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(1) WARNING: CONTAINS THEMES OF AN ADULT NATURE!! Part One of Fan Fiction: For the Love of Loki

**This story does contain themes of an adult nature. (Yes that means sexual) You have been officially warned! This is intended for adults over the age of 18! I am not responsible for the younger ones who find it and read it as I have warned you! **

            Fan Fiction: For the Love of Loki

             The feast was a celebration of Prince Thor's birthday. I was permitted to attend to serving duties for over an hour before being sent off to my usual cleaning duties. As a young Midgardian servant, I rarely received such an honor as getting to serve at feasts. It was an honor too as servants at the feasts were dressed in finer clothing and got to be around the royal family and their distinguished guests. I confess that at the time, I had a tremendous crush on Prince Loki, brother of Thor. I wanted every possible chance to gaze upon his handsome face with his intense green eyes and raven hair.

            I also admit I missed having him as a companion. I had lived in Asgard since I was a little girl. My family had been murdered in some bizarre skirmish with the Jotnar. At the age of seventeen, I still did not know many of the details, beyond the fact that my family and most of the small isolated village perished in the altercation. Prince Thor had been sent, along with his band of warriors, to put an end to it. He was the protector of Midgard after all. When the dust had settled, one of the other warriors found me hiding under stairs in the rubble of my house. He brought me to Prince Thor, who, not knowing what to do, brought me back to Asgard to seek guidance from his father, King Odin.

            The King decided I could stay with another Midgardian family who were his servants. It was Loki who volunteered to deliver me to said family in the servants' quarters. As I had been quite traumatized, he had to carry me.

            According to the stories Loki told me as I was growing up, I suffered terrible nightmares for weeks and he was the only one capable of soothing me. It grew to where he took care of me more than the family I was given to. I was his constant little shadow and even slept in his chambers most nights. If I did not, I had nightmares and would awaken with the morning light to find him lying in my bed with his strong arms holding me close because he had to come to me in the night to comfort me.

            King Odin had never approved of his son's fondness of me and scolded him more than once. Loki's usual reply was "Father, she is just a little girl; alone and scared. She went through a terrible ordeal only to find herself in a strange world. I am just looking after her like a big brother would. She needs a protector and she trusts me. Is not a prince and king supposed to be compassionate to all of his people?"

            "She is from Midgard! She is not one of us!" Odin nearly always made the same response.

            "I know that Father, but not once in all the time she has been here has her own kind ever tried looking for her. Thor has tried to find any other family and has been unsuccessful. They obviously believe her dead, so she has no one else but me. She is not the only Midgardian living in Asgard."

            Often that was enough to end the confrontation, yet others his mother would intervene and defend him and our relationship. I always felt unwelcome by the King, yet he allowed me to stay. I had a feeling the queen had more to do with that than Loki's pleas. When I would try to question Loki about the King's attitude toward me, he would ruffle my curly hair and say something like, "Do not worry about it my pet. I want you here and so does Mother. You are perfectly safe and wanted by the only people who truly matter."

            Then he would find something to distract me and make me happy again. Those were the happy years for me; growing up as if I were Loki's baby sister. He taught me to read and write and all that he knew of the Nine Realms. He even secretly taught me some of the simpler magic his Mother had taught him.

            Things began to change as I approached my teenage years. It was decided when I was only twelve years old that it was time for me to assume duties as a servant. I never did know who made that decision, I was simply told what to do. Since I was beginning to develop a mature woman's body, it was considered inappropriate for me to dress only in the lightweight linen dresses I preferred. They apparently did not conceal enough, well enough. I was given three sleeveless over-dresses in green, brown and the ugliest shade of yellow to have ever existed. They were a thicker material that was designed to be worn over my regular dresses so my body was more covered. I had a simple brown cord belt that wrapped around my waist to help them to stay in place. I also discovered the pains of the monthly bleeding Midgardian women had to endure that Asgardian women did not. My foster mother, Paige, taught me how to take care of myself during this monthly trial. I asked why it happened and her only reply was so that I could have babies someday. I did not understand what that meant. I was completely ignorant of such things.

            My usual job as a servant was cleaning and most often I scrubbed floors. It kept me very busy all day. For the first three years of my servitude I did not see Loki or his brother at all.  I was kept on the opposite side of the palace from them.  After that period, I got to clean more on the side of the palace where they lived. Occasionally I even got to clean Loki's chambers when his usual maid was ill or unavailable for another reason. It was always when he was out. I still did not get to see him much. I think that was intentional. Rarely, he would pass by while I was cleaning a hallway and he would pause to ask if I was well and being treated well.

            Paige had instructed me to address him as "your highness" when he did speak to me. I was no longer a child and I must take my proper place as a servant of the royal house and cease being so friendly with Prince Loki. This was heartbreakingly difficult for me as I had come to regard him as my big brother and protector. Alas he was not. He was royalty and I was a measly Midgardian servant here only by the generosity of King Odin, so I must behave properly. Paige reminded me of this often.

            The first time he approached me in a hallway and inquired about my health and wellbeing, I curtsied properly, kept my eyes downcast and replied, "I am well your highness."

            He did not respond immediately. Instead I felt his fingers on my chin as he gently lifted it so that I was forced to meet his perplexed gaze. After what seemed to be several minutes, he finally said, "Lorelei, do not ever lower your gaze when we speak. Look me in the eye, honestly, like when you were a child."

            "I am not a child anymore, your highness. Paige instructed me to act properly toward you as I am merely a lowly servant and you are a Prince."

            "No, you are definitely not a child anymore, but you will never be a lowly servant to me my pet. I care not what Paige has instructed you to do. I demand you always look at me when we speak. I want to always see your beautiful blue eyes when I speak to you. Do you understand?"

            "Yes your highness," I replied.

            A smile spread across his handsome face as he leaned in and slowly brought his lips to my forehead in a lingering gentle kiss as he had done many times in my childhood. However, this time, his soft lips against my skin brought a tingle to my groin I had never felt once in all of my fifteen years. He then released me and walked away. He glanced over his shoulder once, before he was out of sight, to see if I was watching him. Indeed I was. It was at that moment I began to have feelings for him that I did not understand. I knew I loved him; I had since I was a little girl and he was the only one who really gave me attention. This however, felt entirely different and foreign to me. I was young and naive, not at all knowing what sexual desire felt like.

            From that time on, I longed to see him at every opportunity. Simply staring at him from across the room gave me a hot feeling all over. If I caught his eye and he smiled at me, my heart beat faster. In an effort to try to understand how I was feeling, I attempted to have a conversation with Paige about love. I did not have anyone else to turn to. I had no real friends. The other servants, even the ones close to my age, did not seem to care for me to even be around. I knew not why. I guess they did not see me as one of them because I had had a close relationship with a member of the royal family.

            Paige found my childish questions about love and desire amusing. "Are you asking me where babies come from?"

            "Yes, I guess so," I replied hesitantly.

            She sighed and ordered me to sit before saying, "I guess I should have explained that to you when you got your monthlies three years ago. You are certainly mature enough to understand."

            She then proceeded to give me a rudimentary explanation of sexual intercourse between a man and woman and of pregnancy. Her explanation did not at all explain how I felt when I was around Loki. I tried to question her about my feelings without revealing who caused them. She just laughed and said, "It's just puppy love dearie! It's your hormones and will pass soon enough. You are entirely too young to be romantically in love; by Midgardian or Asgardian standards. Now run along and help clean up in the dining hall."

            Therefore, that is how it was for two years. He would smile at me and I would blush. He would speak to me and my heart would race. He would occasionally kiss my forehead and I would tingle in my intimate places.

            Then, that night of his brother's birthday celebration arrived and I was allowed to serve at the feast. I was barely seventeen. I was dressed in a beautiful sapphire blue velvet and silk gown with a light blue silk veil that covered my pinned up hair completely. All servants at the feasts dressed in the same shade of blue with the ladies in matching dresses and the men in matching pants and tunics; the men had to wear caps to cover their heads, while the ladies all wore identical veils. Although my dress was beautiful compared to my normal drab colored linen dresses, it was completely unadorned and simple compared to the extravagant gowns and jewels worn by the female guests. Despite its comparative simplicity, I felt beautiful in it.

             I immediately spotted Loki as he entered just a few minutes before his brother made his grandiose entrance. He took his place near the door for when his brother entered. I noticed he seemed to be looking around the room as if he were searching for someone. His magnificent emerald eyes finally met mine and he graced me with a resplendent smile that made his whole countenance glow. He then bowed slightly to me. I was so shocked that I felt frozen in place and could not bring myself to respond appropriately. I could feel my entire body flushing in response to him publicly acknowledging me, a lowly servant.

            His brother soon entered and all attention was on the birthday boy. After several minutes of greetings, people began to take their seats and I began filling wine goblets. I finally made my way down the table to Loki, who held up his goblet to make it easier for me to fill it. Afterward, he thanked me and subtly winked at me. I blushed and managed a small smile before turning to fill Thor's goblet. He mumbled a word of thanks and smiled as I moved on to the next person. I could feel Loki's gaze on me as I filled goblets on the other side of the table. I was relieved when the conversation around him finally distracted him from his scrutiny of me.

            After I finished filling goblets, I was sent to serve foods at the end of the table away from Loki. I had been at it only a short time when I distinctly heard Loki's voice say, "You look marvelous in that dress."

            I turned, expecting to find him at my side, only to discover he had not moved from his chair, but was gazing at me. I could not help but stare back, confused. I than heard his amused laughter as he said, "Come now darling, surely you remember how to talk to me this way. It was the first magic I ever taught you when you were not any older than three."

            I had to really concentrate as I had not done this in years. I managed to mentally reply, "I remember how it is done."

            His smile widened, then I heard his voice in my mind say, "Well done darling, you do remember; though you did not used to have to concentrate so hard. You once did it so naturally you would call out to me in your sleep."

            "It has been years since we spoke this way," I said in my defense.

            "Yes, it has been too many years and I intend to remedy our separation. Can I see you later tonight my darling? Will you come to my chamber?"

            I was so caught off guard by his request that I did not respond for a while. I saw his smile slowly change to a frown. I did not want him upset with me so I quickly replied, "As you wish your highness."

            He smiled again, and then said, "I do wish it very much and stop calling me 'your highness.' It sounds so strange coming from you and I refuse to tolerate it any longer."

            I concentrated harder and replied, "What do you wish for me to call you?"

            His laughter reverberated inside of my head. I flinched in pain. He quickly stopped. "I can think of a lot of names for me I would love to hear pass your sweet lips. I will settle for being your beloved, your sweetheart and your lover. Not aloud of course, not yet."

            I was again shocked. Before I could respond, Hilda, one of the elder servants, was ordering me to the kitchen for a new set of wine pitchers, then I was to change and go clean up Prince Loki's chambers as his usual maid was ill again. I quickly retreated to the kitchen to do I was told. On the way, I once again heard Loki's voice in my mind, "Please do not change dresses. Just go directly to my chambers and wait for me. I will join you soon my darling."

            I did not reply to him. I went to the kitchen and retrieved the tray of wine pitchers. Despite its weight, I managed to return to the dining hall with it safely. I placed it onto the proper serving table, than quickly left the hall without making any further eye contact with Loki. My heart was hammering in my chest as I made my way to his chambers. I entered quickly, closing the door quietly behind me. I glanced around, realizing the room was neat and tidy. There was nothing that needed to be done. I was feeling quite tired and not knowing how long I would have wait, I longed to sit on his comfortable sofa and relax. I decided my fatigue was worth the risk of being reprimanded for sitting on his furniture which was forbidden of a servant to do. Besides, it was me, his sweet little Lorelei; surely he would not reprimand me. I sat down and waited. Several minutes passed. I could feel myself growing more tired. Finally I removed my leather slippers and lay back on the sofa. I was asleep within minutes.

            Sometime later, I was awakened by the sensation of gentle kisses on my face. I opened my eyes slowly to see Loki's handsome face close to my own. He smiled once he saw I was awake. "I am sorry I took so long my darling. I did not intend to give you time to fall asleep."

            I quickly sat up and began apologizing for sleeping on his sofa. He chuckled softly and replied, "It is all right darling. You have slept there many times in the past. I always found the bed to be far more comfortable, though."

            I could feel myself blush deeply. "I could not lie upon your bed."

            "You did not used to feel that way. There was a time that you fell asleep in my bed almost every night."

            "Yes, but I was a little girl then and did not know any better. I am older now and must behave properly according to my station in life."

            He smirked and sat beside me on the sofa. He leaned toward me, caressing my left cheek tenderly with his big, strong hand. "I have the power to decide your station in life. Now that you are old enough to enjoy it, I shall have you in my bed again."

            He then brought his lips to mine and kissed me passionately. It sent a numbing, yet thrilling sensation throughout my body and made me feel hot all over. When he finally finished and withdrew from me, I was feeling overwhelmed and breathless.

            "You have never been kissed that way, have you?"

            I simply shook my head. He chuckled lightly then said, "You should be my darling; often and by a man who knows how."

            He then kissed me again; many more times. I finally relaxed and allowed myself to enjoy it. I even began to respond and return his kisses.

            Finally he stopped and stood up, offering me his hand. I took it and stood as well. He moved toward the bed and I followed. "You do look exquisite in that blue gown, my love. It emphasizes the lovely blue of your eyes. However, I very much want to see how you look out of it."

            He stopped next to the bed and slowly began undressing me. I did not dare to utter a sound of protest. Once I was completely naked, he moved behind me to put his arms around me and run his hands down the front of my nude body while he leaned over to kiss my neck. "Your fair skin is still so soft," he whispered in my ear between kisses. "Will I be the first man to bed you darling?"

            "Yes," I replied, my voice sounding more like a moan then a reply.

            I closed my eyes and reveled in the glorious sensation of his warm, wet lips against my skin. He had already removed my head covering and I could now feel him fumble with the pins that held up my red, curly locks. He succeeded in removing all of them and stepped back to untwist my hair. It soon fell against my back and completely covered me down to the tops of my thighs. I could feel him still playing with my hair, further separating the curls until he came around in front of me and draped the sides over my shoulders, framing my face and covering some of my nudity.

            "Your hair has gotten so much longer since I last saw it down. I always loved your red curly hair. I even enjoyed washing and brushing it for you when you were a little girl. Do you remember those rose scented soaps in your bath? Those were made especially for you."

            " never bathed me as a child. Your sister Lekiah bathed me and dressed me."

            He laughed, before saying, "I thought you had figured that out already. I never had a sister, much less a twin sister. It was me darling. You know about my magic and shape shifting; I used to change into a woman so that I could bathe you and take care of your personal needs. Even my Mother thought it was inappropriate for me to be around you when you were nude, so I gave you a personal female servant. When you remarked once on our resemblance, I told you it was because we were brother and sister; twins. I just wanted to take care of you my love. I did not trust Paige to look after you. I always felt she was too neglectful and rough with her own children and I was not going to tolerate her treating you the same way. You are far too precious to me to be left in the care of anyone else. I claimed you from the time Thor set you before our Father in the throne room. I decided in that moment you were mine and mine alone. No other man in Asgard, Midgard, or any other realm will ever lay his hands on you. Now I have come to fulfill my claim and make you my Princess."

            He then stepped closer and kissed me again, sliding his arms around me and pulling my naked body firmly against his own. His lips eventually left mine to wander over my face, neck and shoulders. He ceased his kisses to pick me up and lay me gently on his bed before he began to undress. I watched with fascination as he removed his clothing. I had never seen a man naked and was very excited by getting to see one now; especially him, the man I had fantasized about kissing and being touched by for the last two years. Once he was nude, he allowed me to admire his body. He was tall, lean, and muscular with very long legs. He was not as overtly buff as Thor, but there was no mistaking the strength in his physique.

            He crawled onto the bed on his hands and knees and hovered over me as he kissed me once again. His lips soon moved on down to my neck. I could feel the wetness of his tongue as he ran it across my throat. He was very gradually making his way to my breasts, kissing me everywhere as he went. Before he got to my breasts, he detoured to kiss each arm from shoulder to fingertips and back up again to my lips.

            He paused long enough to ask, "Do you find this tantalizing my love? To be kissed all over this way?"

            My yes escaped my lips like a breathy moan. He must have been pleased with my response as he returned to kissing me. This time when his lips descended down my neck, he continued on to my breasts. At last I felt his lips slip over my right nipple and begin sucking at it gingerly. I could not stifle the moan of pleasure that escaped my lips. He soon moved on to my other breast; kissing, licking and sucking on my nipple and surrounding skin.

            After he spent several minutes thoroughly exploring my breasts with his tongue, he slowly made his way down my body, kissing me everywhere. Gradually his lips reached my pelvis when he stopped and sat up.

            "Spread your legs darling for I want to taste the treasure you hide between them."

            I immediately obeyed his request. I opened my eyes as well so I could see what he would do to me. His fingers traced my skin all around the area before sliding into the slit and stroking me gently. It felt amazing and I could not suppress my moans of pleasure.

            "You are very wet my love. Have I excited you that much?" He asked as he continued to stroke my flesh.

            I really did not understand what he meant, but I answered positively anyway.

            "You are still intact! I am happy to see you have waited patiently for your prince to claim you. I will have to reward your patience with much pleasure."

            He then moved between my legs and buried his face in the spot he had just been tenderly stroking with his fingers. I could feel the wetness of his tongue as he explored me before plunging it inside of my hole. I was moaning in ecstasy by then. He kept it up for several minutes before pausing to say, "You taste wonderful darling," while he resumed stroking me with his fingers.

            "Do you enjoy what I am doing to you?"

            I murmured yes and before he resumed licking me he said, "I am going to make you come darling, so be prepared for the best feeling of your life."

            He then buried his face between my legs again, licking more vigorously now. It went on for what seemed like a long time with him alternately licking and sucking on my flesh and stroking intensely with his fingers. I could feel this strange, yet exciting tension building in my pelvis. The more he licked and stroked, the more intense it became and I struggled to keep from crying out.

            He paused with his mouth, but continued fingering me, just long enough to say, "Do not hold back, my love. Let it go and cry out your pleasure. There is no one to hear your ecstasy but me."

            Mere seconds after his mouth returned to pleasuring me, that sweet release happened and I screamed his name repeatedly. I had never experienced such fantastic pleasure.

            He soon ceased and kissed his way up my body, yet remained lying between my legs. I was still trembling from the spasms that had erupted from my pelvis, when I asked naively, "What was that? What just happened to me?"

            He let out a throaty chuckle, "That was an orgasm my love. I take it you have never had one before?"

            "No I have not. I have never been with a man, so how could I?"

            He responded between kisses on my body, "There are ways that a woman can pleasure herself that way. You obviously know nothing of self-pleasuring."

            "No, I do not."

            He chuckled again. I could feel him rubbing himself against my quivering wetness. I remembered from Paige's description years ago that that part of a man was called a penis and I knew he was going to place it inside of me, but that was as far as my knowledge went. I had no idea what I was really in for. Moments later I found out as he began to slide it into my tight hole. He felt absolutely enormous and seemed to fill me entirely. I was startled by the sudden bolt of pain and could not stop myself from crying out and tensing up.

            "Relax my love; tension will only make it hurt more. I will be as gentle as I can, for as long as you need me to be."

            "Is it supposed to hurt?"

            He kept pushing forward slowly, going deeper within me. "I have been told that a girl's first couple of times is painful, but it gets better quickly. I am opening you up darling, so it will hurt a little, but I promise it will not last. You will grow to enjoy it so much that you will be begging me for it."

            He finally stopped pushing deeper within me and said, "I am not going in all the way, I do not wish to hurt you. Shall I begin or is the pain too much to bear?"

            If he had not begun, then what was this? I did not want to upset him so I told him to continue. He began thrusting, gently and slowly at first. As it went on, he began moving faster and pushing harder. The pain was quite bad and I could not help crying out occasionally. He must have mistaken it for pleasure because it only encouraged him.

            At long last, I felt his body tense up as a warm fluid filled my vagina. He then relaxed and pulled out. He kissed my chest before rolling off of me. A few minutes passed before he said, "Did you enjoy it, darling? Please be honest with me."

            "I enjoyed what you did before you entered me; that felt wonderful."

            "But after I entered you?"

            "It really hurt," I replied honestly, tearing up as I spoke.

            He heard the tears in my voice and rolled onto his side, pulling me into his embrace. He kissed the top of my head and said, "Do not cry darling. It will get to be more enjoyable, I promise."
            I tried to stop my tears and responded, "Is it normal to hurt so much?"

            "Yes darling, you are perfectly normal. You were a virgin before and now you are not. Now you belong to me and me alone. You will be mine for the rest of your life."

            I had stopped crying. His warm embrace was making me sleepy, just like it did when I was child. I vaguely wondered if it were magic or just the feeling of security he always gave me.

            "How long will that be?" I asked drowsily.

            "The rest of your life?"

            "Yes, I mean that. How long will I live?"

            "It is my understanding that most humans live for about eighty years. Some live longer of course, by ten to even twenty years. You, however, will likely live longer since you have been here since you were about three years of age. This place has an effect on humans, extending their lives, and the longer you are here, the longer you live. Since you were so young,  you will likely live to be two-hundred; possibly more. No one really knows because no one really understands what Asgard does to human beings."

            "Human being? I have heard that word before. Is that what I am?"

            "Yes, darling, you are human and I am not. Do you remember my teaching you about the Nine Realms?"

            "I remember a little of it. Will you teach me again?"

            "Yes darling, but not now. I will reteach you everything that your years of servitude made you forget. Right now, I just want to hold you and sleep. We have plenty of time for teaching Princess. Sleep now my sweet little pet for in the morning, I shall have to explain us to my parents and I will need my strength; as will you."

            It was the last thing I heard before I drifted off to sleep in his strong, warm arms.

                                            TO BE CONTINUED...

Part 2 of For the Love of Loki


  1. K... that was totally a "Gone with the Wind" reference, wasn't it?!? XD

    1. YES! Someone finally got it! One of my favorite novels ever so yes I do occasionally make veiled references to it :-)