Wednesday, September 17, 2014

When It Rains (just some random short writing)

** Something random I wrote a few months when it was raining outside and I had just finished watching Henry IV with Tom Hiddleston**

I sit by the window and watch the rain as it pelts the pavement outside. There is a serene beauty in the rain. I love the sound it makes as it falls through the leaves of the tree that is also outside of my window.

            As I admire the beauty of the rainy day, I fantasize that he comes up behind me, gently kisses the back of my neck while wrapping his arms about my waist. He says nothing at first. I can feel his warm breath on my neck; hear the faint beating of his heart as he is so close to me. I lean back into his embrace and he welcomes me with a kiss on the side of my forehead. I continue to gaze out at the rain while I enjoy the warmth of his body pressed against mine.

            After several more minutes of silence, he finally inquires what's on my mind. I simply respond that I'm watching the rain and not trying to focus on a single thought. I'm just letting them pass through and hopefully right out of mind so I can be at peace for a while. He chuckles softly and continues to hold me in silence. Between the mesmerizing rain fall and his strong, warm, loving arms around me, I feel my entire body relax. Eventually my troublesome thoughts run their course and I feel peaceful in mind at last.

            I thank him. He asks what for. I reply, "For loving me. As flawed as I am, you still love me. For that gift, a lifetime wouldn't be enough for me to cherish you."

            His only response is to turn me around and kiss my lips tenderly.

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