            I was trying hard not to get upset, but I felt my cheeks getting hot anyway and my anger was bubbling to the surface. "I don't, but I've been a storyteller my whole life and this happens to be my story. So if you plan to stay in it, I suggest you behave yourself Been-A-Dick."

            I turned to walk off when he shouted, "That's Ben-e-dict. It ends with a T."

            I snapped myself around and shouted back, "Prove me wrong then!"

            He realized then what I had actually said and turned to Joss and said, "Did you hear what she said to me?"

            I didn't catch what Joss said in response as I had moved too far away to hear. I was so pissed off that I went off toward the actor's trailers. We were filming a bunch of outdoor scenes, on location so they all had trailers. Tom was standing outside of his, leaning against the side of it, in costume. "I'm sorry for his behavior Darling; he should have been more respectful of you."

            I was just a couple of feet away from him. I walked over and said, "You saw that?"

            "Yes, I just came from over there. I took a short cut to get here faster; I wanted the opportunity to apologize. That was really uncalled for."

            "You don't have to apologize; you don't control him."

            "That may be, but I'm the reason he's here in the first place. I'll try talking to him. Hopefully he'll soon see how ingenious you really are and behave himself. Not everyone knows genuine talent when they first meet it."

            He made me blush. He leaned over and kissed my forehead. I looked up at him and he kissed my lips gently. He then was called to set so he left quickly. I stood there and watched him like a star struck idiot. I didn't see Ben approaching. He called to me saying, "For some bizarre reason, Joss wants you back over there. He seems to think you add value or something."

            I glared at him and said, "Fuck you Been-A-Dick!" I then followed after Tom.


            That was how our relationship was for weeks. He would make some snide remark about my lack of experience and I would tell him to fuck off in some manner. We never went a day without trading insults. He wasn't at the set every day so I enjoyed those days. Joss and Tom both thought I was doing an excellent job and they appreciated my insight into the story. We actually went for a two week stretch where Ben was gone from the set and it was the most pleasant two weeks I'd had yet. I'd grown accustomed to just pointing things out myself without Joss having to intervene; everyone else respected me. Ben was just as big of an ass when he returned. I was grateful that we only had two weeks before we took a break for the holidays. Once we returned, it would be my turn. I would step into the role of the more adult Rhiannon. I was already nervous, but Tom reassured me I would do fine.


            Our vacation seemed to pass so quickly and before I knew it, it was January and time to return to California and make my acting debut. We were in the studio because it was wrong time of the year to film at our location. It was winter and snowing; we would need spring for more outdoor things. I was so nervous that there were not words for it. While I was in makeup, getting my red curly wig set and makeup applied, Tom was with me, going over lines again and reassuring me. I got into costume and we walked to the set together. My first scene and it was between Rhiannon and Fandral. Oh wonderful. I hoped he'd be professional. No such luck. Everything was fine up until the point where he was supposed to toss a staff to Rhiannon, who was supposed to catch it effortlessly as she had great reflexes. His aim would be off, he'd throw it too hard, or I'd end up dropping the stupid thing. We had to keep reshooting it. I was getting frustrated and tired. I needed a break. He finally screamed at me, "Do you think you could manage to catch and hold onto the damned thing this time?"

            "Catching wouldn't be difficult if you could throw worth a damn!" I snapped back.

            "You're blaming me? You are fucking seriously blaming me?!"

            "Well if the shoe fits, then lace it up and where that bitch!" I then stormed off toward my dressing room.

            I heard Joss call a lunch break. We had two hours before we had to be back. I slammed the door to my dressing room and took off the riding boots and socks I was wearing. I then took off my faux leather costume pants. The tunic I wore was so long that it was like wearing a mini dress. I unlaced the top of it and was about to remove it when my door was suddenly shoved open and Ben stormed in. Shit! I had forgotten to lock it. He slammed it closed and glared at me.

            "I am trying to change! Get the fuck out!" I yelled at him.

            "It was not my fault you kept dropping the damned staff!" He yelled back at me.

            "Fucking seriously? Fine, I'm a first class klutz and it was all my fault. There. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

            "Well it's a damned good start!"

            "You are a great big flaming asshole! What the fucking hell did I ever do to you?"

            "You don't belong here. You don't know anything about this business."

            "Well Joss disagrees with you. It's not really your call to make either."

            He glared at me silently. I then realized I was standing there in nothing but a tunic that was like a mini dress. The top was fully unlaced and open down to the top of the corset I wore underneath. My ample cleavage was clearly visible. I saw the expression in his eyes change. He appeared less angry and more lustful. That look frightened me a bit more. He didn't yell, but still said quite loudly. "I don't think I can keep working with you."

            "Why? Because you finally met someone who doesn't kiss your ass?"

            "No, because you're an annoying little bitch!"

            "Shove it up your ass Been-A-Dick!"

            He quickly closed the distance between us and I momentarily feared he was going to hit me. Instead he grabbed my arms and snarled, "I'd rather shove it up yours, but I really want the hole in front first."

            He roughly shoved me against the wall and began kissing me savagely. I was shocked at first, but the way it felt was amazing and I soon kissed him back. I didn't want to give in to him. I pushed him back some and acted angry with him while I said, "You're not man enough!"

            He pinned my wrists back against the wall and kissed me again. I felt his tongue force its way into my mouth and at that point, I stopped resisting. I let him kiss me and I returned his fiery passion. He pressed himself firmly against me and I could feel his hard throbbing cock against my groin. He felt huge. I lifted my left leg up to his waist and he rubbed it against me now that I'd given him access. He released my wrists so he could slide his hands up under my short tunic and work my panties down. I put my leg back down to make easier for him to accomplish his goal. As I felt the material hit my ankles, I stepped out of them. He began unfastening his pants and I helped him, yanking them down roughly. He then grabbed my wrists again, holding both above my head and against the wall with his left hand. He used his right hand to pull up my left leg to his waist as he slid his big hard cock into my wet hole. He pounded into me rapidly and ferociously; forcing it in to the hilt with every thrust. It simultaneously hurt and felt good. I moaned loudly. I had never had a man take me this way before. I liked it. It wasn't long until he brought me to orgasm. They didn't want to end either; it was one right after another, each one getting more intense than the last. I was screaming his name as he finally reached his own climax and moaned loudly. He soon pulled out of me. He whispered in my ear, in a low sexy growl, "Do you still think I'm not man enough?"

            I didn't answer as he released me and backed away. He pulled his pants back up and refastened them as he went to the door. I still leaned against the wall, my body quivering with the fading spasms of ecstasy. He looked back at me as he opened the door, smirked and blew me a kiss. After the door closed, I slid down the wall to sit on my bare butt. That was the most intense sex of my life.

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