Saturday, March 14, 2015

UPDATE!! Important Changes to Immortal Legacy: Loki's Bride

Update!!: The new version of Immortal Legacy: Loki's Bride is back up for sale. I notified Amazon of the content change so people who have already purchased it should be notification within the next week. You may be able to go ahead and get the new version by checking under tools on your Kindle or Kindle app and selecting "manage your Kindle." I apologize again for this egregious error on my part.

I regret to inform everyone that Immortal Legacy: Loki's Bride is unavailable for purchase for the next 12 to 24 hours as I had to do a major change. I did not know that Marvel has a comic book character named Lorelei who is often paired with Loki. In order to avoid any possible legal complications, I have changed the main female character's name to Rhiannon. I apologize profusely for this mistake! The new version should be available for purchase soon. I will notify Amazon of the change and request they update everyone's version who has purchased it already. According to their own website this could take up to four weeks.

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