Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stolen: Do You Like it Rough? (Loki & Evelyn)

We both ended up falling asleep after our bondage tryst. He awakened me sometime later so I could eat lunch. I had a ravenous appetite and ate heartily. He found it amusing that our sex did that to me. He had eaten before he woke me up. He didn't like to eat in front of other people if he could avoid it; he said it just made him uncomfortable. When I finished, he draped his robe over me to cover my nudity before summoning his servant to clear away the dishes.

Once the table had been cleared and cleaned, Loki ordered me to remove the robe. "It's to shield your body from the eyes of people not worthy to see your beauty, not from me."

I immediately did as he requested and remained seated until he told me what to do. I was determined to follow directions this time and not question him no matter what he wanted me to do. He sat gazing at me just as he had this morning. His gaze was so intense that it made me self-conscious. I wanted so much to look away, but I refused to let my eyes leave his this time. After several minutes, I saw a smile slowly spread across his lips. Holding his gaze was apparently what he wanted from me. At last he said, "Come here Evelyn."

I rose and went around the table to stand in front of him. He caressed my thighs and leaned over to kiss them. His hands and lips wandered up my body slowly as he stood up. Finally he was kissing my lips passionately. I met the passion in his kiss with my own and soon I felt his tongue slide into my mouth and stroke my own briefly. Eventually his lips left mine to kiss and suck on my neck. I felt him bite me and I moaned.

"Did you like that Baby?" He asked between kisses.

"Yes," I moaned.

He then bit me again on the other side of my neck, harder though. I still moaned. He then turned me and sat me on the table. He stood between my legs and began kissing my breasts. He licked, sucked and nibbled on them on for quite a while. Every time he bit me, I moaned. Suddenly he pushed me back onto the table and yanked my legs apart so he could bury his face between them. He roughly sucked on my clit and fucked me with his tongue; even biting my flesh there occasionally. I moaned with every bite no matter if it felt entirely good or hurt a little. He finally brought me to a rough, nearly screaming orgasm.

He stood up and ordered me to roll over. I obeyed so he grabbed my hips and pulled me off the table so that I was standing but my upper half was still on the table. He then lifted me slightly and penetrated me from behind. He began fucking me fiercely; slamming his body into me ruthlessly. He even went so far as to reach under me and lift my upper body some so he could pull me down on him more so his penetration was even deeper. It hurt and felt good. I was nearly screaming from the fierce intensity of his sex. As he finally neared his climax, he released my upper body so he could hold my hips while he thrust into me as fast as he could manage. I leaned over the table and held onto the edges so I wouldn't lose my balance.  His reached his orgasm at the same time I did and we were both screaming. He released me then, stumbled backward and lost his balance, falling into the floor on his butt. He didn't care though as he laid down, panting heavily. I slid down into the floor as well. After several minutes, he said, "Evelyn, come here."

I crawled over to him and he pulled me down to where I was laying next to him with my head on his chest. I could hear his heart still pounding as mine was as well. "Evelyn that was amazing. See how great the sex is when you just do what I ask? Now tell me the truth Darling, do you like it rough?"

Getting to Know Each Other

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