Monday, May 11, 2015

Caught in the Middle: Tom and Ben Round Two RPFF

          I was awakened by kisses on my body. I laid there with my eyes closed and enjoyed the glorious sensations. Hands and lips wandered all over my naked body. He sucked my nipples hard and nibbled my breasts when he wasn't sucking on them. His lips eventually made their way down to pelvis. I spread my legs wide and felt a tongue snake over my clitoris then start sucking on it. I opened my eyes and saw that it was Ben. He kept teasing my clitoris with his tongue, making me squirm. Finally he drew it up into his mouth and sucked it hard while he shoved two fingers inside my hole. I moaned loudly. He stopped sucking but continued fucking me roughly with his fingers; "There's that sweet sound I love to hear."

            I moaned again and he went back to licking and sucking on my clitoris. Tom walked in after a few minutes. He stripped naked and climbed into the bed next to me. "You started without me," he chastised Ben.

            Ben paused long enough to say, "Couldn't help it. She invited me laying there on her back with her legs open."

            He went back to work on my clitoris and I lay there moaning and watching Tom to see what he would do. He leaned over and kissed me passionately. His lips soon wandered onto my neck and down to my boobs. He kneaded the left one while he sucked on my right nipple. I could feel the tension building in my pelvis and began moaning louder. Tom started sucking harder. Ben's fingers moved faster as he sucked my clitoris again. My body soon erupted into a series of orgasms so intense I screamed. Ben sat up and said, "You squirted me in the face you naughty little girl. I may have to punish you for that."

            I laughed and said, "Come closer and I'll clean it off for you."

            "I never said I wanted it cleaned off," he replied as he grabbed my hips and lifted my butt onto his thighs so he could plunge his big cock into my dripping wet hole. He held my legs up around his shoulders as he thrusted into me slowly.

            Tom soon moved behind my head, leaned over me and grabbed my ankles to pull my legs back some. It spread my legs wider and lifted my pelvis higher so Ben's thrusts were even deeper. I started moaning loudly again. Tom watched Ben fuck me for a while before saying, "Don't forget what we planned to do."

            Ben reluctantly pulled out of me as Tom ordered me to roll over. He then lay down on his back and told me to climb on. I obeyed by straddling him on my knees. I soon felt his hard cock slide inside of me but he didn't move. I felt Ben's hands on my hips and soon felt his cock rubbing around my other hole. He soon slid it slowly inside of me and I gasped loudly. I had one of them in each hole; my dirtiest fantasy had finally come true. They soon began to slowly slide within me and within moments were thrusting in unison. Nothing had ever felt so amazing in my life. I was moaning uncontrollably. Ben picked up the pace and Tom slowed down. Ben pumped into my ass furiously until he came and pulled out. Tom then grabbed me and rolled over so he could be on top and began to really fuck me hard. Ben moved behind my head and held my ankles up just like Tom had done so that his thrusting was even deeper. I soon had an intense series of orgasms that had me screaming his name. He came at the same time I did.

            He pulled out and then leaned over to kiss me. "You get so wet it's hard to stay in there, but I love a challenge."

            Ben laughed and asked if I enjoyed my double penetration. "That was amazing fellas! Whose idea was that anyway?"

            Tom laughed mischievously and replied, "It was Loki's idea! Loki made me do it!"

            I laughed and said, "Oh, so I've been Loki'd!"

            They both laughed as Ben lay down next to me and wrapped his arms around me. He turned toward Tom and said, "Scram! I get to sleep with her tonight. You've had her every other night."

            Tom laughed again and said, "You better be nice to her buddy or Loki might have to kick your ass!"

            Ben snorted and replied, "I'd like to see him try it! Now turn off the light and go away."

            Tom pinched my left nipple and said goodnight with a wink before turning off the lights and leaving the room. Ben pulled me close, kissed my forehead and told me to get some sleep because he wanted more sex later. I put my head on his chest and gradually dozed off to the sound of his heartbeat in my ear.

Caught in the Middle:Ben in the Morning

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