Tuesday, March 3, 2015

#Dear Me (my advice to my younger self on the occasion of my 13th Birthday)

I'm not usually the bandwagon type, but I couldn't resist making a post about advice to a younger Me. I'm not going to make a video, but I will do a blog post. I'm going back to thirteen when things first started getting confusing and I felt like things began to go wrong for me.

A letter from 37 year old me to 13 year old me on the occasion of our 13th Birthday:

1. You have tachycardia arrhythmia. There is an entire class of drugs used to treat it and what that dumbass doctor is going to give you, is not approved for pediatric use and is meant to treat severe high blood pressure. It will damage your heart! DO NOT TAKE IT!! Tell your Mom to take you to a cardiologist. Pitch a childish fit if you have to! Your life depends on it!

2. You are a smart young lady and DO NOT allow anyone to EVER make you feel otherwise.

3. You are BEAUTIFUL!! Those girls who called you fat and ugly are just jealous because you are already developing a woman's body and they are still waiting for the puberty fairy. Don't worry honey, they never get any better looking and by 30 look like shit and are shopping at Wal-Mart! Life will bitchslap the shit clean out of them :)

4. Study hard, do your work and never give up on it. Get your education because you belong in medical school sweetheart. Your Mama is right, you should be a doctor because helping people is the core of your nature and you would be damned good at it.

5. Take the damned SAT! Yes you're in the 7th grade, but you can score high baby, you go for it!

6. BE YOU! The best YOU that you can be. To hell with what anyone thinks. You're weird. It's genetic in your family, embrace it and move on. You know about your ancestors...they were freaking nuts!But hey they were powerful too, so use your crazy to your advantage. Someone will love you for it someday!

7. If you meet a boy named David when you're 16, RUN!! DO NOT GO ON A DATE WITH HIM!! He's bad news sweetie, trust me on this!

8. Tell your new doctor that you'd love to go to medical school. He's a really nice guy and willing to help you to reach your dream. Hell you might get a sponsor and good letter of recommendation! He might even give you a job at his practice when you graduate. You'll never know unless you talk about it.

9. High school is going to be rough, but you can do it! Hang in there, don't give up. Join the chamber choir! Ms. Boye loves your voice and wants to help you improve, so don't be scared. Those other girls were taught to sing that way and you can be too. Remember above all else: your parents love you and are proud of you.

10. Smile! Talk and laugh a lot! Don't be so shy, they're just people :)

11. Coconut oil does wonders for acne ;)

12. No one is really thinking much of what you look like because they are too busy being worried about what everyone thinks of them.

13. Oh, and skip the whole vegetarian phase or your Mom is going to drag you to the grocery store every time she goes. You'll end up in a car accident when you're 16 that will permanently screw up your back and put you in constant pain for the rest of your life.

14. Don't get married in your 20s. Being alone is not the end of the world. DO NOT SETTLE! You are worth more than that. You will not be alone forever. Wait for someone who will accept you as you are and won't be intimidated by you. Besides, you're very independent and the last thing you want is someone trying to control you, so wait until you find someone who can accept that.

That's pretty much all I have for now. Don't be timid, carpe diem baby! Oh, and Happy 13th Birthday Sweetie! I love you, even when you look at your reflection and have doubts. Now go give Mom and Dad a big hug! Hold Daddy just a little bit tighter, OK? He won't be around forever ya know :) Yeah that's gonna hurt like hell too Sweetie, but we're strong and we'll get through it. You've got about 21 more years with him, so make the most of it. Try to get him to change his habits some if you can and maybe it'll be even longer :)

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