Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Caught in the Middle: Ben in the Morning RPFF

            I was awakened shortly after sunrise by the sensation of kisses on my face. Once those lips moved onto my neck, I opened my eyes. He was so close to me that I could see every detail of his face clearly. I realized he really was a handsome man. I arched my neck back and moaned softly. He said good morning between kisses.

            "It is now," I mumbled between my moans of pleasure.

            He brought his lips to mine and kissed me passionately. He soon tried to pull away but I held his bottom lip between mine and sucked on it. He moaned softly and resumed kissing me. After quite a while, I let him pull his mouth from mine. "I really like that full bottom lip of yours," I whispered.

            He smiled and said, "I like the full lips you have somewhere lower."

            I caressed his cheeks and studied his face briefly. "Damn Ben, were you always so handsome?"

            "Yes," he replied nonchalantly as he moved to kiss my chin and neck.

            "No I mean it; you have beautiful eyes too."

            He paused in his kisses. "Mine are not nearly as beautiful as yours. I still can't figure out what color they are supposed to be. It's so enchantingly strange."

            He resumed kissing my neck while slowly making his way to my breasts. I watched as he snaked out his tongue to trace circles around my right nipple before drawing it up between his lips to suck it. He sucked so much harder than Tom did; it was almost as if he was trying to get something to come out of them. I giggled at that thought and he paused to ask what was funny as he kissed and licked his way to my other breast.

            "I was just thinking that you suck on my nipples like a baby trying to nurse."

            "Maybe I am."

            He drew my left nipple and good deal of the areola up into his mouth and sucked harder. A few minutes later, he released it to say, "No such luck."

            I giggled and said, "Those dried up a long time ago."

            "Well maybe I should get you pregnant so I can nurse on them."

            His lips slowly made their way south, kissing my abdomen all over as he went. I could periodically feel his tongue trailing along my flesh. He paused at my pelvis and pushed my legs apart so he could climb between them. "I want you to pretend your legs hate each other and don't like to be together."

            I giggled again as I felt his tongue swirling all around my clitoris before he sucked on it vigorously. He was so good at pleasuring me this way that I couldn't get enough of it. He shoved his tongue in my hole and wiggled it around. I moaned loudly. A few minutes later, he withdrew his tongue and replaced it with his long fingers. As they slid back and forth, he said, "You taste so good. I love doing this to you."

            He then resumed sucking my clitoris while he finger fucked me. I could feel the tension building in my pelvis so I moaned louder. He soon paused again to say, "Come for me baby; squirt me in the face again."

            "I thought you didn't like that," I replied between moans.

            "It surprised me, but I liked it. I've never made a woman do that before. It was hot as hell."

            His fingers moved faster and he sucked my clitoris again. The tension built up even more and I was squirming and moaning louder than before. He paused again to say, "Just let it go baby and come for me."

            A few minutes more passed until I arched my back sharply as my body finally erupted in spasms so intense I screamed his name. I could actually feel the fluid released from my body as my pelvis uncontrollably bucked up into his face. He jerked his head back out of the way quickly.

            "Whoa, there little lady. That was a hard one."

            "Yessss, it was," I was still moaning and trembling.

            He moved his body up and plunged his hard cock into my wet hole all in one swift, sexy movement. He was not at all gentle with how he pumped into me. My orgasms never exactly faded completely as he fucked me furiously. I was soon having intense ones again as he raised my legs to his shoulders so he could penetrate me deeper. It wasn't too much longer until he was moaning; I felt his body shudder suddenly. His thrusting slowed and then stopped as he withdrew before collapsing on the bed next to me face down. He was breathing hard, as was I. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

            Eventually, he rolled onto his side and gazed at me. "I love fucking you. I don't have to be gentle. I can be as rough as I want and you enjoy it."

            I giggled, but didn't reply. He soon traced his fingers in a circle over my right nipple for a while. At last he said, "Will you have my baby?"

            I turned toward him and stared in shock. "Ben I told you I can't have more kids. I had the clamps put on my tubes because my only successful pregnancy was very complicated; the doctor said I couldn't go through that again. I thought one of the appeals of fucking me is that you can't get me pregnant."

            "I know that you did, but I've researched it and it's not one hundred percent effective. It actually has a pretty high failure rate. Would you get upset if I got you pregnant? Would you carry my baby or get an abortion and never even tell me about it?"

            "Ben, you know I would never do something so horrible. We've had that discussion before; you know how much I loathe the very idea that such a thing exists. I would probably be a little upset; out of concern for my health and the child's. Of course I would tell you I was pregnant; I would never lie about such a thing. But what made you have such thoughts?"

            "I can't help but look at you and wonder what our children would look like. I know I've been a colossal asshole to you for the past few months..."

            I interrupted him, "Past few months...?"

            "OK, since we met. It's just that...lately I really feel different. I've gotten to know you better since the three of us have been sharing this rental and you really are a wonderful person. I'm sorry I didn't see it as early as Tom did. It's just that...well...I've sort of changed how I feel toward you..."

            His voice trailed off and he was silent. He sat up with his back to me. I waited for him to finish but he said nothing. I finally sat up and touched his left shoulder gently. He sighed and then said, "I know I'm too late anyway and Tom owns your heart."

            He got up out of the bed and stormed out of the room and across the hall to the bathroom. I soon heard the faint sound of the water in the shower. He was right, Tom did have my heart, but he didn't own it completely. Ben had a place in there too. I loved them both.

Caught in the Middle: Love for Different Reasons

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