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(3) WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT THEMES!! For the Love of Loki part 3

He awakened me sometime later with kisses on my face. I was still entwined in his embrace as I could feel his body against mine. I opened my eyes and saw I was partially covered with the blanket. He extracted himself from me when he saw I was awake. "Our lunch has arrived darling. Do not worry I protected your modesty with the blanket. I do not want servants gazing upon my wife's glory anyway. Your beautiful body is a feast for my eyes alone."

            I said nothing, but looked down at my own nude body and wondered what he found so beautiful. I was so thin and pale compared to the other ladies I have seen. The women who came to the feast as guests appeared to have much fuller figures than me. I got up to find my dress. It was still in the floor by the window where Loki had removed it. He retrieved it first and helped me to dress again. We then sat down and ate our lunch in silence. He appeared to be so melancholy that I felt guilty. All I wanted was a short break in our lovemaking to heal my sore aching body. Why did he have to make me feel so guilty?

            As soon as I finished, I went into the bathroom to wash my face and hands. The warm water helped me to feel better. I would have to bathe this evening; it would ease some of my aches so I would feel more relaxed before I attempted to sleep tonight. I soon exited only to find him still sitting in his chair at the table. He was staring at the floor with a dejected expression on his face. I sat on the sofa across from him. I called his name twice before he finally looked up. I requested he join me. He got up slowly to comply and was soon seated next to me on the sofa. I kissed his cheek tenderly and asked why he was so glum.

            "I cannot understand why our sex is so painful for you. I wish you would have said something after the first time so I would not have made it worse. Darling I love you and I do not wish to be the cause of your pain. It grieves me greatly to know that my act of love was causing you so much pain."

            "I am sorry I did not inform you. I am new at this whole relationship experience. I guess I need to learn to communicate. I am not used to someone caring how I feel or what I think. There have been times that I have gone days without talking to anyone. No one was even interested in hearing a 'yes madam' or 'no sir' from me. I promise in the future to tell you...well...everything."

            He reached up to touch my cheek. "My poor little Princess. What did those six years of servitude do to you?"

            "It made me a lonely, miserable excuse for a human being. Not that I even remembered what I was at the time."

            "Lorelei, can I ask you a very personal and possibly difficult question? Would you tell me the truth?"

            "I would never lie to you my love. Ask me what you will."

            "Were you ever whipped while you were back there?"

            I was not prepared for that question. The memories flooded my mind and brought tears to my eyes. I managed to meekly reply that I had been only once when I was younger. It hurt so bad that I quickly learned to conform so I would not have to endure it again.

            I could see anger building in his eyes. "Where were you struck and with what? Who did this to you?"

            "It was a leather strap; possibly horse reins. I do not know who he was. It was the only time I ever saw him. I think he worked in the stables. Did you not see the scars on my back and bottom this morning?"

            "No I did not. I am ashamed to say that I was not really paying attention to such things. I was just thinking of pleasuring you and myself. Will you show them to me?"

            "Yes, tonight when I bathe. They are not too ugly and obvious and are down low. I do not recall who cared for my wounds afterward, but they did a good job since my scars are small."

            He had tears shinning in his own eyes. "I am so sorry you had to endure such torture. I swear on my life no harm will ever come to you again. You are mine now and you are safe. I am sorry I did not fight harder to keep you by my side when you were younger and thus spare you that misery. I failed you and I will spend the rest of your life making it up to you."

            He leaned over and kissed me tenderly. After he withdrew, I snuggled close and placed my head against his chest and laid there contentedly listening to his heartbeat. I did not get too much time to revel in the happiness of being in his arms when there was a knock at the door. Loki very loudly called, "Enter!"

            A short, pudgy nearly bald old man entered and introduced himself as Stanwick the royal tailor.

            "Ah yes, I have not seen you in quite a while. I think it was last year when I had to have a few new jackets made."

            "Yes, your highness, it has been at least a year. I visit your brother Thor far more often. That young man goes through clothing faster than anyone else in the family ever has."

            Loki laughed heartily at that. His mother entered before he could reply. I had already sat up and now I stood. Loki introduced me to Stanwick as his intended. "Oh, well, congratulations. I suppose we will need wedding garments then. When is the special day?"

            "The beginning of the summer," Queen Frigga said from behind Stanwick. "So we do not have any time to waste."

            "I will say we do not! Such short notice! No matter, I will have my best seamstresses get right on it and the dress will be ready in plenty of time. Now I understand you wanted some every day dresses for the young miss as well?"

            "Yes, and I have brought some scarves so we can select some flattering colors for her, " Frigga replied.

            "Wonderful! Let us begin."

            I spent the next hour wrapped in something resembling a short bed sheet to cover my nudity while I was measured in every conceivable manner. They then kept draping the scarves over my chest and shoulders so they could decide what complimented my hair and complexion. Frigga decided that I would look best in green and blue with secondary choices of purple and red. They unanimously decided that yellow and orange were not my colors. I apparently also looked better in gold then silver so my future jewelry would be golden based. The fabrics were to be mainly silk and velvet. I would have a couple of light, natural linen dresses to wear when it was hot. Frigga was generous enough to give me a few of her old dresses she had not worn in years because they were too small. It would take a couple of weeks before my everyday dresses were ready. It would take a couple of months before my wedding gown was ready.

            By the time they had finally left, I was feeling somewhat tired. Loki suggested I dress and we go outside. He said the fresh air would make me feel better. He helped me dress in one of the dresses his mother had given me and then led me outside. There was an exit to the terrace in his bedroom so we could come and go whenever we pleased without having to walk all throughout the palace.

            I had to admit the fresh air and sunshine felt amazing on my face and arms; I was ecstatic to be outside. We walked hand in hand through the garden and down the paths to the lake. I took off my leather slippers with the intention of wading out into the water just to feel it on my skin when Loki suggested we strip and go for a swim.

            I blushed and exclaimed, "Someone might see us!"

            He looked around. There was no one else out there but the two of us. We were a good distance away from the palace so no one would be able to see us from the windows. "I see no one here but you and I. Come on darling, it will be fun."

            "I do not know how to swim."

            "We will not go out in the deep water then and I will teach you."

            He began to strip. Once he was completely naked, he unlaced my dress, then turned away and walked into the lake. I hesitated briefly then dropped my dress and waded out to join him. We splashed around some and he gave me my first swimming lesson. I was nervous at first, but he reassured me again that he would keep me safe. I have no idea how long we were out there, but the sun was getting much lower in the sky. He suggested we get out and sit on the bank a while and let the sun dry our bodies.

            I laid there in the grass, next to him and let the sun dry and warm my nude body. He laid there with his arms behind his head and his ankles crossed, just as he had that morning. Finally he spoke, "I have enjoyed being out here with you like this. We will definitely have to come down here regularly. I am going to teach you how to ride a horse too. I used to take you riding as a little girl, but you were always too nervous to be on the horse alone."

            "I am happy doing anything as long as I am with you," I replied.

            He leaned over to kiss me. He then suggested we dress and go inside. It was probably close to dinner time and he was famished after all of that swimming.

            We had a leisurely dinner, talking and laughing throughout. I had never been allowed to drink wine before so I enjoyed it immensely. I did not understand what it meant to be drunk, but I did develop this pleasant lightheaded feeling and Loki told me I had had enough. I was beginning to feel slightly drowsy when he suggested we bathe and go to bed. I agreed so he disappeared into the bathroom to draw us a hot bath. The tub in his bathroom was easily big enough for the both of us. While he did that, I managed to unlace and remove my dress on my own. I walked to the bathroom on unsteady feet. He was sitting on the edge of the tub completely nude. I approached the tub, trying to walk provocatively, but instead I tripped over seemly nothing and fell into his arms.

            "Oh, that was terribly ungraceful of me!" I exclaimed with a giggle.

            "Maybe you should limit yourself to one goblet of wine with dinner from now on my love. You seem unable to handle it."

            I giggled again. "I had never had it before."

            "Be that as it may, no more than one goblet for now."

            He helped me into the tub and then got in next to me. We cuddled in the hot water for a while, not talking, yet still enjoying each other's company. Finally he picked up a sponge and drizzled rose scented liquid soap on it, lathered it and began washing my body. It made me feel like a little girl again when he used to bathe me in his female form whom I had known as Lekiah.

            He had me turn around so he could wash my back. I could feel his fingers trace over the scars on my lower back. "If I ever find the man who did this you, I will have his head."

            I could hear the anger in his voice, yet it sounded as if he were fighting not to cry. I turned slightly to look over my shoulder at his face; he did in fact have unshed tears shinning in his eyes. I chose to remain silent. He proceeded to rinse the foam off of my body, and then carefully wash my long hair using the same rose scented soap. It felt wonderful to have his fingers massage my scalp as he worked in the soap. He had me lay back in his arms as he rinsed my hair.

            Once he finished with me, he quickly washed himself. He got out first and dried himself with a towel, wrapping it around his waist when he finished. He then helped me to step out of the tub since I was still a bit lightheaded. He gently dried my entire body with a second towel. After, he wrapped it around my torso to shield my nudity while he carefully dried my long hair with a third towel. He then turned around to lead me out of the bathroom, but I stumbled again. He quickly picked me up and carried me to his bed.

            He laid me gently on it and unwrapped the towel. He unhooked his own off his hips and lay down next to me, running his left hand up and down my nude body.  "I know you need time to heal inside my darling, but does that mean I cannot pleasure you on the outside?"

            "Of course it does not. I would enjoy that very much."

            He proceeded to kiss me all over before burying his face between my legs to lick and suck on the spot I found so intensely pleasurable. He kept his tongue and fingers out of my sore hole. He managed to bring me to an intense orgasm with just his tongue and fingers on the outside.

            When my quivering subsided some, he laid next to me, holding me close. I could feel that hard male part of his body pressed up against my thigh. "Darling, there is a way you can please me without my putting myself inside of you," he whispered in my ear.

            "How is that?" I asked innocently.

            He rolled onto his back and took my hand and placed it on his hardness. He was right; it was a lot bigger and harder when he was excited. I traced it with my fingers down to his abdomen. "Put it in your mouth," he instructed.

            I was hesitant, but I wanted to please him. I sat up and leaned over his body and slid it into my mouth. He moaned then advised me to be careful not to gag myself. I was not sure what I was expected to do now. I decided to imitate the thrusting he did when he was inside of me so I slid my mouth back up to the tip and then down his shaft again. He was far too big for me to get it all in my mouth without making me gag. He moaned louder. I realized I was pleasuring him so I continued, swirling my tongue around it too, like he did when he was licking my intimate spot.

            I kept it up for quite some time when he suddenly ordered me to do it faster. I obliged by moving my mouth up and down his shaft quicker. I evidently was not fast enough to please him because he began to thrust forward a bit with his pelvis at a faster pace. It was not long before he held my head down on his shaft while a hot liquid squirted in my mouth nearly making me gag. He was loudly moaning. I could not help but swallow it. He released me and I sat back away from him.

            "That was wonderful darling, thank you."

            I said nothing, just laid down beside him. I turned onto my side away from him and closed my eyes. I did not know what to think or feel about what I had just done. I felt him put the blankets over my nude body and then felt him wrap his arms around me and pull himself close. His slow even breathing indicated that he had fallen asleep quickly. It took quite a while, but I finally fell into a sound sleep as well.

                                     TO BE CONTINUED...        

Part 4 of For the Love of Loki            

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