Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Review of Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils (24 count pack)

I've really taken to this whole "adult coloring books" thing and it's something I do to help relieve my anxiety. It gives me something else to focus on besides the thoughts racing around in my mind. Well there are in fact Facebook groups for people who are into it and I was invited to join one. Anyway, to get to the point here, I'd been seeing people sing the praises of Prismacolor colored pencils. I decided to get a small set just to see what the big deal is. I'm very impressed that they are quite smooth and lay down a lot of pigment with very gentle pressure. The color is very rich and I've even been experimenting with layering marker over it and the Prismacolor over Crayola colored pencils. The results are definitely interesting. However, I have found one major drawback for some of the work I do: the pigment can be too much. You cannot use these pencils for a light wash of color. You might be able to blend the hell out of a regular line of color so you get that light effect, but I'm trying to relieve my anxiety, not cause more stress. At some point I might purchase a blending set and try that out on some of the pictures I print out just to experiment, but I don't feel that will be a regular thing with me and certainly not with my coloring books. So I won't be tossing out my Crayola anytime soon because they do light quite well. Cheaper colored pencils do have their place!

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