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Caught in the Middle: Tom and Ben Share RPFF

**I just wanted to make an author's note to say that there's nothing between this part and the previous, the story literally just picks up here, several months later.**

           I laughed bitterly and replied, "Believe me; I have some serious regrets in my life."

            I then turned and left the room, walking out to the rear deck of the beach house. I leaned over the banister and stared out at the waves, watching the sun that was beginning to set. I loved watching the sun set over the ocean. It was so incredibly beautiful. I heard the French doors open and close. Soon there was someone standing next to me. I looked over and was surprised to see it was Ben; usually Tom was the one who dealt with my morose behavior. He was far better at it. Finally he said, "Do you want to talk about it?"

            "What's there to talk about?"

            "Whatever is bothering you that is causing you to feel this way. You haven't been yourself today Claire. No snide comments or flipping me off on set. Not once today have you referred to me as 'Tom's pet.' So, tell me what's wrong."

            I snorted. "Since when did you care, Been-a-dick?"

            "Ah well, there's the snark I've grown so fond of. Now quit being a little bitch and talk to me."

            "I got divorce papers in the mail today. That's what wrong. After all I have done for that son-of-a-bitch, he filed for divorce. He would not be nearly as successful if it weren't for me and the people I'd gone to school with.  He left me for a twenty-two year old blond from the office. Yes I know, cliché as hell but it does happen. I hope that little cunt gives him a STD that makes his cock fall off."

            He laughed. "It's nice to know you're not just nasty to me. It really is quite reassuring."

            "I'm sorry Ben. I don't mean to be such a bitch..."

            "It's just your nature. Don't apologize when you don't mean it dear. It's quite irritating. So what other regrets were you talking about? Clearly marrying was the biggest one."

            "Ah, nothing quite that big.  I regret not sticking with the drama training when I was younger, but apparently I'm pretty good at it anyway. I really regret not joining the chamber choir in high school. Our director was a total bitchy PMS Queen, but she was damned good at what she did and she thought I had real potential."

            He chuckled. "So you had a bitch queen mentor? Interesting. Do go on darling."

            I laughed then. "Chamber and show choir required auditions, which we did after she showed us the video from that year's Solo and Ensemble Competition. I was so utterly intimidated by those girls. I had a complete emotional fifteen-year-old reaction to it, instead of thinking of it logically. It did not occur to me that these girls were second year chamber choir members and had been taught to sing that way. It did not occur to me that I could be taught to sing that way. I didn't even realize that I was good. Shit, who am I kidding? I was fucking awesome! I had a high soprano to make a vocal instructor proud and an audience cry. Not from pain though, so no snide remarks from you mister!"

            I paused while he was laughing, "I wasn't going to say a word! I swear! Go on with your story, I want to hear the end. What happened when you auditioned? What did you sing?"

            "I sang Don't Cry for Me Argentina from Evita. Probably not my best choice, but I was obsessed with Andrew Lloyd Webber. There was no one to sing Phantom of the Opera with me which was my favorite.  We had to sing the scales first of course. In the end, I remember it so vividly, she stared at me for a few moments. I had that scared teenager panicky feeling of, 'Oh god was it that bad?' She finally said, 'please join the chamber choir.' I'm all like, 'I could not have heard that. Did she just ask me?' Then she was all, 'you have perfect pitch, you hit every single note with no effort and held it as long as required; you have so much potential to work with.' I was so freaking scared that I told her I'd have to think about it. In the end, my shyness won and I didn't do it. I've regretted it. It took a few years, but I totally regret it. I wonder all the time what I would sound like now if I'd had better formal training during my teenage years."

            We were both quiet for a bit. "Sing to me," he suddenly said.

            "What? Are you nuts? I haven't warmed up or anything."

            "Then sing along to a couple of easy songs on your iPod to warm up. Then we'll sing Phantom of the Opera together."

            "Oh Ben, that's just silly. My voice isn't what it used to be. It's more of alto to mezzo-soprano now. I've had a lot more sinus and throat issues since I was fifteen."

            "I don't care. I want to hear you sing. Now hop to it," he smacked me on the ass as he sat on a lounge chair.

            I always had my iPod on me if I wasn't on set; in character or playing director's assistant. I searched through a list of songs I could sing along to that were easy. I picked Hotel California and started singing. He started singing along with me. When it ended, I switched to Phantom of the Opera. I hesitated before pressing play.

            "Serenade me beautiful woman!" He shouted.

            I giggled and started the song. I turned away from him and gazed back at the ocean. After the intro, I began to sing. He came in right on time even without the benefit of the music. I kept my back to him and stared out at the sea. At the end of the song, he said, "You have a beautiful voice. You are way too harsh on yourself."

            I didn't reply. The next song that began was Danny Boy, so I began to sing. I finally turned to face him halfway through the song. He took my hands as I sang with my eyes closed, concentrating on hitting all of the notes. Once the song finished, I opened my eyes. He actually had tears in his eyes. "That was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard."

            He had never sincerely complimented me before. He stopped the music on my iPod and took it from me. He put it down on the table and then grabbed me around the waist and pulled me onto his lap gently. It was the first time he'd ever been gentle with me. The one time we'd already had sex, it was fierce and rough.

            He kissed my lips gently. I turned into him and kissed him back. I felt his lips part; mine did the same and our kiss became more passionate. He lay back in the lounge chair and I moved with him to straddle him and keep kissing. He paused to take my shirt off. "You and those bikini tops," he chuckled when he saw what I wore under my tank top.

            He reached behind me to unfasten it, which promptly released my large breasts. He wasted no time bringing his mouth to them to play around. In between kisses and sucking he said, "Tom said you had great tits. He was not making it up."

            As if on cue, the French doors opened and Tom walked out. Ben didn't stop playing with my boobs. Tom sat in a lounge chair across from us and watched briefly before saying, "Hey, what's with fondling my woman?"

            Ben sat up and said, "I thought we agreed to share."

            "Since when were you interested? You fucked her that one time and haven't even kissed her since."

            "I just became interested," he replied before going back to my boobs.

            He then began trying to unfasten my shorts. I stopped him and stood up. I unfastened my shorts and removed them and my bikini bottoms at the same time. While I did that, he unfastened his own shorts and pulled them off. I straddled him and yanked off his shirt. He penetrated me slowly. I moaned loudly as I began riding him.

            It was a private beach residence so we didn't have to worry about anyone seeing us. Tom moved to sit in the lounge chair next to us while he watched. It wasn't long before he was completely naked too. He stood next to me while I rode Ben's big hard cock, stroking my hair and watching my tits bounce. I finally turned to him and began to suck his big cock. He was soon moaning. I had to stop when Ben came close to his climax because he was fucking me so hard and fast. I had an intense series of orgasms just as he came and moaned loudly.

            Tom then literally grabbed me off of Ben and pulled me to the other lounge chair. He sat down and said, "Now it's my turn."

            We kissed hungrily as he slid that huge cock of his into my dripping wet pussy. Ben laid there and watched as I rode Tom. Tom was not being at all slow and gentle. It was fast and furious, making us both come hard within ten minutes. He kissed me lustfully again before I moved. Ben leaned over and kissed me again too. I was finally allowed to get up. My legs were shaking so bad, I couldn't walk. Tom laughed and moved so I could sit down.

            "Well Ben, we apparently did a really good job. Our little lady can't walk."

            "That's how it's supposed to be," Ben said with a low sexy chuckle.

They both put their underwear and shorts back on. Ben then scooped me up and carried me inside to the bedroom. He placed me on the bed and said, "Rest some sweetie. I have plans for you later."

            Tom laughed from the doorway and said, "You aren't the only one. I say next time, you get the back door and I'll take the front and we'll really make her scream."

            Ben laughed. "Now there's a very good naughty idea."

            "Now boys, don't tease me unless you intend to please me."

            "I think we did a good job with that already," Tom replied.

            "Besides, we do intend to please you, my Dear. Repeatedly," Ben added.

            They then left the room while I rested for a while.

Tom and Ben Round Two

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