Sunday, July 16, 2017

All in a Dream: The Polynesian Resort (part eight) RPF

        I slept until after ten the next morning. I was surprised by how late it was when I woke up. The bed was empty, but I could hear the television in the living room. I got up and dressed before exiting my bedroom. I found Tom sitting in the floor playing with Jerrome while Matthew watched cartoons. Gabriel and Michael weren't in the room. I greeted everyone and asked where the other boys were at.

            "They are up in their rooms with their iPads," Tom replied.

            I went on the kitchen to get something to drink. He soon appeared at the counter to tell me there were plenty of leftover chocolate chip pancakes. "You made breakfast?"

            "Actually your eldest sons did; I just supervised. They said they aren't allowed to cook without adult supervision yet since they're still learning. I think they both did a wonderful job.  I do hope it was really OK for them to put chocolate chips in the pancakes. I didn't want to wake you and they said you've made them many times, so I let them. I hope I didn't overstep my bounds."

            "Nope it's fine. They've had chocolate chip pancakes many times. It's their favorite kind."

            "Well that's a relief. I've apparently pissed you off enough regarding your boys. I didn't want to do it again."

            I went over to him and hugged him. "I'm not mad about Disney. You're right, they will enjoy it. I honestly expected there to be more laundry and chores to catch up on this weekend. Can we discuss such things from now on though? There's a lot to consider with four kids; especially when two of them have...special considerations."

             He released me from the hug and I went to the fridge to grab a couple of pancakes to warm in the microwave. "What do you mean by special considerations?"

            I put the plate in the microwave and sighed. "Tom there's something I didn't tell you. I wanted you to meet them first without giving you any sort of false impressions or anything. Jerrome is developmentally delayed and may be autistic while Gabriel is mildly autistic."

            He turned to where he could see Jerrome playing on the rug. "Really? He's a very loving little boy. Maybe I just don't understand."

            "I don't think anyone really does honestly. Yes he's pretty sociable; I think having three older brothers contributes to that. He's already had physical therapy and is still receiving speech and occupational therapy. He has come a very long way with the help of the therapies. He didn't walk until he was eighteen months old. Once he turned three, it was like a switch was flipped and so much started improving rapidly."

            "What about Gabriel?"

            "He developed fairly normally. He still has self-stimulating repetitive behaviors and he tends to be rather socially limited; he just gets sick of people. He has done so much better with being home schooled than he ever did in public school. He doesn't deal well with a lot of noise either. There have been times that I've had to get him out of loud, noisy situations because he just can't deal with it and will start to freak out. It's a total sensory overload for him."

            "How well does he deal with crowds at the theme parks? They said they used go often until their grandmother stopped renewing their passes."

            "He does all right. He tends to get crankier faster than the other kids. He doesn't do so well with concerts or fireworks though. I give him ear plugs to help muffle it when we watch the fireworks. When are we supposed to be there?"

            "Check-in time is this evening. I thought it might be nice if we get there before dinner."

            The microwave dinged and I got out my pancakes. I sat at one of the counter stools and started eating. Tom was still watching Jerrome who was still playing with blocks while watching cartoons. I was half finished eating when I asked what resort we were going to. Tom didn't turn around when he answered, "The Polynesian Resort."

            My fork stopped halfway to my mouth and I nearly dropped it. "You're kidding me?!"

            He turned to me then. "Of course not. Why would I joke about such a thing?"

            "That's the one I've always wanted to stay at. I don't remember ever telling you. I didn't tell you, did I?"

            He grinned. "You talked about wanting to go Hawaii when we were in San Francisco. I don't have time to take you until after Christmas, so I thought the Polynesian Resort would have to do for now."

            I finished eating in silence. I just couldn't believe it. He actually listened to me when I talked and remembered things that were important. I opened the dishwasher and was surprised to find it nearly empty. There were only a few plates and a large bowl. I added my plate and fork. I then realized I had forgotten about the laundry so I went to move it to dryer. I discovered the dryer was running and a load was in the washer waiting to be dried.

            I walked back into the kitchen feeling bewildered. "OK what is going on here? The clean dishes were put away, the dirty ones were in the dishwasher, and there are clothes in the dryer and more in the washer."

            "Your elder two have been busy this morning. After breakfast, Michael put away the dishes and loaded in the dirty ones while Gabriel took care of laundry. He said to call him when the dryer buzzes since it's all their clothes anyway."

            I shook my head in amazement. "They must really want to go to Disney."

            He laughed. "Incentive is a good thing, right?"

            "It sure is!"

            We then went into the living room to watch cartoons with the little ones for a while. It wasn't long until Gabriel came charging down the stairs and disappeared into the laundry room. He soon came out with a basket of clothes and informed me the washer was empty and towels were drying. He then took the basket upstairs to their room. I went to my room and got my laundry basket so I could wash my clothes. I asked Tom if he had anything that needed to be washed too. He jumped up to help me. He remembered what I talked about, was helpful and let me sleep in when I was tired; I could get used to this.

            After the laundry finished, we ate lunch and then I got everyone packed for our weekend at Disney. I made sure to pack two outfits per child for each day in case they did something to get soaked; it all went into my jumbo red suitcase since it was just for two days. I even made sure to pack their water bottles in my backpack.  Afterward I took everything out to the van with Tom's help. I had moved it into the garage while the kids had bathed the night before. It was soon time to get everyone ready so we could go. It took just over an hour to drive there and I wanted to try to avoid rush hour traffic on I-4 which started before five o'clock.

            Tom got the kids loaded in the van while I made sure everything was turned off and locked up. When I got out to the garage, I heard the boys giggling and Tom saying, "Well I've never fastened car seat straps before, I didn't know!"

            I looked over his shoulder and asked if everything was under control. He replied, "Well it is now! Apparently my lack of knowledge of car seats is amusing."

            Michael chimed in from the back, "He didn't know how to position the straps!"

            Tom was fighting a losing battle with his own laughter while trying to maintain a look of annoyance. I ruffled his wavy hair and said, "That's OK dear, we all had to learn some time."

            He finally laughed as I pushed the button to close the automatic rear door. He climbed into the passenger side while I went around to get in the driver's side. Once I was in, I opened the garage door and then started the van. I backed out, then pushed the button to close the door and waited to make certain that it closed completely before backing out of the driveway. We were soon on our way to Orlando and the Polynesian Resort.

            I let the boys listen to Disney music the entire ride. Tom thought it was cute how Jerrome would try to sing along. He did sing along with several of the songs. There was plenty of talking, singing and laughing on the ride. It was so much more pleasant to travel with him. We were all having fun and there was no one screaming at the kids to shut up.

            We arrived in plenty of time before dinner. Tom led the way to the lobby to check in. After fifteen minutes we were on our way to our rooms. We had rooms next to each other, joined by an inside door. All of the boys would be sleeping in one room while Tom and I had our own. The boys loved the idea of their own hotel room. Gabriel turned on the television set and found a Disney movie they could all watch. I had brought a few toys for Jerrome who played with them in the floor while he watched. They were surprisingly quiet and well behaved.

            I went next door to our room where I found Tom laying on one of the beds on his back staring up at the ceiling. I commented on the fact it had two queen sized beds. He said that was all they had; they didn't have any rooms with a single king sized bed.

            "Well at least we'll both have some place to sleep when I take over the bed," I said with a laugh.

            "You're not a bed hog darling. I like cuddling with you. It feels good to have your body up against mine all night."

            That man knew how to make me melt with just words. I climbed onto the bed, straddling him and kissed him passionately.

            When I finally withdrew, he said, "As much as I love that, I don't think we should start that with the boys awake in the next room. We'll likely just get interrupted."

            As if on cue, one of them was knocking on the door connecting the rooms. "You caused that! It was a hex!" I teased as I climbed off of him to see what my boys wanted.

            It was Matthew wanting to know when we were going to dinner. I turned and asked Tom. "We have reservations for the Spirit of Aloha dinner show and we'll be leaving in about twenty minutes."

            Matthew was happy with that answer so he went back to the movie. I looked in on the rest of them and they were fine. I closed the door and spent ten minutes making out with Tom before I had to get the little two ready to go. He promised me a good after dinner show once the boys were in bed.

            We all enjoyed the dinner show. I ate enough fresh pineapple to give me acid burns in my mouth. Tom thought I was silly to eat so much that I caused that. I told him I was having serious pineapple cravings and couldn't help myself. Even though it was just a little after eight o'clock when we got back to our room, I got the boys settled in bed so we could get up early to go to the Magic Kingdom in the morning. The baby ended up being the first one asleep.

            Once I was back in our room, Tom and I stood in the middle of it kissing passionately. He wanted so much to throw me on the bed for another round of lovemaking. I convinced him to go to EPCOT for the fireworks. He was unsure about leaving the boys. I went back into their room. The older two were still awake. I gave them my cell phone, told them which button to push to dial Tom's cellphone in case of an emergency and told them to watch out for their little brothers, we were just going to watch the fireworks. Thirteen and Eleven were old enough to watch their two little brothers who were sound asleep.

            I went back to our room, told Tom what I did and reassured him they would be fine. He finally agreed to go. We found the platform for the Monorail from our resort to EPCOT. Tom was wearing a hat and standing with his arms wrapped around me. He got a few curious stares, but no one approached him. Once we were in the park, it was dark and no one noticed us. We were just another couple holding hands and walking around. We went to the World Showcase Lagoon where the fireworks would be. While we sat in the shadows and waited, he talked to me about the next day. We had VIP passes for all of us to all of the parks and would have a security detail. He refused to take any chances with my children's safety. This wasn't on our itinerary so it was just he and I. I thought about getting a frozen margarita while we waited to cool my burning tongue, but I knew what having pineapple cravings meant, so I passed. Could I really be? I wasn't supposed to be able to anymore. It hadn't even been three full weeks yet, but we did have sex every day; sometimes more than once a day. I wasn't late yet, so there was no point in taking a test. I also wasn't going to say a word to Tom in the event that I wasn't. I didn't want to give him false hope. I had told him when we were in San Francisco that I couldn't have more and why. He was a little melancholy about it, but he said he could live it. Besides, I already had four and biology isn't what makes a man a father.

            The fireworks soon started so I leaned back against his chest so I'd be able to watch more comfortably. I kept absentmindedly rubbing my stomach like I often did when I was pregnant. Once the show was over, we walked back to the monorail. Tom had noticed the way I kept playing with my stomach, so while we waited, he asked if I was feeling OK. "Oh sure, I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

            "I noticed you rub your stomach several times. I thought all that pineapple might have given you a stomachache. "

            "No, it's not that," I had to think up a lie quick. "I'm a bit crampy, that's all."

            "Oh, no! It's not that time of the month yet? I really wanted some when we got back to our room."

            "No, it's not and you're going to get plenty mister."

            He kissed me just as the train arrived. We got a few curious stares while we were on the train and I'm certain someone on the other side snapped our picture, but no one approached him. When we got back to our room, I went next door to check on the boys. They were all sound asleep. I picked up my phone and went back to our room. I found Tom reclined on the bed completely naked with one of his neck ties draped across his shoulder. I looked behind him and realized he had it tied to the bamboo pole that ran across the headboard to connect the frame and makeup the top of the headboard.

            I grinned. "Is someone planning to get a little kinky tonight?"

            He grinned back and replied, "Get naked and find out."

            I stepped back out of his reach and slowly stripped for him. My slow, teasing manner was arousing him. Once I was naked, I ran my hands up and down my own body. "Oh no baby, that's my job," he said in a low sexy Loki growl.

            He jumped up, grabbed me and kissed me passionately. He ran his hands up and down my naked body while we kissed. When he finally pulled away, I said, "How do you want it tonight?"

            "On your knees with that sexy ass in the air."

            I went over the bed and climbed up on my knees. He tied my wrists together and told me to bend over. I obeyed and he got behind me, grabbed my hips and pulled me further back so I wasn't as close to the headboard. He then leaned over and started kissing my back. He put his hands around my body and massaged my hanging breasts at the same time. He worked his way down to my butt where he kissed for a while before stopping. He sat up and slapped my ass across both cheeks. I moaned and he did it again, but harder.

            "Have you been a bad girl?" He asked.

            "Yes!" I yelled in response.

            He slapped me again but instead of pulling his hand away, he slipped his fingers down and began massaging my clit. I moaned again. He stopped and slapped my ass a third time and massaged my clit harder. He slid two fingers inside and began stroking my hole. I moaned and begged for more.

            "You want more fingers in there?"


            He slid in a third finger and began fucking me harder with them. He then turned his hand sideways and slipped in the fourth one and moved them faster. He put his other hand under there and stroked my clit too. He pumped his fingers faster and I moaned louder. I was close to orgasm when he suddenly stopped, changed positions and started sucking my clit. It wasn't long until I came so hard my body practically exploded. I heard him gasp as he withdrew.

            "You naughty little girl," he said as he slapped my ass hard. "You squirted all over my face."

            "If you don't like getting a face full, then don't put it down there."

            He slapped my ass again and then I felt him slide his hard cock inside of me. He fucked me hard for a few minutes before pulling out. I started to complain when I felt him probing around my other hole. He soon slipped his fingers within my dripping pussy and then started circling my ass and soon working his fingers within. I could feel him scissoring his fingers as he opened me up. After a few minutes of that, I felt his hard throbbing cock probing around again. I moaned as he managed to slide it in carefully and begin to slowly fuck my ass. I loved the way it felt and was soon asking him to do it faster.

            "Beg me for it and I might do it."

            "Please Tom! Fuck me faster!"

            He moved a little faster, still teasing me and enjoying it. "Do you like it Baby? Do you like having my huge cock up your tight little ass?"

            "YES!" I practically screamed.

            He started to really move faster, shoving it in all the way to the hilt and making long strokes. I moaned loudly. It went on for several minutes before he said, "I can't hold it anymore Baby, if you're gonna have another one, you better do it now."

            I then felt his left hand between my legs, stroking my clit fiercely. That put me over the top and I had another intense orgasm. He took that as his cue and soon had his own. He pulled out, leaned over and kissed my ass before moving to untie my hands and disappear into the bathroom. I laid there, face down on the bed panting from my orgasms and enjoying the lingering quivering.

            He soon returned to the bedroom, turned off the lights and lied down in the bed next to me. I rolled over and stared at him for a moment. He had his hands tucked under his head with ankles crossed. "That was amazing!" I said.

            He chuckled. "I'm glad you liked it. I wasn't too sure if you'd be into being tied up. You don't strike me as submissive."

            "I do tend to be more dominant," I admitted.

            "There's nothing wrong with that. Maybe you'll have to tie me up sometime."

            "Oh that could get interesting Mr. Hiddleston. Tie you to my bed, cover you in chocolate sauce and lick you like a giant ManLolli."

            He laughed, "A what?"

            "ManLolli! Didn't you know that's one of your nicknames among some of your fan groups?"

            He laughed again. "Oh I do seem to remember hearing that once a long time ago. Someone Tweeted it to me actually."

            It was my turn to laugh. "That would've been me!"

            "Oh it was you? I should've known it was my naughty little vixen! I do love your dirty little mind."

            He rolled over and kissed me. Once he finally released me, I said, "I do not have a dirty mind! I have a sexy imagination! You're the reason why Mr. Hiddleston."

            "It is so sexy when you call me Mr. Hiddleston," he responded before kissing me again. Afterward, we curled up together and soon drifted off to sleep.

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