Monday, July 28, 2014

Stolen: Command Performance (Loki & Evelyn)

I was surprised when only a day had gone by before I was summoned to Prince Loki's chambers in the  evening. I entered and stood barely inside of the doors after they were closed.

"Evelyn, do come into the center of the room," Loki requested. "Do you know why you're here?"

"I have a pretty good idea sire."

He was seated in a high backed chair made of burgundy leather in the center of the room. He had a large golden goblet in his hand that he sipped from. I very slowly walked to the rug just in front of his chair. He sat there and gazed at me like he was deciding if I was worth his trouble. He wore nothing but black pants. After a few minutes he finally requested that I take my hair down. I wore my long dark hair pinned up as I always did when I was working. I had yet to get ready for bed as I had just finished working. I obeyed his request and soon my hair was free and flowing down my back.

"Take off your dress."

This made me more nevous, but I still obeyed. I was not nude under it this time. I wore my chemise and corset, but that was all I wore under my dress. I saw a look of approval in his eyes. He put down the goblet on the table next to his chair and gestured for me to approach him. I moved to stand directly in front of him where he promptly grabbed my waist and pulled me into his lap. He kissed my lips passionately. I returned his kiss and matched his passion. One passionate kiss was followed by more and kisses that moved onto my neck. I arched it back and began to moan softly as his tongue slid all over my throat and down to my cleavage.

He paused, "As much as I love this corset; it's in my way." He began unhooking it.

Once it was completely undone, he flung it aside, grabbed my chemise and pulled it up and off; it was flung in the opposite direction. "You won't be needing those again for quite a while. I don't intend on letting you leave anytime soon." He then crushed his lips down on mine again and kissed me hungrily.

I turned to straddle him so I was fully facing him. His lips worked his way down to my breasts where he explored them both thoroughly with his lips and tongue. I leaned back as far as I could to make it easier for him. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to his groin and his rock hard shaft. It amazed me that I had the power to cause that reaction in him. I impulsively sat up and began unfastening his pants.

"Good girl," he purred in my ear. "You catch on quick."

After I had them unfastened, he had to manuever to help me pull them down and off. I sat back down on his lap, but he hadn't penetrated me yet. He stroked me with it slowly and I moaned. He was so freaking big! I had seen that bulge in a man's pants before and I knew they weren't all this big.

"Do you want that baby?"

"Yessss," I hissed out in his ear.

"Beg me for it."


He rubbed me harder. "You can do better than that. You're so wet baby. What do you want me to do to you?"

"Fuck me," I whispered in his ear, moaning as he rubbed.

"Hm? What was that? I couldn't hear you."

"FUCK ME NOW!" I screamed.

He shoved it up inside of me all the way to the hilt and just held himself there at first. I moaned loudly. "Is that what you wanted?"

"YES!" I screamed.

"You got it up there, baby, so ride it."

I started to slowly slide up and down on him, riding him. I gradually picked up the pace, but my legs were beginning to tire all ready. I wasn't used to doing anything like this. He realized I was tiring so he began helping by rocking his hips.  After a few minutes, he surprised me by picking me up and moving us both into the floor. He held my legs up above his shoulders, rested on his knees and thrust into me fiercely. I moaned so loud I was nearly screaming. Soon he grabbed my ankles, spread my legs further apart and leaned over me slightly, thrusting as fast as he could manage. I came then and came hard. I screamed his name and then I felt his body shudder and he moaned loudly too. He pulled out of me then and sat back in the chair. He was panting from his efforts. I laid in the floor and watched him. Once he could breathe normally, he stood up and helped me up out of the floor. He kissed me gently and said, "You're sleeping in my bed tonight. We'll be doing that again later."

Awakened (part 3)

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