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All in a Dream: Tom Decides to Blow up the Internet (part three) RPF

         Tuesday morning was a repeat of the day before. I awoke at dawn to use the bathroom then made love to Tom. I then showered quickly and left without eating breakfast because I had to leave earlier. This bookstore was even further away from my hotel. Once it was over, he was waiting outside for me again so we could have lunch together.

            I kissed him before getting into the limo. "You're going to spoil me by doing this every day."

            "That was my intention Darling. You deserve to be spoiled."

            I giggled like a school girl and then got into the limo. After lunch at a nearby restaurant, he walked me to the bookstore, just like the day before. He kissed me before we parted and told me he'd have Chinese takeout waiting for me this time. I told him it was a great idea and to order Wonton Soup as it was my favorite. I then went into the bookstore.

            By the time I was finished with the fourth and final bookstore for my New York trip, I was ready to grab some dinner and sleep. We would have to get up early in the morning and skip our love making as the flight was scheduled to leave at eight o'clock. True to his word, Tom had Chinese takeout waiting for me when I got back to the hotel. He had just recently gotten it as it was still quite hot. I grabbed my soup and spoon and went to the sofa. I decided I really wanted to relax and watch a movie while I ate. I found an old favorite of mine to watch while I sipped my hot soup broth directly from the plastic container. Tom sat a cold bottle of soda on the end table next to me as he crossed behind me to sit next to me. I glanced to my side and saw it the type I always drink. "You remembered my soda brand!"

            "Of course I did Darling. You order it at lunch daily; I do pay attention to things like that."

            I leaned over and kissed his cheek then turned my attention back to the movie and my soup. We ate in silence while we watched the movie. After the food was gone and the movie over, I got up to get into bed after throwing away my trash. Tom turned off the other lights in the room, than joined me. He stood next to the bed and slowly stripped until he was completely naked. I watched approvingly. He then crawled into bed next to me and kissed me passionately. Afterward he asked if he could have dessert. I giggled and agreed to it. We made love and fell asleep entwined together afterward.

            Early the next morning, we took turns showering and repacking our suitcases. We then hurried down to the lobby to check out. The limo was waiting at the curb to take us to the airport. We arrived in plenty of time to get through security and wait at the gate for our flight to begin boarding. A couple of fans who missed me at the bookstores came over and sheepishly asked me to autograph their books. It was then they realized the man sitting next to me with the ball cap and dark sunglasses was Tom Hiddleston. They both squealed with delight and asked him to sign their books too. He graciously agreed to and even took photos with them.

            When they left I noticed he was being stared at by a few more girls who had just arrived. They giggled and pointed cautiously, trying not to be too obvious. I'm pretty sure they all snapped pictures of him too. They never ventured over for autographs or selfies so I figured they either weren't brave enough or weren't sure it was really him. Tom ignored them and kept reading a book on his phone.

            Our flight was finally called for boarding. We arose, collected our carry-on bags and joined the others in line. Tom stood behind me and put his arms around me, then leaned over to whisper, "How long has that group of girls behind us been staring at me?"

            I giggled quietly and whispered back, "They arrived less than five minutes after we autographed those books for the other girls."

            "Have they been taking my picture?"

            "I'm pretty sure they have. I've been totally ignored though; they were focused only on you."

            I saw him glance over his shoulder as the girls were right behind us. We could hear their muffled giggles and see they had their noses buried in their phones.

            "I bet they're on some social media site bragging about seeing you in the airport," I said as we advanced further up in the line.

            "Tell me Darling, how comfortable are you with our relationship being public?"

            "It's bound to happen sooner or later. I'm surprised someone hasn't already snapped our picture together."

            "Would you like to blow up the internet Darling?" He asked mischievously.

            I gave him a confused look, but before I could reply he turned me around, pulled me close against his body and kissed me on the lips. I could actually hear the camera phones going off around us.

            We didn't speak until we were seated in first class, waiting for the plane to take off. "Tom, whatever possessed you to do that? You know those girls took our picture and will plaster them all over every social media site on the planet."

            He laughed and said, "Yeah, I know!"

            "I thought you liked to keep your love life private?"

            "I've tried to and I have people speculating that I'm gay. I'm kind of tired of it so I thought this might shut them up. Maybe it'll put an end to the thousand daily tweets from women of all ages asking me to marry them."

            "I do see how that can get annoying. So does this mean I can now look forward to a thousand daily death threats from jealous women who think I stole their man?"

            He stared at me silently for a few minutes before saying. "Oh dear god, Darling I didn't think of that. I am so very sorry."   
            "Well, maybe I won't be recognized. Those girls were not paying any attention to me at all, so clearly they haven't read my book."

            My phone in my pocket started buzzing persistently. I pulled it out to look at it since we still had time before our flight took off. I had half a dozen text messages that apparently all came in at once. I chose to read the one from my friend Kathryn first. It had a photo attached to it and below it her message read: "Is that really you kissing Tom Hiddleston?!"

            I didn't reply right away. I decided to read the other messages first. One was from Joanne, while the rest were from friends. All of them contained copies of the same photo and all were asking if I was kissing Tom. Joanne stated that she wasn't sure if this was good publicity or bad. I turned to Tom and said, "That photo must be everywhere now. I just got six texts all with that picture asking if it was really you I was kissing."

            He laughed and said, "Yeah I know. It's all over Twitter. I just got a ton of messages all asking me who is the lucky woman."

            "Do you plan to answer them?"

            "No, I sure don't! I'd rather leave them wondering for a while. It might be more fun that way; probably safer for you too."

            "What do I tell my friends who have asked?"

            "That is entirely up to you Darling. They are your friends so that's really your decision. I don't care if you confirm it for them or not."

            I thought about it briefly and finally sent out a mass reply to everyone that said, "Yes, I was kissing Tom Hiddleston and I'd appreciate it if y'all keep it quiet."

            Moments later, the replies came flooding back in. The overall consensus was they were happy for me and promised not to tell. I hope they lived up to it. I knew it couldn't be kept quiet forever. That photo was bound to end up on celebrity gossip sites. Someone out there would recognize my profile and point
their finger at me. Oh well, there were worse things in life than the general public knowing I was dating Tom Hiddleston. Is that accurate? Was I dating Tom Hiddleston? I guess going to dinner once and lunch twice counted as dates. It seemed more like I was just having a clandestine sexual affair with him. We'd already done that five times and we'd only met on Sunday. I began to worry that was all he wanted me for; maybe that's all I was to him. I had no hotel reservations for Chicago or Seattle as they were meant to be shorter trips. We wouldn't have the chance to make love again until we were in San Francisco. I guess I would know how he really felt about it when he had to go for the next two days without sex.

            Our plane soon took off. I dozed off leaning against Tom's shoulder not long after and slept nearly the entire flight. This tour was proving to be more tiring than I had expected. He woke me up fifteen minutes before our plane landed.

            I was surprised to be greeted by Joanne upon exiting our gate in the airport. "What in the world did you two do?" She asked instead of saying hello.

            I said nothing as we walked to baggage claim. Tom replied, "It's not Raven's fault. It was my idea. We were being stared at by a group of girls at the airport and I got the crazy idea to give them something to talk about."

            "Ah, well, that was a bit childish, don't you think?"

            "Yes I suppose it was. I'm just tired of people thinking I'm gay because I keep my private life, private."

            "Not anymore Mr. Hiddleston. That photo has appeared on every social media site there is. It's already been picked up by the gossip sites and everyone is wondering who the woman is. No one has figured it out yet."

            "I do apologize for my impulsive behavior."

            "What's done is done. I still don't quite know yet if this is good publicity or bad. I guess it's not good yet because no one knows who the woman is. Should we make an announcement that you two are dating?"

            "I don't see a point in it," Tom replied. "People will probably figure it out. I say we just leave them to speculate."

            "I can imagine people will be snapping pictures like crazy at the bookstore today," I chimed in.

            "That's true Darling. I think it'd be best if I stay in the limo and you go without me. We can try to not say anything on the subject until the book tour is over. That would probably be the best way to handle it."

            I agreed with him and Joanne decided to just go along with our decision. We got our bags from the carousel and walked out to the limo waiting for us. True to his word, Tom stayed in the limo while Joanne and I went into the bookstore when we arrived. I have no idea what Tom did for those three hours, but no one I met that day asked me about the photo. Afterward we went back to the airport and had dinner in the VIP lounge where we waited for our flight to Seattle. We encountered no more fans that day.

            Seattle was uneventful as well. No one I met at the bookstore said a word about the photo. I hadn't received a single message on any social media asking me to confirm whether or not it was me. I don't know if Tom got messages questioning him about it. He didn't reveal it to me and I didn't ask. We dined at the VIP lounge again. We didn't have much of a conversation. I think both of us were very tired and eager to get to San Francisco where we could sleep in a bed instead of on an airplane or lounge sofa.

            Once we finally arrived at our hotel in San Francisco, we did just that. I changed into my pajamas and was asleep within minutes of lying down in the bed. I felt Tom get into the king sized bed next to me; he kissed my cheek, wrapped his arm around me and soon fell asleep as well. I'm glad he didn't even suggest lovemaking as I was so exhausted I doubted even his incredible sex would keep me awake.

All in a Dream: Tom Decides to Blow up the Internet (part 3)

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