Monday, May 18, 2015

Caught in the Middle: Epilogue RPFF

             I told Tom the very day he returned from taking Ben to the airport. He was upset, but not really surprised. He insisted on staying at the house to help take care of the babies; besides Morgana was his daughter. He moved into the empty bedroom.

            Ben returned after his three long months away from me. He moved right into my room and immediately became my lover once again. He was ecstatic to be reunited with Jocelyn and quickly took over caring for her. We took the babies to set with us daily but ended up hiring a nanny named Leilani to watch the babies for us. There were times all three of us had to be on set together and we couldn't reliably get the same assistant to watch them. Lani had actually been a nanny for years so she was very experienced with babies. It wasn't long before Tom started flirting with her and they began dating. She bore a striking resemble to me in character for Rhiannon. Red curly hair, although shorter, blue eyes; but more petite than I was. It wasn't long until Tom proposed to her. Ben and I were both a little shocked at how quickly their relationship was moving forward, but we kept our opinions to ourselves. Tom loved being a dad; I could see a lot of babies in their future as long as she was able to have them. We all went to England to spend the holidays. My ex-husband even allowed me to take our son to England. Ben, myself and all three children, stayed at his parents' house. Tom took Lani and Morgana to meet his family though. His Mother was thrilled with her granddaughter. Even though I had asked Ben to marry me months before, he formally proposed to me on New Year's Eve with a beautiful diamond and ruby engagement ring. I accepted of course.

            When we returned to California in January, we learned that show was being canceled at the end of the season. Joss and I quickly rewrote the last few episodes so that we had a better ending. The final months just seemed to rush by. After we wrapped it up, there was an enormous party for the cast and crew. The end of April arrived and we celebrated our twins First Birthday with a small party. Robert and his wife were there with their kids and since Chris was in town, he brought his family.

            Our lease on the beach house was up at the end of June so we would all be moving to England. I was upset about being so far away from my son, but my ex-husband refused to allow him to live with me. I was prepared to fight for them when suddenly in the middle of June, fate intervened and I didn't have to. His father got into a car accident with his young girlfriend and died from his injuries. We flew to Miami and picked up my son before flying to England. We stayed with his parents until Ben found a house for us; his flat in London was way too small for all of us. Two months after we moved in to our own house, the house across the street from us went up for sale and Tom and his new wife bought it. Now he would be close to Morgana so she could grow up close to her Dad and half-brothers. Lani was pregnant by the time they married in June. That baby boy wasn't even a year old before she was pregnant with another one.

            Unfortunately I was unable to give Ben more children. Just after we wrapped the show, I had to have an emergency hysterectomy. He didn't mind though; we had a daughter that was ours biologically and a little boy he formally adopted shortly after we married. He had a family and was very happy with it. Tom finally found a woman to love and who could love him the way I didn't; he was happy with her and his three children. We were all one big happy extended family.

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