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(6) WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT THEMES! For the Love of Loki part 6

               Days turned into weeks and we spent all of that time together. He refused to do anything that did not involve spending time with me. When we were not horseback riding or swimming in the lake, we were in his chambers reading. He took it upon himself to educate me. He insisted that his wife be learned and not an ignorant woman. It was during this time that I also received my training in how to be a court lady from his Mother. He was present for this time as well.

            Our wedding day was close enough that I had my first formal dress fitting to make certain it was the proper length and looked acceptable on my body. Stanwick was dismayed to discover he would have to let it out some in my torso. Fortunately though, he had left extra material in that area so he would not have to remake the entire dress.

            Frigga had been present for the dress fitting and was now helping me into my new green silk dress. She adjusted the laces on the side, to loosen them a bit. "I do believe you are putting on weight Lorelei."

            "Well everyone was saying I was too thin. It does help that I eat three meals a day and there is always fruit around to snack on during the day. I guess swimming does not burn as many calories as scrubbing floors all day."

            "I am glad to see you filling out to a healthy weight, just do not overdue it because being overweight comes with its own problems as well. I am glad we only made you a few dresses for now; I think you are going to need larger ones very soon."   
            She then kissed my cheek and left our chambers. I was finally beginning to think of it as "our" chambers instead of just Loki's chambers. He entered shortly after she left. I was standing before the full length mirror looking at my figure. I was filling out all over, but my abdomen seemed to be ahead of the rest of my body. It was not excessive, but there was a noticeable swollen lump where there had not been one a couple of months before.

            Loki came up behind me and put his arms around me and began kissing my neck. "Does your wedding gown fit perfectly, my love?"

            "No the middle needs to be let out some. Do you think my abdomen bulges a bit too much?"

            He ran his hands down over my stomach. "I do not think it does. It would not be obvious to the casual observer anyway. Do not tell me that now you are concerned about getting fat. I think you are finally beginning to look healthy."

            "No I think I look fine. It is just that my dresses are getting snugger and apparently the side laces are out as far as they can be. I did not mean to gain so much weight that I would burden the tailor by having to make more new dresses for me so soon. Perhaps I will stop drinking wine and eating dessert."

            "Perhaps you are with child, darling."

            I froze and began franticly searching my mind, trying to remember when my last monthly cycle was. I realized I had not had one since Loki and I began making love and that was three months ago.

            I turned around in his arms and was about to tell him that he was probably correct when he kissed me and told me he was going to personally get the physician. Sometimes, it was a nuisance having someone who could read your thoughts. He disappeared out of the room before I could say a word.

            He returned in less than fifteen minutes with the court physician, Julius. I was sitting on the sofa waiting for them. Julius greeted me politely and examined me quickly. He then sent Loki's servant to retrieve the midwife. While we waited, he informed us that he did believe me to be with child, but the midwife would be able to tell us more as she was the expert on the subject. She was even familiar with Midgardian women as she had delivered babies for Midgard servants.

            The midwife finally arrived; her name was Hestia and was clearly not a young woman. She ordered me onto the bed and the men out of the room. She examined me by raising the hem of my dress and checking my stomach and privates. She finished her exam quickly and congratulated me on my first child. She also informed me that I had about six months to go and that she would visit me monthly to make certain all was well.

           Loki returned after Hestia left and asked if it was true.

            I smiled happily, "Yes my beloved, we are going to have a child."

            He yelped with delight as he scooped me up and spun me around. He held me up against his body and kissed me passionately.

            "This is wonderful! When are you due to have the baby darling?"

            "The midwife said I have about six more months to go; so that would mean the start of winter, right?"

            "Yes, that is in Morsugr. The humans call it December on their calendars."

            "I never did understand the differences in the calendars. I am just happy to be having your child regardless of the month it is born in. Do you suppose we are having a girl or a boy?"

            "So long as the child is healthy, I care not for one gender over the other. It would be nice if the child has your beautiful blue eyes though. I would very much like to see that trait passed on to our child. I have always thought your eyes are such a lovely shade of blue. It reminds me of the summer sky on a clear day."

            I smiled and kissed him. "I hope I give you a son that looks just like you."

            "The sitting room I never use will be a perfect nursery. Our little one will be close to us so we can care for him or her. There will be no nannies here. It is our child and our responsibility. You have made me the happiest man in all of the Realms!"

            He kissed me again. He then asked how I was feeling. I told him I was perfectly fine. He then suggested we go for a nice walk outside so I could get fresh air and exercise. While we walked he lectured me on eating well and getting exercise so I would not gain too much weight and keep the baby healthy.

           I laughed. "When did you become an expert on pregnancy?"

            "I told you I have researched Midgardian women. Well, one of the books I retrieved from Midgard was all about pregnancy and childbirth. You should definitely read it as well since this is all new to you. I am surprised you have not experienced morning sickness. I seem to recall that being in the book as something you can expect in the beginning. You have slept very soundly lately, but you do not seem to have been sick."

            "What is this morning sickness?"

            "It is often vomiting, but sometimes it just makes you feel like you will. It has something to do with changing hormone levels. I think we both need to read the book because I do not remember perfectly."

            "No I have not done that or felt like I was going to. My stomach had been a tad unsettled some mornings, but it went away quickly. It was not even bad enough to make me think something was wrong. I just thought I was hungry."

            We walked on in silence. I was happily thinking about our baby and I could tell by the smile on his face that he was listening to my thoughts. This was one time I definitely did not mind. It was easier to share my hopes and fears this way rather than having to put them into words. I think he could understand me better this way as well.

            We eventually returned to our chambers. I sat on the sofa while he brought me a glass of cold water and the book on Midgardian pregnancy. He brought over the stool for me to rest my feet on and asked if I had need of anything else. I told him I was fine. He then left me to read while he went to share the good news with his family.

            "Should I not go with you?" I questioned.

            "No, my love, I would prefer that you do not. I am not certain how my father will react and I want to spare you any stress. I do remember that stress is not good for a pregnant woman."

            He kissed me on the forehead and left the room. I opened the book and began reading. It had a silly title, but was full of more information about my body then I had ever known. I quickly became engrossed in it and lost all sense of time.

            Loki returned some time later to find me still reading. He kissed my forehead and sat beside me, waiting patiently for me to give him my attention. I quickly finished reading the section I was on then marked my place and closed the book. "How did it go with your parents?"

            "It went as well as could be expected I guess. They were not upset or even surprised really. Father hopes you give him a grandson. Mother wants a little girl she can dote on and spoil. They both said they hope your pregnancy goes well and you and the baby stay healthy. Mother will probably be by to see you tomorrow to discuss the nursery. I told her it was too late to do it today since it will be dinner time soon and you are probably getting tired."

            "I am glad it went well. I will appreciate assistance with the nursery; I have no idea what a baby needs. I have never cared for a baby before. I am nervous about that part of motherhood."

            He chuckled softly. "Do not fret darling, I am certain Mother will be willing to help you learn. She has taken care of babies after all. I have only cared for a little girl and that is a bit different, so we will learn together. I confess that I never helped with my other children when they were babies. I intend for it to be different this time."

            I snuggled against his chest and he put his arm around me. We sat in silence for a while until it was broken by the loud hunger protests of my stomach. We both laughed and he told me dinner should be arriving at any moment.

            Once it did, we ate quickly, and then I went to bathe before bed. He washed my hair for me, but did not join me in the bath. Afterward, we lay in bed together wrapped up in each other's arms as usual. We kissed some, but did not make love. It was the first time in months that I fell asleep in his arms without having made love first.

                                                                TO BE CONTINUED...

Part 7 of For the Love of Loki

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