Monday, June 9, 2014


I was awakened before sunrise by the feeling of his lips on my body. He was kissing me all over again. I have to admit that it was a very pleasant way to be awakened. I laid there softly moaning for a while before he realized I was awake.  Once he saw that I was, he began kissing my lips.

            "Good morning darling," he whispered between kisses.

            Several kisses later, he moved on to my throat and down to my breasts.

            "Is it really morning?" I asked, looking toward his large eastern window. The thick drapes were still shut tight, but you could usually see the light at the edges anyway.

            He paused in suckling on my right nipple to say, "It is just before sunrise."

            He resumed fondling my breasts with his mouth while he slid his right hand down my body to snake his fingers into my slit to stroke that little nub of flesh that gave me such pleasure. Several minutes passed with his strokes getting faster and my pleasure increasing enough to make me moan. I then felt his lips next to my ear whispering, "Come for me darling. I want you to call my name."

            His movements became even faster while my orgasm came closer. He surprised me by slipping two fingers inside and stroking me quickly from within. He suddenly moved down and began sucking on my clitoris with his mouth. It all felt so amazing and yet my orgasm had not arrived. I have no idea how long he continued to stimulate me that way before I finally came and came hard. My orgasm was so intense I was screaming his name and I could not control my pelvis suddenly bucking up into his face. He did not seem to mind though. Before that first wave of intense pleasure ceased, he moved up my body and forced himself into my tight, sore hole and began to thrust forcefully and rapidly. It hurt so bad that I could not stop my cries of pain. He completely ignored me and only picked up the pace a bit. I wrapped my legs around his waist, hoping a slight change in position would relieve my pain. It did not. After what seemed like a very long time, with his thrusting ever increasing in speed, I felt his body tense up and the warm fluid fill my body. This time he was moaning too.

            He rolled off of me immediately afterward; onto the side opposite of where he started. His bed was so enormous that we were lying in the middle of it. He was breathing heavily. Eventually, his breathing returned to normal and he said, "Darling, it just keeps getting better."

            I remained silent. It had yet to get better for me. He was clearly waiting for me to respond, but I did not want to say anything to upset him and I was trying not to cry. He propped himself up on his arm after rolling onto his side and gazed into my face. I tried to turn away from him and close my eyes so he would not see the tears. Instead he slid his hand under my cheek and turned my face back toward him.

            "Open your eyes, Lorelei."

            I slowly obeyed his command. He stared at me momentarily before saying, "Why are there tears in your eyes darling? Did it still hurt?"

            I nodded my head yes while I still struggled to keep the tears trapped in my eyes. He sighed heavily, "I am sorry for that. It will get better for you, I just don't know when. I have to confess that I have never had a Midgardian woman before. My previous wife was Asgardian and the other woman I was with, many years before my wife, was...from a different realm."

            I did not ask which one. "You have been married before?"

            "Yes darling. I am over a thousand years old after all. It has only been twice though and I was not really married the first time even though we did have children. Sigyn and I had two sons as well, but unfortunately they are no longer with me, but neither is she. That is a very long and painful story that happened about three centuries before you came here. Hopefully we will have a long, wonderful relationship blessed with many beautiful children."

            I was trying to wrap my mind around the notion that he was over a thousand years old. "How old are you exactly?"

            He laughed and rolled onto his back, tucking his hands under his head and crossing his ankles, leaving his nude body uncovered. "I am a bit over a thousand, so I am still rather young. I think my father is over three thousand years old. To be honest though, I have never had the nerve to ask him. Does that surprise you darling?"

            "Yes, it does. Do all Asgardians live so long?"

            "No, not anywhere near as long, but they do live longer than humans. Actually, humans have the shortest natural life spans of all the races of the Nine Realms. I have no idea why our royal family has such an extended life and frankly, I have never asked. It was not something I really gave much thought to. I will live as long as I am alive and when it is my time, I will die. It is as simple as that. I will do my best not to rush things either."

            I sat up and wrapped my arms around my pulled up legs. It was my usual position for when I was thinking. "If you have such a long life span, why have you only had two wives?"

            "Sigyn was my only wife. I was not married to the one who came before her. I have had a few brief love affairs between the two and after. I have never married since my wife died because I was too brokenhearted. I loved her dearly and I blamed myself for her death and for our sons fighting and killing each other. I also had not found anyone worthy of replacing her until I met you."

            I blushed deeply feeling flattered he thought I was worthy of replacing his once beloved wife. "Have you waited for me all of these years that I have been here?"

            "Yes darling, I have waited for you to grow up enough to be mine with your body and not just with your heart. I think I have had your heart much longer. You have definitely had mine since I set eyes upon that sweet little face. You looked so lost, hurt and alone; yet were so heartbreakingly beautiful, even for a little girl. I could not help but be moved to compassion. It did not take long for that compassion to change to a genuine love for you. Lorelei, you have no idea how you have bewitched me with your charm and beauty."  
           I felt as though I were melting inside with his words of love. I turned to him and leaned over to kiss him. It was the first time I had made such a move and I hoped that it was acceptable to him. He welcomed my kiss with open lips and passionately returned my affection. After I finally withdrew and he allowed me to, I lay back down next to him and admired his nude form. I wondered if all men were so beautiful. He was muscular and tight in all the proper places; he did not seem to have any body fat at all. His complexion was fair like mine, yet lacking in freckles and his body was completely free of hair, other than his brows, lashes and head. I have to admit that my gaze settled on the part of him that made him a man and I wondered if all of them were so large. I may not have ever pleasured myself, but I had seen how small that opening was and I was amazed that he fit inside of me.

            He slowly turned toward me with an amused smile beginning to play around his mouth. "You stretch darling. A woman's vagina is quite elastic."

            I gasped, than blushed deeply. I was shocked that he knew what I was thinking. "How did you...? I mean...I was not..." I stammered, not knowing what I was trying to say.

            He chuckled. "I can read your mind darling; another one of my little tricks. Yes I am bigger than average; even for an Asgardian. No it is not a magic trick to make you like me more. This is not as big as it is when I put it inside of you though. It gets bigger and harder when I am excited. I will have to show you later."

            I was still feeling flustered and embarrassed by what I had been thinking. I could not help feeling that it was inappropriate.

            "Oh darling, it is perfectly fine for you to have sexual thoughts about me. I am your husband. I will be soon anyway. As soon as we go before my parents and have them acknowledge us. There is a lot you will need to get accustomed to my love. You are going to be a Princess of Asgard. Your servant days are behind you."

            I felt overwhelmed by that very idea. I never imagined myself a princess. Before I could say anything, he went on. "You will be staying in my chambers now and I will have all new clothing made for you. I will not have my Princess in rags. Is there anything personal from your old servant's room you require?"

            "I simply have a few personal things that you had given me when I was a child that I kept. Not much more."

            "In that case, I want you to go collect your things while I go talk to Mother alone. I wish to speak to her about us first. I am certain she will approve of our relationship so maybe she can help with making Father understand. The sun is well up so they should both be up and going about their daily business. I am going to send my servant for our breakfast and then send him on to Mother's chambers to inform her that I wish to see her this morning. I cannot imagine she is too busy to meet with me for a short time. We may have to wait for Father though. If Paige or any other servant gives you any problems tell them you are following the command of Prince Loki so if they have a problem with it, they can come see me."

            He got up from the bed and slipped on a robe before going to the door and disappearing for a few minutes. He returned to inform me that breakfast would be arriving in about fifteen minutes, and then he disappeared into his bathroom. I got up from his bed to dress realizing I only had the formal servant's gown from last night to wear. I hesitated because I did not want to be seen walking the halls in this gown; I feared it would draw attention to me and get me into trouble.

            Loki returned to the room before I had decided what to do. "Is there a problem darling? Surely I did not tear your gown when I removed it last night?"

            "No you did not. I was just thinking that it would draw unnecessary attention to me if I wear it to my room because it is supposed to be a formal uniform."

            "Oh, you do have a point there, but that is easy to fix. Go ahead and put it on and I will show you."

            He assisted me in dressing, then stood back and whispered something I could not understand while he placed one hand on the sleeve of my gown. I looked down and saw my faded green linen dress in place of what I had just had on. I looked to him, confused, but before I could ask, he said, "It is just an illusion darling, but it will look perfectly normal to everyone who sees you. After breakfast, hurry down to your room and retrieve your things and then return to me."

            He then ordered me to sit on a stool next to the table while he went across the room to retrieve a hair brush from a drawer in a large wardrobe. When he came back, he proceeded to brush my curly hair, being careful not to pull it too much. He spoke as he worked on my hair, "Does this bring back any memories?"

            "Yes, but it is of Lekiah brushing my hair every day. I did not know it was you."

            "Well it was me and it will continue to be me every day for the rest of your life. I enjoy brushing your beautiful long red curls. I am going to wash your hair for you too."

            He soon put the brush down and I could feel him dividing my hair and proceeding to braid it. When he finished that, he coiled it around the back of my head and pinned it in place using the pins he had pulled out last night. He leaned over and kissed the back of my neck while telling me to go look at myself in the mirror. I walked over to his full length mirror and admired his work. It had been years since I wore my hair braided this way. While I admired my image, his servant came in carrying the breakfast tray and began to quickly set the table. Loki had disappeared into the bathroom again. His servant glared at me while he set the table. "What are you doing in the Prince's chambers girl? Shouldn't you be cleaning floors in the halls on the other side of the palace?"

            I responded softly, "It is not my job anymore."

            "Says who? I find it hard to believe Hilda would give you any other job; other than mucking the stables, of course," he replied with a nasty laugh.

            At that exact moment Loki replied from behind him, "It is by my order. She is no longer a servant. I expect you to treat her with more respect or you will be the one who is mucking out the stables."

            He turned red in the face and managed to stammer out, "Yes your highness."

            "You are dismissed," Loki barked angrily.

            He quickly turned and exited the room. I actually chuckled at his reaction. Loki smiled at me and asked, "Did you enjoy that?"

            I blushed and said, "I do like when the high and mighty get taken down a peg or two."

            He laughed and replied, "Come darling, sit down and have breakfast with me."

            He pulled my chair out like a perfect gentlemen and I sat down in it. We then proceeded to eat. I tried very hard to remember my table manners so I would not embarrass myself. Loki ate quickly, than left to go see his mother. I finished eating alone and then went to my former room and retrieved my things, placing them inside of my laundry bag. No one was even in the servants' quarters, so there was nothing to fear. I finished and walked casually back to Loki's room. The few servants I did pass in the hallways paid no attention to me. I did not know if it was because they were ignoring me as usual or if Loki's servant had spread word of the incident in his chambers.

            I placed my bag on the bench at the foot of his bed. I saw that the bed had been made up and Loki's clothing picked up out of the floor. Evidently his maid had cleaned up while I was gone. I had no idea how long I would be kept waiting. I wandered over to the far side of the room where his shelves of books were   located and began browsing through them. At least I remembered how to read and that would help me to pass the time. I selected a volume of fairy tales I remembered Loki reading to me when I was a little girl and curled up on the sofa to read it.

            I was engrossed in the book when Loki finally returned. I had no idea how much time had passed. An enormous smile lit up his face as soon as he realized I was reading. "I am happy to see you still remember how to read. I guess you retained the most important knowledge."

            "I did always enjoy stories and regretted never having the time to read anymore. It was something I have dearly missed over the years."

            "Do not worry darling, you will have plenty of time to catch up on what you have missed. I still have all the old books you enjoyed and many new ones I hope you will like as well. Unfortunately, I must request you put your book down for now and come with me. Mother would like to see you now."

            I carefully sat the book down on the side table and took the hand he offered me. I glanced down and suddenly realized my blue velvet and silk dress looked normal again. He smiled and said, "I think it would be more appropriate for meeting Mother. This afternoon I will send the tailor to measure you properly for your new wardrobe."

            "Am I to assume then that your Mother approves of us?"

            "She is happy I have found love again. She was not at all surprised either. My Mother is a very smart woman and she realized long ago that I am in love with you.  She does not seem to think that Father will have too much of a problem with our relationship. He might not like your being Midgardian, but Thor is the first born so he is the one who will be king. Father really has no grounds to complain."

            We continued on to his Mother's chambers in near silence. I was feeling so nervous that I could not carry on a conversation. I was about to be formally introduced to the Queen of our realm and my lover's Mother. I suddenly felt ashamed of what Loki and I had done together this morning and the night before. I should not have allowed him to seduce me that way. I should have made him wait until we were properly married. I then found myself wondering what exactly that meant. I could not ever remember attending an Asgardian wedding. I knew of such things from the books I read as a child. Did Asgard even have weddings?

            As we got closer to her chamber doors, I became even more apprehensive. She was so beautiful, poised, and graceful; everything a lady should be according to the books I had read. I was nothing at all like that. At the age I should have been learning how to be a lady, I was learning how to scrub floors and wash windows. I stopped him just as we arrived at the doors. "Loki I am nervous. What if she does not approve of me after meeting me?"

            He laughed lightly. "Darling she remembers you so she has met you already. I assure you that you have nothing at all to worry about. Mother is not upset with us. She knows I love you and has been waiting for me to claim you. She is surprised I waited fourteen years to formally make you mine."

            I swallowed back my other fearful objections and allowed him to open the door for me. I entered first and waited just inside of the door for him to close it so we could go forward together. He took my hand again and led me to his Mother's sitting room where she met with all of her guests. She smiled warmly at me when we entered as Loki led me to her chair and said, "Mother, this is Lorelei."

            I gave a quick curtsey as I did not know what else to do. She rose from her chair and took both of my hands in hers. "Oh Loki, she is even more beautiful than when she was a child. Do you remember me dear?"

            "I have to confess to only vague memories," I replied.

            She laughed joyfully. "Well I guess vague memories are better than none at all. We will have plenty of time to get to know each other better. I do not remember you being so thin and pale though. Do you not get outside much?"

            "No, your majesty I do not get the opportunity. I spend my days working inside. The only chance I have to go out is when I must deliver messages to the stable men."

            "No need to be so formal dear, I will be your Mother soon enough. You are welcome to address me as such. We will have to remedy that situation as quickly as possible. You should take her outside every afternoon Loki. Let her get fresh air and exercise so the healthy color will return to her face. Perhaps you should teach her how to ride a horse so you two can ride together daily. Maybe have picnics down by the lake and go swimming. It is certainly warm enough for it."

            "That sounds like a wonderful idea, Mother. She definitely needs to enjoy life more like a young woman should. Do you have any idea when Father will be ready for us?" Loki replied.

            "Probably not for another hour," she responded to him, then turned to me and said, "Please sit down next to me dear so we can talk."

            I sat in the chair next to hers and she prattled on about activities we should do together and people she wanted me to meet for quite a while. I admit it made me feel overwhelmed. I was not trained to be a lady and I certainly did not know how to act in such social situations. I meekly tried to convey as much when she reassured me that social behaviors was something she would teach me first. She understood that I had been made a servant and was not trained to be a lady. I found that understanding a relief.

            Loki sat in a chair across from us and seemed to not really be listening to the conversation. He was distractedly gazing at me the whole time with an ardent look in his eyes. I finally understood what it meant to have someone undressing you with their eyes. I knew exactly what he was thinking and I could not help blushing slightly.

            One of King Odin's personal servants soon entered and announced the King was ready to see us now. I rose and followed Loki out of the room; the Queen led the way. The King was still in the throne room which was at the far end of the hallway. Once I stepped through those doors, I immediately felt more intimidated then words could ever express. The room was enormous with ceilings that soared up beyond my sight. The walls were gold colored and the floor was dark grey marble with a deep red rug that ran the length of the path from the door to the throne. The marble columns were so large that all three of us could stand around them holding hands with our arms fully extended and still have space for three or four more people to join us. I had not been in here since I was a little girl and first arrived in Asgard. I had no memory of it, but Loki swore that was when he first met me and I had no reason to doubt him. King Odin was not sitting on his elevated golden throne; he was actually at a big wooden side table signing some documents. Queen Frigga approached him and whispered something to him and he followed her. We were standing at the foot of the steps before the throne waiting. I admit I was standing behind Loki and trying to hide.

            "Good morning, son!" He greeted cheerfully in his rather loud voice. "What did you want to see me about this morning that is so important as to require your Mother and I to be together?"

            Loki skipped the pleasantries and said, "I want to introduce you to the woman I intend to marry and seek your blessing to wed."

            He then stepped aside and took my hand to bring me forward. He nearly had to pull me to make me move. "This is Lorelei," he stated, presenting me to his Father.

            I was so terrified that I nearly forgot to offer a curtsey. I was actually trembling slightly while he stood there staring at me quietly. At long last he sighed heavily and said, "So you are intent on marrying this young Midgardian?"

            "Yes Father, I am. I have loved her for years and I feel she is old enough to marry and bear children now."

            "I cannot convince you to change your mind and marry an Asgardian again?"

            "No Father, I love her with all of my heart and I have since she first came here," Loki replied with a hint of defiance in his voice.

            He sighed again. "I had a feeling this day was going to come eventually. I had hoped you would change your mind after she was made a servant. I thought you would forget about her. I see that was a foolish idea of mine."

            He was quiet while he paced around us as if he were lost in thought. I was so scared I actually felt faint. I was positive he was going to order me imprisoned for bewitching his son. I was a mere servant girl I had no right to marry a Prince of Asgard. It was also dawning in my mind that the king was the reason I was a servant. He must have ordered it to keep me from his son. I admit I was becoming angry which helped to calm the fear that was settling in my heart. This man thought so little of my life that he had damned me to lifetime of servitude because he could not handle the fact his youngest son was in love with me.

            After what seemed like forever, he finally spoke, "Since this is clearly what you want, you have my blessing to marry her. Knowing you, you have probably already claimed her, so if she will bear your child, she should be your princess."

            Loki had the decency to appear embarrassed as he replied, "I do not know if she is with child. It would be too early for us to know."

            King Odin laughed heartily. "I see you did not deny that you have claimed her! This summer, Asgard shall see another wedding for Prince Loki. Your Mother will see to the arrangements since she lives for that sort of thing. Hopefully by winter I will be holding my new grandchild. Here is to the hope that this child will be...normal."

            He approached me and offered me his hand. I hesitantly put mine in his. He kissed my hand and said, "Welcome to the family my dear. I hope my son makes you very happy for all the rest of your years. I also hope that someday you will forgive me for my foolishness. I should have allowed you to remain with the man who loved you all of these years."

            I finally smiled and managed to thank him. I was afraid my voice would tremble if I said much more. Queen Frigga then hugged me and told me she would take care of all of the wedding arrangements and I had nothing to worry about. She would make certain it was a beautiful and proper ceremony. She also informed me the tailor would be by this afternoon to measure me for my bridal gown since our wedding was only four months away and it would take time to make my gown.

            We exited the throne room while his Mother continued to talk about the pending wedding. She asked me if I had a favorite color I wanted to incorporate into the decorations. I thought about it a while and finally responded, "I do not think that I do. I have not had a chance to admire the beauty of colors or nature in a good many years."

            "Oh you poor dear! I do not understand why you have been worked so hard and deprived so much. None of our other servants have been treated this way."

            "I have always had the feeling that none of the others have ever liked me. I do not know why; I can think of nothing I have done to be offensive."

            Apparently my only crime was being the woman Prince Loki was in love with. That was enough to make me hated by other servants who likely resented me. Especially the female ones who probably longed to have him look at them with the love he had in his eyes when he gazed at me.      

            "You will never have to deal with their mistreatment again. If any of them have a problem with you now I will eliminate the whole lot of them and obtain all new servants. I feel I must look into this and see if any of our other young servants are being mistreated."

            We arrived back at her chambers. "You and Loki go plan the rest of your day. Hopefully my son will take you outside for a while before the tailor arrives. When he does, I will join him with some scarves of mine in different colors and we will choose colors flattering to you. I want to enhance your natural beauty. Maybe we will find a color that you like as well."

            She kissed my cheek and then dismissed us. Loki took my hand and escorted me back to his chambers. He informed me we still had a couple of hours before lunch and asked me what I wanted to do.

            "A picnic by the lake does sound nice," I replied as I walked to the large Eastern window to gaze out.

            "Yes it does," he agreed as he came up behind me and encircled me in his embrace.

            He began kissing my neck, "I can think of something else that would be equally nice," he stated between kisses.

           I loved the feeling of his lips on my neck. After several kisses, I was moaning softly.

           "I love your moans, darling. It arouses me so much."

            He began to unlace my dress and soon had it as a pool around my feet. He ran his hands up and down my nude body as his lips traveled further down my back. He kept kissing until he was on his knees so he could kiss and fondle my bottom. Finally he ordered me to turn around. I did so, slowly, presenting him with my pelvic area. He began kissing me there, trying to force his tongue into my slit. Since I did not take the hint, he grabbed my legs and pulled them apart. I nearly lost my balance and tumbled onto him. He could easily insert his tongue into my slit now and he wasted no time in pleasuring me. I was soon quivering and getting weak in the knees. I wanted desperately to sit or lay down but he would not allow it. After several more minutes, I could feel my orgasm building and about to erupt. It was getting even more difficult to stand. He grabbed my butt and pulled me closer to him so I was using his body to help support my legs.

            He jammed his tongue inside of me and snaked it around vigorously. I could not take it anymore and finally had an intense orgasm that made my knees buckle. He managed to keep me from falling on top of him and got to his feet. He immediately picked me up and carried me to his bed where he threw me onto it roughly. He stripped as fast as he could and grabbed me and turned me over. He entered my dripping wet hole from behind and began to thrust into me rapidly and brutally. The pain ripped through my bruised body and made me scream repeatedly. I buried my face in the blankets to try to muffle my screams of agony. I made a vain attempt to pull away from him. He just grabbed my hips more firmly and pulled me closer so that he was moving even deeper within me. He was either ignoring my pain or mistook it for extreme pleasure because he did not cease his fierce thrusting. He only picked up the pace every couple of minutes until I finally felt that warm fluid fill my cavity again.

            Once he released me, I crawled to the other side of the bed and curled up and cried. I could not help it. I was hurting so bad. He ignored me for several minutes and allowed me to cry. After some time had passed and my crying finally began to subside, I felt him sit on the edge of the bed close to me. I noticed through my tears he had redressed himself. He just sat there for a while, not saying a word, not touching me, not even looking at me.

            "Are you ever going to enjoy making love to me Lorelei?" He asked with heaviness in his voice I had never heard before.

            I did not respond, but was trying to stifle my tears. He waited for me to say something for several minutes. When I did not respond, he said, "Maybe I misjudged you and you are not ready to be married and be my lover. Maybe you are still too young. I wish I were more familiar with Midgardian women so I would understand you better. I know your basic anatomy and physiology, but that is about as far as my knowledge goes. I guess I can wait a while longer. I do not want you to go back to being a servant though, you are welcome to stay here with me, but I shall not touch you again since I can do nothing but bring you pain."

            He started to get up and walk away when I grabbed his arm. "Please Loki, just give me a break for a few days and allow my body to heal. I just need some time to recover that is all."

            He stopped and gazed into my tear streaked face. The hurt in his eyes made my heart ache. "Are you sure that is all that it is darling?"

            "Yes Loki. This is an all new experience for me and apparently such frequent, vigorous lovemaking has irritated my tender flesh. It is like you said last night: you opened me up and now I need time to heal. I will be alright in a few days."

            "If you are certain that is all that it is, then I will wait for you to tell me you are well enough to engage in sex," he stopped and gazed at me with pleading eyes. "I do not want to lose you darling. I cannot keep living without you. You have my heart in your hands, Lorelei. Please do not callously throw it away."

            I felt like my own heart was melting in my chest. I reached out for him and took his shoulders and pulled him closer. He willingly went into my embrace and allowed me to hold him and kiss his forehead. We soon ended up lying in the bed wrapped around each other. He fully clothed and me completely nude. I ended up falling asleep that way.

                                       TO BE CONTINUED...   

     Part 3 of For the Love of Loki

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