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(4) WARNING: ADULT THEMES!! For The Love of Loki part 4

I awoke before dawn and felt cold. I realized at some point I had kicked the blankets off of me. I pulled them up over my body and moved closer to snuggle next to Loki to get warm faster. He was lying on his back with his left arm behind his head and the blanket over the lower half of his body. I was shocked to discover he was ice cold instead of his usual overly warm self. I panicked, sat up and began trying to wake him. It was then that I saw his lips were blue and it seemed to be spreading out to the rest of his face.

            He stirred easily and opened his eyes sleepily. They were so red that they glowed in the dimness of the room. I was so astonished that I shrieked in terror and scrambled backward to get off of the bed. He sat bolt upright and cried out my name. In my haste and fear, I became all tangled in the blanket and fell out of the bed. He swiftly got out of the bed and came around to assist me. I started to pull away from him when I realized he looked perfectly normal. He took my arm and gently pulled me to my feet. He was as warm as usual. He carefully untangled the blanket from my legs and threw it back onto the bed.

            "Lorelei, darling, are you alright?" He questioned, concerned.

            "I am fine. It is just...well...are you alright?"

            I could see his confusion even in the dim light of the room. A lamp on the far side of the room was left on all night to provide a bit of light so it was not completely dark in the room.

            "I am fine darling. I admit you startled me, awakening me that way. Did you have a nightmare?"

            I sat down on the bed. "I am not sure. I thought I was awake. I touched you and you were cold as ice and your lips were blue and it was spreading onto the rest of your face. When you opened your eyes and looked at me, they were glowing red."

            He appeared slightly amused, but simply kneeled in front of me and held my legs at the knees. "Oh, my dearest one, it was just a nightmare. You had a few like that when you were young; mostly when you were very sick. I never knew if it was just feverish delusions or if you desperately feared losing me forever. I am here now darling, and will be for the rest of your life. No one will ever separate us again. I promise you will never lose me."

            "I guess it was just a dream. It felt so real though."

            "Dreams can be like that sometimes, my love. I am sorry you still have nightmares. I have not heard you call out to me in your sleep for years, so I was unaware you still had them."

            I gently squirmed out of his embrace and moved back to my pillows and lay down. He climbed onto the bed after me. He lay down next to me and pulled me close and began kissing my lips. I allowed him to kiss me for a while. Once his lips wandered onto my neck and shoulder, I said, "I had nightmares a lot after I first became a genuine servant. I was so scared and alone without you. Then I was whipped and in so much pain...I screamed your name all night long in my mind, but you never came to me. I never felt more abandoned in my life. I cried myself to sleep every night for a week."

            I pulled myself out of his embrace and sat back up. "Why did you not come to me then? Why did you not answer me when I needed you so desperately?"

            "I never heard you darling! I never knew you needed me. I could not hear your mind anymore; I could not talk to you anymore. I thought you hated me and had found a way to block me. I got so worried after a few days that I set out to find you, but my father would not allow it. He commanded me to forget you and to accept the fact that you were merely a servant and we could not be together. In the end I obeyed him because I believed you were angry with me and ignoring me."

            "Then why did you stop me that day in the hallway, just a couple of years ago?"

            "It was the first time I had seen you in four years. I was so overjoyed to see you that I wanted so much to grab you up in my arms and hold you close and kiss you, but we were not alone. Then you spoke to me so formally that I thought you were still angry with me. I kissed your forehead like I had so many times when you were a little girl in the hope that I would stir fond memories and make you understand that I still love you. You watched me walk away and I had hope that you would accept me if I claimed you. I have to confess that I spent the last two years researching Midgardian women because I knew so little of the human race. I had to know if it was time for me to claim you. I had to figure out if your young body would be ready if we should make a baby. I love you so much that I could not bear the thought that I would hurt you and possibly do something to cause your death. I waited for you as long as I could stand it. I still have not figured out if we are compatible. I really do not know if we can have children or if they will be normal."

            "Your father said that too. What do you mean by 'normal?' Were your other children not normal? How many do you have?"

            He sighed heavily and turned away from me before responding. "I had hoped we would never have this conversation. I do not want you to think of me as some kind of freak. I told you that Sigyn was Asgardian just like me and our sons, Nari and Vali were just like us. All three of them have died and I refuse to discuss it; it hurts far too bad to relive that nightmare. Angrboda was a Jotunn witch, but I did not realize it at the time as she had enchanted me. I was young and naive and not nearly as strong in the sorcery as I am now. She was a big part of why I begged my mother to teach me more and why I studied so hard to perfect it. She and I had three...offspring; Hela, Fenrir and Jormungand. Hela was Jotunn like her mother and lived with her in Jotunheim. During one of our many wars with the Jotnar my father spared her life and instead made her preside over the realm of the dead that did not earn Valhalla or Freya's Field as a punishment for siding with her mother's family over mine."

            He paused for a while and was quiet. I remained silent as well as I did not want to interrupt his thoughts or whatever was causing his silence. Finally he blurted out, "Fenrir is a giant wolf and Jormungand is a giant serpent. I have no idea what that witch did to them to cause them to be the way they were born. I really do not know what happened to them after my father killed the witch. It is said that they await somewhere in the Nine Realms to bring about Ragnarok which will be the end of everything, in revenge for...well everything done to them I guess."

            "" I truly did not know how to respond to this startling information; "So is that everyone?"

            "Well there is Sleipnir, but technically I am his mother."


            "I was young and still mastering shape shifting and magic. I was taunted into luring a stallion away from his master so that a debt would not have to be paid. After failing at other attempts, I shifted into a mare and was successful in luring him away for a few days and...Well...I was sort of raped. I did not realize that everything about me changed and that I had internal female parts as well. I thought I just looked like a mare, I did not realize I had actually changed into one. I knew at once that it had left me with a foal and I did not have the heart to punish the poor little thing so I remained a mare until I gave birth. If I had tried to change back it definitely would have killed the foal and, for all I knew, me as well."

            "So what you are telling me is that you have been with child and given birth?"

            "Yes, I have. As a horse though, not in a female Asgardian body."

           "So when you change into Lekiah, do you get the whole female...joys?"

            He looked confused, "I am not certain I understand what you are asking."

            "You are a woman, inside and externally?"

            "Yes I am. I fully shape shift into an Asgardian female. I would, theoretically, be able to carry a child and give birth, just like any woman."

            "That is interesting to know..."

            "No I cannot change you into a male with all the right parts. I can make you look like one on the outside, but it is just an illusion. If childbearing does not work out for you, then we will not have but one child. I cannot carry our children in your place, my dear. I can change my form because it is my body, but I cannot do that to someone else. It requires knowledge of their body I cannot possess."

            I gasped aloud. "How did you...? Oh right, you can read my mind. Well, it was just a passing thought anyway. So, can you still change into Lekiah?"

            "Of course my dear, why do you ask?"

            I shrugged my shoulders. "I was just curious."

            He laughed. "I guess I should be glad I have not turned you off of me completely after those revelations."

            "What happened to you was not your fault; you said so yourself. I am not disgusted by you. You are still the same handsome man I have known my whole life. I just know more about you now."

            He leaned forward and kissed me. He pushed me back onto the bed and I closed my eyes. Through my eyelids I could still see a brilliant flash of green. I opened my eyes to see what had caused it. He pulled his mouth from mine at the same time so I could see he had in fact changed into a female form.

            "Lekiah?" I asked feeling a bit confused.

            "Yes darling, it is me; or you can still call me Loki if that is less confusing for you," he replied. His voice had a higher, feminine pitch to it.

            "This whole thing is confusing to me."

            He leaned over and began kissing me again. Even his lips felt different; the passion did not. I just closed my eyes again and kissed back. He moved to lie on top of me and it felt so incredibly different. I had already become accustomed to Loki's weight and lean, muscular form when it was pressed against mine. This body was softer, lighter and just foreign to me. His (or is it hers) lips soon moved onto my lips and down onto my breasts. He kissed, licked and sucked my nipples the same as always. I kept my eyes closed and reveled in the sensations, which remained the same. Eventually, he pulled away from me and lay on his side next to me.

            "Open your eyes Lorelei," he commanded.

            I opened them to see he was still in a woman's body. She grabbed my left arm and I rolled onto my side. She put my hand on her right breast and squeezed my hand, forcing me to close my hand on her breast. They were much larger then my own. She released her grip and I found myself continuing to massage her breast the way she did mine.

            "Lorelei, I want you to enjoy my body the way I do yours."

            I just laid there and gazed at her nudeness for a few minutes while I continued to rub her breast. Her body was so much more beautiful than my own. She had larger breasts, fuller hips, and more curves that a healthy weight brought. I was so thin and small by comparison. I drove down my feelings of insecurity and impulsively leaned over and began to suck on the nipple of the breast I was rubbing. She moaned and rolled onto her back. I moved closer, leaned over and continued to suck on that nipple. I rubbed the other breast with my other hand. Eventually I moved to the other breast by tracing a line there with my tongue, just like Loki had done to me many times. I could not believe I was doing this and enjoying it.

            She giggled, "I knew you would enjoy it darling."

            I did not respond, just kissed her body down her left side to her pelvis and then back up the opposite side to her other breast.

            "Are you not going to lick me down there darling? I do it for you."

            I stopped and could feel myself blushing. "I have never done anything like this before. This is all so overwhelming and confusing. I just..."

            She interrupted me. "I will coach you darling. You did a marvelous job sucking me off last night. This is not that much different. You are just licking and sucking on a smaller nub of flesh. At least you do not have to worry about gagging."

            I giggled and agreed to try it. She spread her legs wide and I began to kiss the flesh all around the slit. I was still hesitating. "I taste good, darling, I promise. You will like it if you just try it," she said encouragingly.

            I finally stuck my tongue into her slit and licked the little nub that was nearly identical to my own. She moaned softly so I began to take bigger licks and to gently suck on it. She moaned louder. I began to really get into it, licking more vigorously, sucking harder and shoving my tongue into her hole, snaking it around like she did to me. Once my mouth grew tired, I rubbed her nub with my fingers.

            "You are doing a great job darling. Now stick your fingers in there and stroke me."

            I obeyed by shoving two fingers into her hole and stroking them back and forth like she did when she had placed herself inside of me as a man. She moaned even louder and begged me to do it faster. I obeyed and leaned over to suck her nub at the same time. She began to really squirm beneath me. I stroked her hole even faster and sucked harder. Her moans became closer together and louder. I moved my hand and mouth even faster. Finally her body erupted into what must have been an intense orgasm as she was screaming and her pelvis bucked up. I pulled my head back but did not remove my fingers. I continued stroking fiercely and she kept having orgasms and screaming my name.

            After a few minutes of this, she was grabbing at my arms and begging me to stop. I refused at first; I enjoyed watching her arch her back and squirm while moaning loudly. It was empowering to know I was causing this intense pleasure. I finally had to stop because my arm was tired. Once my hand was out of her body, she grabbed me under the arms and pulled me toward her. I lay between her legs and kissed her intensely.

            When she withdrew, she said, "You were amazing! I forgot how wonderful female orgasms are. I have not has sex as a woman for years. I have also never had sex with another woman. We will have to do this more often darling."

            She kissed me again. Several minutes later, she moved to bury her face between my legs. She licked, sucked, and fingered me, just like Loki had done. She made certain to keep her fingers out of my hole though, still respecting my need to heal. After quite a while, I finally had an intense orgasm and was moaning loudly. She took her time withdrawing so my orgasms were prolonged.

            We finally lay wrapped in each other arms, our legs entwined together. Before she changed back into a man, she said, "Maybe we should make love like this until you have healed. It certainly felt amazing. I never have orgasms like that as a man. You women are fortunate to experience such intense pleasure. Did you enjoy it Darling?"

            "Yes I did," I replied sleepily.

            "Go back to sleep darling, we have an hour or more until sunrise. It was earlier then you thought when you awakened. We have nothing important to do anyway so we can sleep as late as we want."

            I saw that brilliant flash of green behind my eyelids again. I did not open my eyes this time. I felt the body pressed against mine change and could feel the familiar firmness of Loki's male body and a sudden increase in warmth.

            "You are always so warm in this form," I said drowsily.

            He chuckled and kissed my forehead. "Go back to sleep Lorelei. I will always keep you safe and warm."

            I was soon sound asleep, still entwined in his arms and legs while pressed tight against his warm nude body.

                                                    TO BE CONTINUED...

Part 5 of For the Love of Loki

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