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(5) WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT THEMES!! For the Love of Loki part 5

            Loki and I spent the next few days enjoying each other, in the bed and out of it. During the day he taught me to ride a horse and we went for picnics by the lake. Before we left, we always stripped and went for a swim. I quickly became an adept swimmer and before long we were venturing out in the deeper water.

            At night, he would shape shift into his female form and we would make love until we were both satiated and exhausted. We then fell asleep intertwined together. He would always shift back into his male form before falling asleep.

            After a week of this, we lay together in his bed kissing when he asked if I was ready for him yet.

            I giggled and replied, "Is that not what we are building up to? We usually start out this way."

            "No darling, I mean me, not Lekiah. Are you healed enough for me yet?"

            "I thought you enjoyed having sex that way. You said female orgasms were a wonderful thing..."

            He interrupted me, "Yes darling, I do enjoy it, but I miss being inside of you. I miss making love to you as a man. I thought maybe we could alternate between the two."

            I pondered it silently. I actually preferred making love to Lekiah. It was all pleasure and absolutely no pain. I tried very hard not to focus my thoughts on this however since he could read my mind and I did not want him to know that. I was afraid it would upset him. At last I said, "I do not know if it will still cause pain as there has been no penetration of any sort in the last week."

            "I could start with my fingers before I try anything else. If my fingers do not cause pain, then we can try more."

            I genuinely did not want to do it, but I reluctantly agreed because I did not want to upset him. I loved him more than anything and I did not want him upset with me in the slightest.

            He began our foreplay and eventually worked his way down to licking my most intimate place. While he did so, he slid a single finger cautiously inside of me. I felt no pain at all, so he continued sliding it around inside of me. He soon added a second finger and I still complained of no pain. He took this as a sign that he could really begin stroking me inside. He licked, sucked, and stroked until he brought me to an intense orgasm. Before it fully ended, he moved up my body and slid his hard shaft inside of me. I felt no pain so he began thrusting quickly. His rapid movements never allowed an end to my orgasms.  I continued having them the entire time he was inside of me. At long last, his moans joined mine and the hot liquid was released before he rolled off of me.

            "Was it better this time darling?" He asked.

            "Yes it was more enjoyable."

            I lay there, propped on my elbow, for a while gazing at his nude body and letting my mind drift to random thoughts of a sexual nature. He laid on his back with his ankles crossed and his left arm behind his head. I was beginning to think it was his favorite position to lie in. I momentarily wondered what he was thinking of.

            "I am not thinking darling; I am just listening to you."

            "Invading my mind again, are you?"

            "I am sorry darling; I did not mean to pry. Would you like for me to stop wandering through your thoughts?"

            "Not completely, no. There are times when I may need you to be there. Besides, I was not thinking of anything important or embarrassing."

            "You did not think that was important? I rather liked those thoughts. I was unaware you were capable of that sort of naughty thinking. Do you really want to try it though?"

            I could feel my face flush. "Which one do you mean?"

            He turned to me with a grin spreading across his face. "All of it darling! I am not certain that I could do that one thing though. I mean I can duplicate myself, but it is just an illusion and you would not be able to touch me. However, if you really want to know what that is like, we could always ask my brother to help out."

            I immediately exclaimed, "NO!"

            He chuckled at my reaction. "I am actually glad of that. I do not wish to share you with my brother in any manner. You are mine and mine alone. Do you really want to have kinky sex?"

            "Excuse me?" I asked as I sat up.

            He laughed. "You were thinking of tying me to the bedpost and spanking me!"

            I could feel my face redden. "It was not your body I saw in my mind when I had that thought."

            "Lekiah, Loki...we are the same person you know. Does the idea of you dominating me in my female form turn you on, darling?"

            I did not understand what he meant by dominating him. He could evidently sense my confusion because he attempted to explain it to me. "I just mean you want to be in charge, instead of me; nothing more than that. I do understand what you have been through and I doubt you would want me to do anything like that to you. I guess you just want to feel like you have some control over your life now. Am I right?"

            "I am not certain of what I am feeling these days. I do not even know where I got that idea; it just sort of popped into my mind. The only thing I know is that I love you with all of my heart and I do not want to ever be separated from you again."

            He gestured for me to move closer to him. I leaned over and he put his right hand on the back of my head and gently pulled me closer to kiss me passionately. Once the kiss ended, I lay down next to him and cuddled close, laying my head on his chest. I soon drifted off to sleep.

                                                             TO BE CONTINUED.....

Part 6 of For the Love of Loki

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