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Stolen: Getting to Know Each Other (Loki & Evelyn)

I laid there contemplating his words before I finally replied, "I just enjoy sex with you."

He laughed heartily. "You're turning out to be my favorite Evelyn. Now if only I can get you to trust me."

I didn't reply. I just laid there against him while he began playing with my hair. After a long while, he finally asked me to get up. I obeyed immediately and stood waiting next to him to see what he would have me do. He rose and went to retrieve his long black silk robe and put it on. He then went to his wardrobe and removed a deep emerald green robe that was shorter and came up behind me and placed it over my shoulders. I put my arms into the sleeves as he came around me and wrapped the front over my breasts and tied the sash. It was a soft silk, just like his. It was too big for me, but it worked find to conceal my nudity and keep me a bit warmer. His chambers were a bit chilly. I looked down the front and saw it was embroidered in gold with the letter L in a rather snaky script on the left. He turned around to sit on the sofa. As he walked away from me I saw on the back of his robe was embroidered a large snake in deep green and gold. I found it curious so I ventured to ask about it.

He sat down on the black leather sofa and glared at me for a moment before answering, "It's Jormungand and he's often one of my symbols."

"Why is that?"

"He's my son," he stated frankly.

I had heard the stories that many years ago, long before even my grandmother had been born, Loki had children with a Jotun witch that were not exactly...normal. I had always thought they were untrue. I wanted desperately to ask if he really was the father of a giant serpent, large wolf and a half skeletal woman who now was supposed to rule over the realm of hell where the dead unworthy of Valhalla or the Fields of Freya were sent. I prudently chose to say nothing. I found myself gazing down at my own stomach, wondering if he had impregnated me and what I would give birth to.

He smirked and said, "Don't worry dearest. Even if I have gotten you pregnant, your child will be perfectly normal. I am not the reason they turned out that way. That witch did something to them; I still do not know what it was exactly. I had two sons with Sigyn that turned out to be perfectly normal Asgardians."

I gasped with surprise that he knew exactly what I had been thinking. I wanted to ask, but I bit my lip. He patted the sofa next to me and ordered me to sit down. I did so, but not right next to him. He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me close. "Do I frighten you now?"

"No Sire. I was...just curious..." I didn't dare continue my train of thought.

"About what? For right now I give you permission to ask me anything you desire to know about me, as long as I can do the same."

I settled in comfortably next to him with my head on his shoulder. He put his arm around me and held me tight. "I was wondering how you knew what I was thinking for one."

"I can read your mind. It's a simple magic if you would like to learn."

"What about all of those old stories about your children being...well...not normal? Are they true?"

"Yes they are. Fenrir is a wolf, Jormungand is a giant serpent and Hela...well she is half skeletal. My sons, who were twins, Vali and Narfi were just like any other Asgardian. If I do end up impregnating you, there's nothing to worry about; I promise you that. Now it's my turn to ask you a question since you've asked two now."

"Yes Sire."

"Where is your bracelet? I'd like to see it."

I got up and retrieved my dress. Hidden away in the folds of the skirt was a pocket that I sewed in myself. I removed the golden bracelet and brought it to him. He took it from hands as I returned to sitting next to him. He turned it over and studied it carefully. There were strange symbols etched into it all the way around. I had no idea what they meant, if anything at all. I knew the bracelet had once belonged to my grandmother and had been in our family for many years. "Evelyn, where did you get this bracelet?"

"My mother gave it to me and her mother had given it to her before she died. I do know that it is very old, but I do not know where it came from originally. Is that important?"

"It might be, but if you don't know then I'll have to see if I can find out. Do you know what these symbols are that are etched into it?"

"Of course not. I can barely read. I had to start running our household shortly after I turned nine and my father worked constantly so I didn't have time for luxuries like reading. I had the book my Mother had read to me when I was young and used to teach me to read, so I taught my little sister to read that, we can both write a little, know our numbers, and how to handle money, but that was as far as our formal education went. That is certainly nothing I've seen anywhere else."

"They are Runic symbols of magic; specifically for healing. Your Mother and Grandmother were healers and I think this was their talisman of power. That's why it vibrates when it's held by someone who knows magic."

I was shocked. "You feel it too?"

"Yes of course I do. Here, put it on and never take it off. I sensed it when I passed you in the hallway that day. I was surprised to find a magical talisman on a servant and even more surprised that you had no idea what it was. I admit, I took it so I could study it, but I just hadn't had the opportunity. I had suddenly become too busy with other duties. It's not just the bracelet though, Evelyn; it's inside of you too. The female blood in your family is strong in healing magic."

I took the bracelet from him and placed it on my left wrist. "I think it must have skipped a generation."

"No Evelyn, it didn't. You just don't know how to use it. I can feel it inside of you every time we make love. Did you ever see your Mother or Grandmother heal people?"

I closed my eyes while I searched my memories. I felt his fingers touch my temple and my memories became more vivid. I finally stumbled upon a memory of my Grandmother healing a child in our village. I was with her, carrying her herbal basket though I couldn't have been older than five. I heard her chanting something softly while she ran her hands over the fevered child's face. I saw the redness in the child's face fade away while she sighed contentedly and fell into a peaceful sleep. My Grandmother than gave the child's mother a bundle of herbs and some instructions before we left. My Grandmother had died less than a year later when a serious plague had struck a village in the far edges of the kingdom. She went to help heal the people. The plague had been contained, but not before it killed her and nearly everyone in the village. I then went to other memories I had of myself at various ages where my Mother soothed my illnesses and wounds with the same words. I could hear them clearly. I began repeating them aloud, though I was only vaguely aware of speaking aloud. I could remember them now and I would never forget them again. Loki removed his fingers from my head. I turned to him and said, "I remember it now."

He smiled. "Yes, you do. Keep those words always in the front of your mind and use them when you must. Do not be ashamed of your magic skills. Healing is a wonderful thing. Just never try to take on a job too big, or force a total healing of major wounds. Always hold back some and heal anything major slowly. All magic comes with a price Evelyn. I have a feeling your Grandmother and Mother paid it with their lives when they tried to do something too big for their bodies to handle."

I could do nothing but nod my head. I had dabbled in magic for years and I had always been able to heal my little sister's scrapes. I had no idea I could possibly have that much power within me though. I trusted Loki's knowledge of magic over my own and promised him I would always be careful. I also swore I would never take my bracelet off again.

We sat there silently as I resumed my previous position of laying with my head on his shoulder. He had his long legs stretched out before him with his feet resting on a padded leather stool. The robe had fallen away from his legs making it easy for me to admire them. They were long and somewhat slender, but strong at the thighs. His skin was pale and free of hair. He had it on his head, eyebrows, lashes and that was it. I have to confess, sitting there staring his strong smooth legs was arousing to me. I then felt his hand stroking my right arm as his lips found my forehead, kissing me gently. He shifted his legs slightly causing more of his robe to slide away to reveal more of his thighs. I wanted so much to reach out and stroke his thighs with my fingers, but I didn't move. I wasn't sure if it would upset him. He paused in kissing my forehead and said, "You can touch me Evelyn. I don't want you to be afraid of me; part of trusting me is not being afraid. You are always welcome to touch me when ever you want, where ever you want."

I reached out my hand tentatively and gently traced my fingers over his right thigh, from his knee up to where his leg was covered by his robe. I stopped, afraid to go higher. "If my clothing is in your way, than feel free to remove it. You did not hesitate to unfasten my pants before. You wanted what was in there so bad that you insisted on removing the barrier. What's stopping you now?"

I slid my hand up his body to the sash at his waist. I grabbed one end and pulled hard. Once it was untied, I pulled it again to move it away from his body entirely. I then slowly peeled back the fabric to expose his nudity. I was so aroused that my heart was pounding and I felt a little light headed. I tried to control my reactions as I trailed my fingers all around his abdomen and down to this right thigh only to cross his legs and drag them back up his other side. I heard him moaning softly. I looked up to see he had closed his eyes so he could enjoy it more. I then put my whole hand against his body and stroked him up to his chest and down the other side. I finally ventured to touch it; from base to tip I caressed it lightly with my finger tips. He moaned again and I saw and felt it grow harder. I was amazed that I had held that power over him. I could arouse him and make him hard. I began stroking it faster.

He suddenly opened his eyes and said, "Use your tongue."

I wasn't quite sure what he wanted me to do, but I guessed it was similar to the way he teased my body with his tongue. I leaned over and slowly licked the length of it with my tongue. I pulled it up using my hand at the base so I could do it again. This time when I got to the tip, I slipped my lips over it and took it as far into my mouth as I could manage without gagging myself. He moaned louder and I slowly withdrew back to tip, sucking gently. I then swirled my tongue around the tip for a while before sliding my lips back down as far as I could go. I kept teasing him that way; going faster for a bit and than slowing down. He was soon moaning constantly. I loved that I could make him do that. After a while he said, "If you keep doing that, I'm going to squirt in your mouth."

"Isn't that what I did to you?"

"No, you squirted all over my pelvis. Do you want me to unload it in your mouth?"

"It would be different."

He laughed and said, "I'd rather pleasure you at the same time that I receive pleasure. I love listening to you moan and scream my name."

I sat up then and moved to straddle him. Before he penetrated me, he untied the robe and opened the front. He fondled my boobs for a few minutes before he lifted me and pulled me closer to him, settling me down on top of his hard shaft. I moaned as he began to slowly thrust into me. I managed to assist his efforts by raising and lowering myself with my legs.

"You catch on quick; at least as far as sex is concerned."

We moved in unison as he began to gradually increase the speed. We were both softly moaning into each other's ears. I was finally getting closer to my peak, but not quite there yet. He started encouraging me to come as he picked up the pace so fast I couldn't keep up. I gave up and allowed him to take over. He held me tightly down on him and thrust even faster. My volcano of tension finally erupted and I nearly screamed. He moaned loudly at the same time as I felt the sudden rush of extra fluid fill my body. His movement slowed and then ceased. He held me close and kissed me sweetly. "I love it when we come together. It feels so much better."

I moved off of him then turned to snuggle against him. He just sat there and held me quietly. I dozed off and only woke up when he picked me up to put me in his bed. I soon fell back into a sound sleep.

Before He Leaves for War

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