Friday, August 29, 2014

Stolen: Married (Loki & Evelyn)

Loki didn't want a big formal, royal ceremony. He asked if it would be all right with me if we just married quietly. I told him the only thing I cared about was being his wife. The day after he proposed to me, he went to his Mother and told her about me. She was happy her son found love again and agreed to allow us to marry. Since she was the queen, she could even perform the ceremony herself. Two days after he proposed to me, Loki and I were married in the palace gardens by the light of the full moon. I asked why he wanted to marry at night. He said it was the best way not to draw attention to ourselves and he really wanted to do it outside.

For our night time marriage ceremony, I wore a dress of deep emerald green and black. Loki's two favorite colors. He was dressed in green and black as well. There was no one there but the three of us. We recited our vows of love and devotion to each other and were then united in marriage. Loki gave me a beautiful band of gold with tiny emeralds wrapping around the top; he even wore one that matched it. He swore he was proud to show all the realms that an amazing woman had won his heart. We sealed our vows with a kiss. His Mother wished us well and then left us to return to the palace.

Loki took my hand and lead me off to a far corner of the garden where the high wall was located. He parted the vines to reveal a small wooden door. He opened it with a key he withdrew from his pocket and carefully pushed it open. I had no trouble walking through the short, narrow door but he had to duck to keep from hitting his head on the stones. I realized after passing through the door that this didn't lead to outside of the palace garden. Under the bluish-white light of the full moon I could see an enormous water fountain in the center of the stone walkway far in front of me, toward the center of the garden. I could see climbing roses of every color all over the walls and some other purple flower I didn't know. There were a couple of large trees with overhung branches; I think they are called Willow trees. I could make out statues here and there scattered throughout; as well as a bench or two. After I marveled at my surroundings for a while, I finally asked Loki, "What is this place?"

"It was Sigyn's garden. I gave it to her after we married to do with as she pleased. No one has been here since her death except for myself and the three gardeners I pay to keep everything up so the plants don't die. Our sons used to play here when they were little boys. My hope was to keep it alive and beautiful so I could give it again to my next wife. I just didn't realize it would take so long for me to find another woman I could love enough to make my wife," he paused as he took my hand and placed the key in my palm. He went on, "It is now yours to do with as you please. You are welcome to change it to suit your own tastes. I only ask that you fill it with the laughter of our children."

I closed my hand around the key as I turned to look over it once more, "Oh Loki, it's beautiful! I don't know that I would change a thing."

"You might feel different when you see it by the light of day. It doesn't have to be right away. You might change your mind a few years down the road of life."

He then reached out to take my free hand and lead me to an area near one of the trees where there was a thick patch of grass. I noticed there was a large blanket spread out on the ground. He sat down and invited me to join him. I sat next to him and he wasted no time in cupping my left cheek with one hand and kissing me passionately. His lips soon moved onto my neck as he unlaced the bodice of my dress and moved it off of my shoulders. I reveled in the sensations of his lips on my neck; I loved his kisses. I came to my senses enough to say, "Loki, are we going to do it here? Out in the garden?"

He pulled my dress down and helped me out of it. "That was my plan darling. I want to make love to my beautiful bride under the light of the full moon."

He soon stripped me completely naked as I no longer wore a corset because of the baby. He then stripped as well and leaned over me to kiss my lips again. His lips were soon down on my breasts where he gave them a good tongue bath before working his way back up to my lips. There was a fiery passion that burned within me at the realization I was about to make love to my husband. Husband. I never thought I was going to have one of those. I suddenly pushed against him and turned him to lay him out on his back on the blanket as I swung my right over his body to straddle him. He didn't expect that at all. I kissed his lips with all the fiery passion I felt awakened within me. I paused just long enough to say, "My turn!"

 My lips moved onto his neck as I trailed around it with my tongue, nipping him roughly in some places. He moaned every time I bit him. I ran my hands all over his body as my lips made their way to his groin. He was rock hard by the time I finally go to it and slipped my mouth over it. I took it in as far as I could while I swirled my tongue around the sensitive underside. I then withdrew my mouth slowly while raking my teeth against his hardness. He moaned loudly. I paused at the tip to suck hard before sliding my mouth down onto it again. I withdrew quickly and carefully crawled up his body, so close to him that hard cock rubbed against my flesh until I slid it into my wet slit. I very slowly took him into my body. I shifted so I was sitting upright and took his enormous cock in up to the hilt as I began to ride him slowly. Within minutes he was trying to rock his hips and encourage me to move faster. I moved up until he was out of me and he groaned loudly. "It's my turn to tease you dear husband. I've endured your delicious torture and now it's your turn to endure mine. Now are you going to be a good boy and let me have my way with you?"

His yes came out in a soft moan, to which I replied, "Hm, what was that? I didn't quite hear you."

I rubbed my wet slit against the tip of his hard cock as he cried out, "YES!"

I moved him back within me and took him in all the way again. He moaned as I moved slowly up and down on him. I kept my pace slow and teasing; I very gradually moved faster so the tension slowly built up in both of us. He tried to move faster again and I shouted "HOLD IT!"

He groaned and said, "You are a naughty little vixen!"

"Now you know how it feels to want to release it so bad and be denied. You need to wait for me."

I began moving faster, but it wasn't fast enough to suit him. After a few short minutes, he grabbed me, sat up, pulled me close to his body and began fucking me furiously. We were both loudly moaning until he finally shot his load inside of me and I reached my own screaming climax. He fell back onto the blanket, panting like he'd been running as fast as he could. I sat between his thighs, breathing just as hard. Once he was able to speak, he said, "I did not expect that!"

I moved to lay on my stomach next to him on the blanket. "I know you didn't. That's why it's called a surprise."

"It's was a damned fine surprise! I think I've created a monster!"

I laughed at that as I rolled over. It was rather uncomfortable to lay on my stomach now that I was pregnant. We laid there for quite a while gazing at the moon and stars. Finally he suggested we go inside and get some sleep. He dressed again, but wrapped the blanket around me. He picked up my clothes and carried them for me as we went into the palace. He had a terrace entrance to his room that we utilized so no one would see us enter.

As soon as we were inside, I flung the blanket in the direction of the sofa and climbed into bed. He stripped naked again and crawled in bed next to me, pulling me close to him. We soon drifted off to sleep, wrapped around each other.

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